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  1. I have to say that the standard of match was pretty decent for the most part last night with AJ/Riddle being particularly good. Drew really needs drafted because I can't see him getting the belt back so quickly and he can't afford another big loss surely? I get that wins/losses don't matter in WWE but he needs a winnable feud to stop himself becoming mid card. Is that the Cross Rhodes that Damien Priest is using as a finisher?
  2. Yeah two years ago next month. My initial thought when I read your post was "Was that only two years ago?" because it feels like an eternity. What's worse is the fact that there's been four title changes since Oct 2019 and the only one I can remember is the current one - Roman Reigns. It's also hard to believe that Finn Balor was the inaugural WWE Universal Champion. I mentioned in the Smackdown thread last night how predictable WWE is. The frustrating thing is it wouldn't take a lot for them to mix things up and generate a bit of interest. It wouldn't be a stretch for The Demon to beat Reigns in a one off match, especially with no DQ. A pissed Reigns causing carnage and chasing the title, with Brock in the mix, would be slightly different and brings a new combination to the mix Anyway, the tribulations of WWE are well worn. Another shocking PPV with Raw quality matches.
  3. The card for Extreme Rules this evening is further evidence of WWE's problems as the winners of each bout are pretty much nailed on. Consequently, there's zero interest/buzz around the product and you don't miss much if you watch it or not. One of the folks at work compared the WWE to the Australian day time soap 'Neighbours' as you can tune out for a week's at a time, tune back in and it's the same general plodding storyline for storyline sake. AEW has been brilliant for the unpredictability and the fact that their story arcs cover months at a time so you need to tune in regularly to keep a handle on things. WWE have telegraphed the result of the Reigns/Demon match by booking Lesnar/Reigns for the title in October. Damien Priest is retaining the belt via pinfall on Jeff Hardy. As great as Reigns and smackdown has been over the last wee while, outside of Reigns there are no other stars, no other potential challengers that we've seen develop over 12-18 months and no "big names" due to sign for them.
  4. Agreed. Bringing Arturo in again smacked of the writer's needing to kill time story-wise. His first appearance was well done yes but the character deteriorated very quickly. Berlin's role and acting is up there with the best of all time in my opinion. If you check out Pedro Alonso's Instagram you'll get a brilliant laugh as he seems to be as random in real life.
  5. Pee Wee Ellis has passed away. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/pee-wee-ellis-obit-dead-1232060/amp/ An absolutely brilliant jazz saxophonist although somewhat overlooked in discussions about great musicians. Worked with Van Morrison and James Brown over the years. Another genius down. RIP x
  6. Arturo Roman (Money Heist) is one that springs to mind - an absolutely dreadful character, a weasely actor in amongst an otherwise stellar cast. Removing him would not have changed much (for me anyway) in as much as I wanted to fast forward every time he appeared on-screen. Really annoyed me to the point that I enjoyed the programme less the more he was involved. Most people will disagree - which is fair enough - but there is nothing of any interest in that character for me and he detracts from an otherwise enthralling watch.
  7. That's an excellent shout actually. The emotional turn in the crowd when they realised that Hogan might help out his old buddy Sting could be felt through the TV screen. Simple yet effective storytelling.
  8. Not saying I hate Cody, as each week passes it's less and less clear what he's trying to accomplish and why.
  9. Even after all these years I still don't really "get" who Cody Rhodes is or what he's supposed to embody. The fact that he's a founding member and VP of AEW yet puts on fairly average matches and promos and his booking makes little sense just puzzles me.
  10. 2021 CM Punk shirt arrived from Pro Wrestling Tees (finally) so that's an update to my house attire...still not a fan of wrestling shirts in public. Awesome quality though.
  11. Ric Flair vs Shawn Michaels (Career threatening match) at Wrestlemania 24 is up there for me. I know that heading into the match there was very little doubt about the result but Ric Flair really did perform well in this match. As with most of the older generation of wrestlers, this was about story telling and he certainly delivered big time in this match. It was never going to be a classic in the true sense of the word but ultimately stands out for the story being told. I watched it again recently and still really enjoyed it.
