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  1. Bootleg copy of Born to Run, bought in the underpass at Narvskaya (St Petersburg) got me through some tough times over there. Radio Nowhere is a karaoke favourite of mine too.
  2. Cheers buddy. Unfortunately my cousin, who was extremely close to my grandpa, didn't deal with the news well and took her own life so I've been checked out completely last few days. Family is struggling big time. And, as with any of our heroes, all wasn't as it seemed. The "Olympic' medals (which I hadn't seen for about 25 years) aren't Olympic at all. They're medals from Army and Highland games throughout the late 30s, 40s and 50s. All predominantly tug of war and strength sports. Eugh. Still, it's been cool to look through the old photos and stuff. Anyway, I really appreciate the
  3. Cheers folks, I'll post a bit later on once I'm up that road and had some time to myself. Absolutely exhausted this morning. Thanks x
  4. Not really sure why I'm posting here so I hope you don't mind...dad's lost it completely so I'm trying to hold it together. Covid has taken my grandpa today. 98 years old. A 6'5, 17 stone, Olympic champion, war hero, giant of a man reduced to what looked like a 5 stone shell within 4 days of catching it. On a zoom screen. Everyone's said it but I am so over this year. Horrible seeing my old man completely devastated. Selfishly I can't wait until I get home tomorrow afternoon so I can get the guitar out, open a bottle and have a smoke on my own. Numb.
  5. You've nailed it. This is the longest we've gone without some form of authority storyline in about ten years isn't it?
  6. Absolutely delighted Drew has the belt back. Only logical choice for me because he's still fresh, still looks like a killer and still has lots of feuds he could go into. Didn't like Orton winning but in hindsight I'm glad they've gone with the two that'll carry the company for the next five years barring any further health/suspensions. Just seems likely that if they're keeping separate brand titles then there'll be some sort of dodgy finish at Survivor Series to keep both looking strong. Unless there's a MITB cash in and the other wins the Rumble and goes after the belt in a reveng
  7. It's quite incredible just how quickly and easy they make booking look compared to the dross in WWE (save for Roman). It's so natural and free flowing. Lovely stuff.
  8. They were one of the most underrated TV pairings ever in my opinion. Yes, that's maybe a bit of a bold statement but they had great chemistry and were an easy watch. Very natural like Johnny Vaughan and DVO on the Big Breakfast. Good fun, harmless and better than almost everything else in tele at the time.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54950051 Des O'Connor has died. Honestly thought he had been dead for years. One of the television greats though, you don't get the same personality and aura off of modern tele folks. Rest in peace.
  10. Yup once again I completely forgot about it. Bloody work getting in the way of a good laugh. Very inconsiderate.
  11. Completely forgot about the Cody stipulation. That does need to be walked back at some point, makes very little sense. Jericho and MJF are gold. I honestly had my reservations about Jericho going into AEW a year ago but he's consistently delivered in and out of the ring. Looking forward to the next wacky turn.
  12. Echo the thoughts of everyone else for the most part. Cody/Allin was superb and my favourite match of the night. I'd like to see Cody move on from the TNT Title picture and announce he's going after the big one. Gives them an opportunity (as someone mentioned) to actually develop a bit of depth to the title picture rather than cycling folk in and out for a few matches. Could do a similar story with Page and have him climb from the bottom up, working his way through the rankings. I was pretty disappointed by the main event, I was expecting so much more given the excellent build and the emo
  13. Biden and Harris also have a foreign policy platform that's far more right wing and antagonistic than most people are aware of. The fact that Cheney's involved means we'll probably get a good old distraction war overseas into the bargain to cover for the turmoil on the streets following Trump's eviction. It also casts doubt on his "we'll withdraw from unwinnable wars" statement. I suppose it'll be interesting to see how much leeway that the new administration gets from the public/media on sole account of not being Trump.
  14. Whenever the subject of homosexuality and football comes up I still find it incredible that there hasn't been the same cultural shift that there has been in most of the rest of society. I wonder what has to happen for footballers to be able or feel able to be openly gay? I also wonder how it is possible to keep your sexuality a secret in the age of camera phones, instant trending on social media. I know it's well off topic for this thread but it's a shame football isn't more reflective of society. I genuinely don't know enough about the subject outside of the media reports around Justin Fashan
  15. Velveteen Dream vs. Johnny Gargano (c) for the North American Championship was one of my favourite NXT matches of the last few years. The eccentric, over the top, slightly unusual character was what made him different and got him over. Since he's been back it seems as though he's lost that edge...I don't know if it's a conscious thing or not because of the nature of the allegations but he seems to be going through the motions. As a result everything that made him a superstar has gone. He's just "there." Which makes me wonder why WWE kept him around in the first place.
  16. Not intentionally, as someone else said it happened a lot when the old version was loading on my mobile. Always a bit curious when you see your profile has been visited by folk you've never had any interaction with. So many possibilities Anyway, minor annoyance alert: When you go to open a resealable pack of ham but the wee corner flap isn't readily available to just open it up. A few minutes later, you've managed to get it, pull it back, and it rips right up the side thus defeating the resealable function. Tends to happen more on the Morrisons market street (£1 more expensive
  17. *Cue subtitles for my broad Glaswegian accent*
  18. I'd be on for the next one also , seeing as I thought today's one was next Friday!
  19. This made me chuckle. Can only hope that's the case. In other news CNN are saying they've seen internal memos from Fox advising their anchors not to call Biden "president-elect" on their broadcasts when he reaches 270 electoral college votes. No idea if that'll be true given the obvious bias involved but anything is possible.
  20. Do we think that Trump(et) will decide to bomb anywhere or press the big red button in the next few months? This is going to be a slog for all concerned. How long does presidential exemption apply after he leaves office? Might be best if the FBI lock him up the minute he leaves the White House. Assuming he does leave.
  21. Oh I agree there's plenty trying to save themselves and I'm not saying he became fascist overnight by any stretch. I still think it's a watershed moment due to the reaction. Not all involved necessarily have anything to gain by slating him now but individuals aside, the fact that almost the entire right wing media, who have stood by him in the face of truly his disgusting and abhorrent behaviour, have turned. And even they're going in dry now. I've never seen anything like it. Another striking thing has been Guiliani, Lewandoski, McEnany etc on tour in the last 36 hours - sycophants yes
  22. Definitely. Biden is less than 1% away from flipping Georgia to the Democrats. That press conference by Trump has in an instant, united every sane person in the country against him and greenlit the media and fellow politicians to (rightfully) shred him and call him on his bullshit. I think they were collectively shocked by how much Trump had increased turnout and vote-share when a landslide Biden victory had been predicted so they were cautious. Now though he's having some sort of emotional or psychotic breakdown and they truly realize the danger he poses and have thought "F*ck it, this needs
  23. "Where could he beeeeeeeee?" This is one of my favourite sketches from one of my favourite ever Seinfeld episodes. If you haven't seen the full episode search "The Susie" (Season 8: episode 15. I also enjoy "The Puffy Shirt" (Season 5: Episode 2) 😎 and the whole concept of the "low talker" as it reminds me of one person I worked with years ago. I still rewatch this episode on a semi regularly basis because the continuity of dialogue and subtlety of references are second to none. The only show that ever came close to this calibre of script, satire and melancholy (and I'd ask you not
  24. That's one thing that struck me recently as well - they've not really gone any length of time without the league title in a generation. I'm the same age as you and I have fond memories of early 90's Sky Sports broadcasting Premier League games. Synonymous with the times, Sky Sports, Andy Gray and Manchester United winning the league.
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