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  1. JR would possibly have a vested interest in this as it was a drunken Flair's antics at an event that led to JR's last firing from the WWE.
  2. I was at that Blackburn no show. Somebody made a comment about how great the fans in Blackburn were and I started a cheap pop chant, which Kashmere hated. He looked daggers at me.
  3. They're going to need a new Anthem Representative in light of this.
  4. Dennis Hopper famously said he did the Super Mario Brothers movie for the money.
  5. I wonder how differently things would have been if he hadn't had his release and this had aired.
  6. This isn't a good look for either of them. It'll be very interesting to see what happens now. Could this be why he ended up getting released? Did they know what was coming? There was enough "he said she said" with Riddle that they might be able to ride it out, but there's no laughing off Flair sexually harassing a flight attendant. Especially given the other stories that were always just handwaved away as "it was the eighties, he was living the gimmick."
  7. On my bus to work, and just spotted the RB Leipzig team and their bus outside Hotel Football opposite Old Trafford.
  8. Take one of them out and stick Walter in there?
  9. My manager said there's no doubt I can do the job, but he's worried I'd struggle and get overwhelmed when things were busy.
  10. So further to my not getting that shift leader job a while back the other shift leader is leaving at the end of this week. I don't know what they're going to do to replace her, whether they'll go back through the candidates from the other job or advertise it again. I can't help but feel like they're going to ask me to train them both up, in spite of them having turned me down for doing the role myself. @Devon Malcolm I can kind of understand the appreciation for washers etc because the colours etc swirling and rumbling around in there could be quite the Sensory experience. The noise might be a bit much for some though. I was out with a friend last Thursday. We went to the museum of science and industry, and then strolled into town before I went home. They gave me a gift they'd picked up from Crich Tramway Village/Museum because they felt guilty for going without me. It was a book about all the rolling stock they have there. Loved it. Could have sacked off the museum there and then and just sat reading through the book banging on about the trams therein. Also spoke to my gran at the weekend about wanting to check out the railway museum at York, but not wanting to go on my own because it might be a bit much for me. She couldn't understand why. I feel like we both need to have a sit down and discuss these things in person, because she doesn't like talking on the phone much.
  11. There's a really good 12 minute remix of Animal Army that he did as well. The Arthur Plays With Animals remix. I had the 12" with a couple of remixes of Spaceman on the B-side. One of them had the whole song sped up. I think it was the "Touched by the Zupervarians" mix?
  12. It's almost 30 years since the best Royal Rumble and the best War Games.
  13. Just make sure to check the driver's credentials when they're getting in the taxi home afterwards.
  14. That was a fun episode. It flew by. Shame Moxley & Suzuki didn't get more time, but it felt like it got a lot of angles moving forward. Do we get Danielson Omega at Full Gear? Where does Adam Page fit in when he gets back?
  15. It wouldn't surprise me if they went the whole hog and did Andrade & Flair Vs Sting & Darby. You know Flair would be up for it.
  16. This must not be the bit of Bully that can't be beaten. I read a review with the headline "this is neither super, smashing, nor great." which kind of sets you up for the whole experience.
  17. If there's a really dubious looking 3D rendered Jim Bowen, Tony Green or Dave Spikey I'm at least curious and would have a look if I had enough points.
  18. They're definitely not socialists...
  19. Could be, but Steve Blum has been voicing him in cartoons and games for pretty much the last 20 years, if not longer so it wouldn't surprise me if it was him. I wonder whether X23 will turn up a la Miles Morales in the Spidey games. Presumably Sabretooth will be involved.
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