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    The UKFF Retro Gaming Thread

    Do you remember Beats Of Rage on Dreamcast? It was a homebrew which used assets from the King Of Fighters games. That was supposed to be pretty good. I've seen the Streets Of Rage Remake. It looks cracking. There are so many great things like that out there. If anybody likes the old Command & Conquer games there's one called OpenRA which is like an HD update of them in open source. You can play the campaign missions, skirmishes or online, and it's all free.
  2. jazzygeofferz

    The UKFF Retro Gaming Thread

    You're best playing Bare Knuckle 3.If my desktop PC was working I'd stick my fan-translated ROM on my Dropbox for you. It's still a good game at the heart of it, you can tell the Megadrive is struggling with it,though. Playing on an emulator eliminates the slowdown as well.
  3. jazzygeofferz

    The UKFF Retro Gaming Thread

    Sega of America thought Bare Knuckle 3 was too easy,so they upped the difficulty. The"easy" mode on SOR3 is Bare Knuckle 3's "normal" difficulty etc, so when you're playing on Normal you're actually playing on "hard" etc.It shows as well, because it just feels too much. When I'm playing SOR2 on Normal it's a challenge, but it still feels fair,while SOR3 feels like a slog. Plus they butchered the colours of the characters' costumes, rerecorded the voice samples for Axel & Blaze's blitz attacks,changed some of the in game mechanics as well I think. Streets Of Rage 2 is one of the best games ever made. Arguably the best game on Megadrive with the possible exceptions of Aladdin and/or Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
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    The UKFF Retro Gaming Thread

    They did all the3D Sega ports on3DS I think,and they're awesome. It's a shame they don't think they can get SOR3 ported on there though so the whole trilogy is done. Well, Bare Knuckle 3 as the localisation for Europe/North America ruined it. I've got a fan translated ROM of BK3 and it's so much better. If I'm playing 3 on my360/XBone I have to set it to the Japanese version as it's properly balanced, and it has Ash.
  5. jazzygeofferz

    The UKFF Retro Gaming Thread

    I played through the first Streets Of Rage on that "Ultimate" Megadrive collection for PS4 last night. I'd read that it was a good collection in terms of the number of games, but that it somehow struggles to properly emulate them, which is odd given how powerful the PS4 is and how it should easily be able to run something as "simple" as a Megadrive emulator. Anyway, I digress. Thewholeway through the game it just felt a bit off. The AI was acting erratically, inputs were being dropped, strange collision detection, slowdown, Just avery odd experience playing through the game. The two Blaze pallette swap bosses completely ignored me both times we encountered them unless I got aggressive and went after them, but the number of times I walked right up and grabbed them (which is usually near impossible) was ridiculous. Also we pissed the last boss. Most unusual. I'm tempted to give SOR2 a go tonight, but am anticipating a similarly off experience. I'd have thought Sega/whoever made this would have somehow patched it since release, but maybe it's not possible. Good job I have the Sega Vintage Collection Streets Of Rage collection on my XBox 360/One, and the standalone SOR2 release for it, the M2 port for 3DS and my Megadrive if need be.
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    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    Finally got Forza Horizon 2 finished (the temptation to do the final race in a 1981 Ford Fiesta was so much but I settled for my red Baby Driver inspired Impreza instead and I'm cracking on at Forza Horizon 3. It looks stunning, although I doubt I'll be able to coast through the whole game with my 1997 Volvo estate, A-Team Van and the General Lee. I may need to start using some of the fast cars in my possession at some point. Still loving Yakuza 0, and had a little bash at Pokken Tournament on my Wii U before bed last night as well. Nice little arena fighter. Eventually I might play some vaguely modern games. Steep looks interesting, too. Free on PSNthis month.
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    What games do you have or play on your phone?

    Plague Inc is quite fun as well, especially when it gets to the challenges.
  8. jazzygeofferz

    What games do you have or play on your phone?

    Sometimes I'll fire up Game Dev Story..Kairosoft do some nice little RPG/business sims and usually pretty cheap as well. Crossy Road can be quite addictive. Amazon Underground can have some great games that are usually chock full of microtransactions on other mobile platforms that are totally free, microtransactions included. Knights Of Pen & Paper is quite fun as well. It's an RPG where the premise is that it's people playing D&D, so as well as picking your characters for you party, you have to pick the people that are playing as those characters, each of which has their own skill sets that compliment the abilities of the characters. Edit: If you're more a "flappy bird" type Crossy Road & Steppy Pants are a lot less frustrating,but still have that "one more go" factor.Disney Crossy Road is a good variation. The different characters have levels based on the movies they're from, and often entirely different scoring systems. All the extras are time released on them, but it doesn't feel grindy. You can pay for the extra stuff as well, but they're not too aggressive with their pushing for cash. Well, the Disney one can be as they've decided to try and hide some characters away behind a paywall but I get the feeling that's more on Disney than the Crossy Road people.
  9. jazzygeofferz