  12. I know everyone has different lines in the sand in terms of what they will tolerate in a relationship but if there's a possibility of one or other cheating in the relationship it isn't strong enough. Trust has to be earned and once broken, it's not something that can be refilled/replaced easily if at all.
  13. That one has completely passed me by I'm afraid.
  14. Went through a similar situation (regarding messages) with my divorce where my ex was regularly hiding her screen when messaging a work colleague. Long story short, after 16 years together she had been sleeping with him when supposedly working away with the SQA. She did have something to hide but she could no longer trust me apparently because I'd read the messages and seen the photos on her phone (we both knew each others pin code). So I was the one at fault. Point is, I knew something was up for a couple of years but couldn't quite place item. An old friend said to me years ago "If there's any doubt, there's no doubt" and that phrase has stuck with me all these years. The minute you think something is up, it probably is and it's time to make the hard decision.
  15. Bron Breakker looks and sounds the business but he's still very rough round the edges in the ring. Interested to see what happens with this new NXT format. The colours, the wrap around audience and the quick pushing of new faces has really highlighted how poor and stale the previous iteration was. It'll get nowhere near SD or Dynamite in terms of quality but it's different and fairly watchable.
  16. How long does it usually take? I've donated a few times in the last few years but nothing has happened, even with the PayPal receipt?
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58617114 Another good man down. Such a funny and talented actor.
  18. Well fifth time lucky, just donated again (included my PayPal transaction ref again) see if anything actually happens this time as my last donation/message to Moo in 2018 was read but never actioned. Has anyone else donated recently and found the same?
  19. Twenty years? That's incredible. I've grown up with this site. Although I didn't sign up at the time read the forum as guest for 8 years or so before deciding to join once Smash Wrestling (big Tony's site) ended up disappearing one day. Obviously my current account isn't my original one, that one died around 2011 when AOL finally deleted my email address. In terms of memories a couple stand out - The UKFF 50, James Brown/Wallace controversy, Carlos Tevez, Meat Sung Park. Still gutted having donated several times with no acknowledgement that I dunno if it helped or if everyone's had a cracking night out on my behalf. On a more serious note, it's been a place of refuge over the years. I've been all over the world, experienced just about every situation and emotion in life and always found myself lurking around here and finding comfort in the experience of others during the hard times. It's hard to explain to someone why you're on a wrestling forum when you're pushing 40 but that's just it...you can't explain it. It's just a different and supportive community here that you don't find anywhere else, virtual or real world. Happy birthday and here's to another 20 years!
  20. I think the ringwear will also be an effort to engage kids as the target audience.
  21. Also it would give a majority of fans what they want in that it clears the title picture for a returning Hangman Page. On another note if Omega's injuries are as serious as some sites suggest and he needs time off, it surely has to be sooner rather than later? It cannot be good working/training/working out hurt. Obviously the AEW schedule is pretty light but mentally it must eventually take a toll? It's something I always wonder about having trained hurt before myself for one of my other endeavours. It's not like the 80s and 90s where you can just pill up and power through. Anyway that's my for the afternoon.
  22. I also got "that" feeling that I've only had a handful of times over the years when the ref came out to change the MJF/Jericho finish. No idea why as I wasn't thrilled with the match or either participant but I got off the chair and was like "YEEEEES!" Could feel the energy in the arena and it was another feel good moment, dead simple booking. Brilliant.
  23. Nothing ever will. I don't believe anyone in the WWE knows how to book a wrestling show any more. Even if they did, they'd still put out the same mince.
  24. Overall pretty good show in my opinion, nothing stand out or spectacular. Once Adam Cole came out I did wonder if they'd debut Danielson as well (for some reason I had the Taker/HHH returns in my head) and was pleased when they did it. I cannot help wondering where this leaves Hangman Page though. He now seems further away from the title than ever although I am hoping they go with Punk/Danielson vs The Young Bucks and somehow circle back to Page being the one to end Omega's reign. The other takeaway for me was just how easy it is to watch AEW, I haven't yet approached a show with dread or really knowing what's going to happen...CM Punk aside...but even that still had a tiny bit of doubt. All good 😁
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