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  1. Would they just move everything to the performance centre?
  2. Is it all some ploy to still have us crash out without a deal next Friday while trying to make it look like they don't want to crash out without a deal. If she was that desperate to get the deal through she'd present them with the choices of "it's this deal or I call the whole thing off" and deal with the consequences, but she won't. She'll plough on regardless and then blame everybody around her when it all ends in us collapsing out of Europe and losing all our human rights in the process while Corbyn tries to force through another vote of no confidence.
  3. It was my trying to find a picture of Hogan to go with Pat's "Paige here" reference.
  4. Those studded bits of pavement near pedestrian crossings are called jenki blocks,likewise the ones with the little channels to indicate the difference between the pavement and a cycle path.
  5. It's the kind of thing I like to fall asleep to on a weekend.
  6. I'll agree with that. He just always managed to come across as the other guy in every team he was a part of.
  7. Put me down for the D O Double G as well. I liked his shtick at the time, but looking back it's obviously a case of right place, right time. I'd suggest Billy Gunn, but I don't think he ever really got over...
  8. I have to listen to the first Duckworth Lewis Method album after reading this. Muttiah Muralitharan, anybody?
  9. That look on Jennie's face when they come back from the CPR video was great. The lookalike was brilliant at the end.
  10. I see Strowman is the first entrant in the Andre Battle Royal. Does that mean it's being put on the actual show, or they've given up on Braun?
  11. Torchlight is good as well. It's a similar concept, but it's steampunk as opposed to the fantasy setting of Diablo.
  12. If it had been more an "ensemble" show like the other Star Trek series and not just Michael Burnham and friends this episode would have potentially been heartbreaking. Instead it kind of felt like an episode of Black Mirror, but it managed to get you somewhat invested in Airiam in order for it to have its potency. The problem is that rather than being a show about the ship and crew they decided that it needed a protagonist and in doing so even the episodes about other characters almost all pretty much have to be seen through Burnham's eyes. Hopefully the new showrunner for next season understands this and can try and shift the focus away from that.
  13. The bass player from The Stiffs is a regular in my Mum's pub. I also took a piss in the next urinal over from Steve Davis when he did an exhibition at our local snooker club. Well, I was there first so he took a piss next to me. In the same club I watched the Wales Belgium Euro semi final with John Parrott & Ken Doherty. Like all sat next to each other nattering about the match.
  14. That Matt Riddle Arrival documentary is cracking, and not just because I'm a huge mark for him. Hopefully he can stay out of trouble as regards his recreational habits and go on to great things. So many great matches he can have there.
  15. Sounds better than the show I saw in Sheffield the year after. The only things I remember from it are Sean O'Haire Vs Rey Mysterio and the main event was Los Guerreros & Rikishi Vs the FBI. There were some fans sat near us chanting for Johnny The Bull the whole way through.
  16. I'm slowly making my way through the copy of Death Of WCW @air_raid got me for Christmas, then I'm going to get cracking on "I'm Sorry, I Love You" by Jim Smallman. I need to dig out Brian Blessed's biography and finish that, really.
  17. I didn't realise that the English teams could face each other in the quarters. I was anticipating a pot with the English sides in and a pot with thr European sides in. City & Juventus could be a heck of a match.
  18. I was on a website and there was a rather long video which was apparently raw footage of the incident in question to try and discredit Leigh Raven's story. It's like 2-3 hours if I remember.
  19. I wonder whether he'll be in the game like Fred Durst was that time.
  20. He played drums on Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In. What an amazing song. From a list of other amazing songs. That Richard Harris version of McArthur Park is pretty damned special as well.
  21. Have Van Der Graaf Generator not already done that one?
  22. First two that come to mind are Everything Must Go by the Manics and Millionaire Sweeper by Kenickie. Also Say Goodbye To Hollywood by Billy Joel.
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