    Best British Sportsperson of Your Lifetime

    Joe Calzaghe is a heck of a shout. I was going to be facetious and drop Kris Akabusi's name. Linford Christie? Sally Gunnell? Paula Radcliffe? Kelly Holmes?
  10. jazzygeofferz

    2019 Daisy-Pushing Thread

    I hear Gordon Burns was in bits over it. I was shocked when I saw the news. I remember her and Rod McKenzie as Simon Mayo's weather and news people when he was on the Radio One breakfast show.
  11. jazzygeofferz

    Best British Sportsperson of Your Lifetime

    As much as I don't personally like him I have to concede that Lewis Hamilton has made quite the career for himself
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    Those Pete Tong house classics albums are great.I love that Seal turns up to sing Killer, but am saddened that Maxi Jazz is nowhere to be found during Insomnia,even if it's to do the radio edit version. Still not checked out the Ed Banger 15th anniversary thing. Need to try and sneak the Ed Rec playlist under the radar at work. I stuck Spotify's French Touch All-Stars playlist on yesterday, but it quickly got replaced by Metallica. Not that I don't like Metallica, but I always go through a phase of really wanting to listen to St Anger. Can't decide whether I've got stockholm syndrome, or have managed to actually convince myself that it's a good album.
  13. jazzygeofferz

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    Was round at my other half's uncle's this morning and Minder was on. Arfur had to contend with none other than Admiral Ozzel Bronson.
  14. jazzygeofferz

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    I think because I got the 360 version of GTA 5 I may have missed out on quite a bit of the experience. I'm contemplating keeping an eye out for the PS4 version. because I played it on a friend's and I like the little touches like the phone calls coming through on the speaker in the controller.
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    Do we get to follow up with a National Ballet production of Daft Punk's Interstellar 5555?
  16. jazzygeofferz

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    An open world doesn't have to be huge and sprawling, just open and with plenty to do as well as the story of the game. I think GTA San Andreas was probably peak for this. There were differing things to do in each of the three cities and the surrounding towns, but I used to really enjoy doing "road trips" across the map as well. Especially with the great radio stations. Vice City was good, but it felt more like just driving round town on a night rather than a cross country/state cruise.
  17. jazzygeofferz

    Super Furry Animals appreciation thread.

    Fabulous band.
  18. jazzygeofferz

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    They were going for some serious coin.It's like download codes for games that are discontinued.
  19. jazzygeofferz

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    I was at my local CEX the other day and they had a tractor controller in the window which was just a gearbox and someswitches. I'd imagine you combine it with a steering wheel controller for some extra authenticity. It looks like a truly fascinating game. I've always wanted to get into one of the train simulators, but my PC is woefully under powered and they're quite expensive on console, plus they'd probably never have a"Northern Rail" add on pack for me to recreate the delights of the Hope Valley Line, the Leeds - Barnsley line, or Manchester Victoria to Clitheroe. Not without a mod,anyway. I'm making my way through Yakuza Zero at the moment. I'm not great at the combat, but the story seems really interesting, and I'm looking forward to getting sidetracked by all the subplots and minigames.
  20. jazzygeofferz

    The 2019 Royal Rumble (s) Surprise Entrant Pool

    The Rumble has just started and we're ready for entrant number three.The buzzer sounds and Take My Hand by Matt Berry & The Maypoles sounds out over the PA. Stephen Toast makes his way out to the ring,very slowly, accompanied by Ray Purchase's wife. "My gawd,Maggle, what's Ray Purchase going to think about this?" Asks JBL as they finally make it into the ring, just in time for the buzzer to sound,announcing the next entrant. "I don't think we're going to have to wait too long to find out, partner" replies Cole as none other but Ray bloody Purchase sprints down to the ring to confront his love rival. They go back and forth for a few minutes as Heath Slater and Mojo Rawley look on dumbfounded, soon as the next entrant's music hits they roll out under the bottom rope as though their lives depended on it,leaving Toast & Purchase at the mercy of Haku/Meng. He's having none of the Actors' nonsense on his time and mutilates them both in quick fashion before eliminating himself and leaving the arena with Mrs Purchase
  21. jazzygeofferz

    The 2019 UKFF Royal Rumble Lottery

    3,7,13, 16, 27
  22. jazzygeofferz

    Let's all hate Piers Morgan

    Remember when he interviewed Tommy Robinson on Good Morning Britain in order to try and look like less of a knob? Those vegan sausage rolls are quite nice.
  23. jazzygeofferz

    RIP Mean Gene Okerlund

    He was great. How many times has he had to get some coked up superstar back on track during a segment? He was a brilliant straight man, obviously had a good mind for the business and knew how to get someone or something over.
  24. jazzygeofferz

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    Are they actually made in Chester? Are they protected geographically like pasties, brown ale and pork pies?