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  1. That was my thought. Advertised as an announcer but tears off his suit to reveal ring gear.
  2. Agreed and as I mentioned earlier, the match they had last year at Backlash (I think!?) was a solid, aggressive 15 minute brawl. Going into the match Lashley had a ton of momentum and had started to really click with The Hurt Business, despite the honking angle with Lana at the time. I'd recommend checking it out as it's just as good as Slammiversary 2016 (in my opinion anyway) and gives you a look at what we can expect if we do indeed get a main event at Wrestlemania featuring them both. As much as Lashley has quite clearly earned his shot on top I can't help but think that 1) Dre
  3. I'm with you I remember the McIntyre/Lashley feud last year - it was much better than I was expecting at the time and in terms of first serious opponent for Drew it went down quite well. At the time The Hurt Business was only just taking off and Lashley came across better than anyone thought. I'm just disappointed that there's been all these shenanigans to get to Mania. I think a Lesnar/Lashley/McIntyre main event is feasible with the inevitable Lesnar/Lashley match for SummerSlam potentially. Why The Miz had to be involved God only knows. Added nothing of any value and really there woul
  4. There's quite a few possibilities/mileage with Samoa Joe involved to be fair so it's a good shout. You could have him join as Roman's enforcer, with Roman going down the road of not having faith in Jey/Jimmy as they can't get the job done. This could lead to their face turn. Joe could play the Batista role and see him slowly questioning what he's doing, how Roman is treating others etc. before turning on Roman. This could be played out long enough for The Rock to get involved ahead of their match next year potentially. Anyway, there's a reason I don't have the book and i
  5. This is an oldie but a goodie. I'm chuckling away to myself having been triggered by Facebook memories flashing this up:
  6. Indeed. It seems that the majority of us have taken the nostalgia glasses off and realised what we're actually left with. It was an incredible moment when Metalingus hit at last year's Royal Rumble, I think we were all happy that he was able to have his moment and go out on his own terms. Unfortunately the match with Orton was absolutely honking and he's made the decision to stick around - this raises the obvious question of "Where does Edge fit in the current WWE environment?" and naturally the performer and the WWE have decided back in the main event scene. There's no need for it. Yes
  7. Cheers I thought it was something along those lines, couldn't remember exactly whether it was TV rules, state rules, county rules as I know there's loads of variance in the US. It did cross my mind it might be a work. I'm just uncomfortable with the whole idea of Sting wrestling again so I'm definitely guilty of giving more credence to statements that suggest he might not be up to it. I don't see much more being added to his legacy so the risks are too high in my opinion. Time well tell I suppose.
  8. Read this and two things jumped out: https://411mania.com/wrestling/tony-khan-says-sting-is-cleared-to-wrestle-talks-about-when-he-had-idea-to-use-exploding-barbed-wire-match-more/ 1. Why were AEW fined in Baltimore? I didn't think the Omega/Moxley match was that bad - is it a local/state ruling as to what can go out on TV? 2. The powerbomb Sting took apparently took "a lot" out of him. Doesn't bode well...
  9. To some extent, Lashley should go over because he's been quality for the best part of ten months and he has had some pretty decent matches in that time. However, will they put him over properly? Think of how many folk bided their time to finally take the belt at Wrestlemania only to be booked like absolute numpties afterwards. If they're going all in on Lashley then they need to be all in. Book him squash matches until someone from NXT is ready or they have a Brock/Goldberg match due. Mysterio, Benoit, Kingston all forgettable because THE MOMENT got lost in the crap that followed, in terms of
  10. @Supremo has pretty much hit the nail on the head here. Likewise, they also got me. Not only was Daniel Bryan excellent in the chamber, Roman came across as the biggest dick ever in the title match immediately after. My disbelief went just long enough for me to think he was legit going to retire Bryan again, the savageness was something else. Now, when Bryan put the yes lock on I involuntarily stood straight up out my seat. I was all in in a Bryan victory. I'm not even annoyed retained because after that massacre Bryan could have been booked for a rematch - He goes after Reig
  11. https://411mania.com/wrestling/t-bar-fires-back-kofi-kingston-being-called-tea-bag/ The retribution gimmick was DOA but I haven't stopped laughing at "Tea Bag" for the last half hour. Kofi wins Raw. Brilliant.
  12. I could never take him seriously because he was given the Damien Demento/Gene Snitsky pants to wrestle in. No effort into the look at all.
  13. Not the worst show by some distance but is Edge really "the" guy to end Roman's reign (geddit!?) after the sterling work he's put in as dominant heel? I would really like to see Drew retain at 'Mania to cap off a mental year and because there's no one better/up and coming that makes sense in my opinion. Sasha Banks is an absolute superstar, unsung in terms of best female wrestler in my opinion. Orton/Wyatt in a Firefly Funhouse match. Nothing else really came to mind other than how pointless so many of the current roster are. No story, no character, no motivation or reas
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