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  1. Drew chases Reigns and Edge chases Orton into Mania?
  2. I do remember in 2000 there was a texas death match between Flair & Funk? I think there was a match between Funk & Dustin as well while he was doing his American Nightmare gimmick. I have recollections of it being on one of the 5 PPVs I got in a box set of the first 5 WCW events of 2000.
  3. I've heard mixed reviews of Lower Decks. I hear it's good for Easter eggs and fanservice, but the actual show isn't as funny as people thought it would be. I've not seen it myself.
  4. Discovery is back. I watched the first two episodes this morning. If you're not a fan of Michael Burnham being in it a lot you're probably not going to have a good time with episode 1. The second episode shows how good it can be when the show is more about the ensemble cast rather than just her. Sets up some interesting plot lines going forward. I'll probably end up sticking it out.
  5. Smith & Burrows releasd a new single today, and announced their album comes out on February 5th.#
  6. That is a shame he made some very interesting shows. I think he'd been unwell for a while?
  7. I play on mobile sometimes. I've only been an imposter a couple of times, but managed to win one. The Outside XBox/Xtra, Dicebreaker and Eurogamer teams have been doing a Friday evening stream of Among Us with 9 players that's usually quite entertaining to watch.
  8. There are some cracking hedge funds to be had on Teeside.
  9. If the Tories had offered an appropriate financial package in the first place there wouldn't have been a lengthy standoff over money. The problem is they were too busy setting up shell corporations in Irish broom cupboards to award PPE contracts to rather than trying to protect the population from a killer virus.
  10. If it was a Tory mayor they would have rolled over and locked down almost immediately, or it would have been more like what happened in Lancashire when they were also lowballed over their support package. Still happily giving £60,000 of public money to hunt organisers, though.
  11. I picked up Alan Moore's Jerusalem for £2 in the daily deals the other day. It's 60 hours, and knowing Alan Moore's writing it'll probably turn into quite a slog in places...
  12. As part of the Sega 60th anniversary celebrations Sega have a big old Steam Sale on at the moment. There are also discounts on Sega's stuff on Switch as well right now. If you sign up here and link this Sega newsletter to your Steam account they'll also give you a free copy of NiGHTS into Dreams. https://www.sega60th.com/
  13. Dusty splitting them up for daring to get over when they were only supposed to kill some time until creative found something for them was awful.
  14. I don't know whether this warrants it's own thread or not, but apparently there's a series called The Masked Wrestler starts streaming on the iwtv app tonight? 8 "famous" (shamed?) wrestlers in a single elimination tournament, with each loser unmasking until one of them becomes the "independent wrestling champion". https://411mania.com/wrestling/the-masked-wrestler-series-streaming-for-free-tonight/
  15. They can be, and Stephen Fry is a heck of a narrator. I've got that one, and thinking of moving onto it when I've finished the horror thing I'm listening to I picked up a really interesting HG Wells one as well. There are some that come as accompaniments for Kindle purchases as well. I picked up Dante's Divine Comedy for a couple of quid the other day, and it gave me an Audible add-on for another couple of quid. It's offering me a few more from my kindle library as well, some for some free public domain ebooks they have on there.
  16. @Arch Stanton "Paint me like one of your French girls" Got more pictures of the kitten over the last few days. She's a pest, and rarely leaves me alone when I'm home. Presumably because I'm physically warmer than my other half
  17. I can't remember where I read it, but one of the news reports about the new restrictions made mention of an area of China where they're testing 5,000,000 people in the next fortnight because they've had 12 cases in the last couple of weeks.
  18. I remember watching BotsMaster it tried to do some kind of stereographic 3d thing with the animation sometimes. Ziv Zoolander. ZZ for short.
  19. Those Toy Galaxy videos are great.
  20. It's this. Especially combined with the fact that "Northern" (read traditionally Labour supporting) areas tend to be the ones that end up facing the harsher restrictions while the Tories try to avoid upsetting the applecart in their own constituencies and heartlands. I suggested this to a friend on Facebook when Blackburn (Labour MP) was placed under stricter conditions than Darwen (Tory seat) even though they share a unitary authority and council, only to be promptly told by somebody to take my tinfoil hat off.
  21. Yeah, sorry. I'm not great at embedding tweets on here.
  22. We got a kitten this past weekend. A 13 week old tortoiseshell tabby by the name of Sapphire.
  23. I got a really good horror bundle with a credit this month. Its got Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde, Frankenstein, and Dracula. Richard Armitage reads Dr Jeckyll, and it's really good. He has a great voice. I love that book anyway because it's so cleverly written.
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