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  1. He need Jorge Rivera to the head when he was down if I remember correctly. Was winning the fight however so not sure its massively noteworthy.
  2. A surprising amount have at the very lewst quite racist undertone or references so from experience give them a scan before you read them to your kid.
  3. Largely agree with this unless I actively support a team I couldn't give a fuck. The exception being WBA I always want them in the premier league as a friend works for them so can get a comp ticket for Newcastle games and gives me an excuse they catch up. So yeah fuck Leeds.
  4. ElCece

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Paris is comfortably the worse major city I've been to but I did get to enjoy a man in his late teens slip in dog shit whilst running away from unsuccessful bag snatch which was great.
  5. That is part of the problem thay Root and Cook had (although I still think Cook was a decent Captain) was no time captaining there county as they have always been in the team. Burns could be capable, beyond Stokes and who is established in the team without retirement looming? Fuck it brings back Nasser and bat him at 9. Always been my favourite captain.
  6. England need to view him as a generational talent particuarly in white ball cricket. He hits disgustinly flat 6's and runs as quick between the wickets as you could hope.
  7. I hate to rag on Denly as he has great temperament and is a competent player but is that what we should settle on at 3? I've never been a fan of Buttler in red ball cricket, I know Foakes was shite in County last year but I would much rather have him. Deep down though I'm a YJB apologist and would still lean in that direction.
  8. Sorry for the double post. Disappointing day's cricket. Batting was annoyingly predictable, nice knock by Bess at the end. I reckon there is a decent chance he becomes a batting all rounder at some point. Mainly in county cricket but he has really impressed me numerohs times with the bat. I actually think he has more potential with the bat than Sam Curran. Saying that I am sceptical about him as a front line test spinner going forward. It was really noticeable how much Borad was missed, fuck even Woakes. Archer still needs to be the 3rd seamer for me. For the time being at least.
  9. With the added benefit of Holding not being an insufferable dickhead.
  10. I remember Austin getting pissy on his podcast about Ziggler once saying he seems to take more pride in being giving and light with his offense than looking believable and laying his shit in. I think Omega suffers from these same traits.
  11. Stopped buying them for my girl due to not wanting to have to look at it around the house.
  12. They are lovely but look like that should be Mexico kits.
  13. I've still got the Ghana 2006 World Cup kit in my 7's rotation. Its lovely.
  14. I've never felt such pity for a fanbase. I'm sorry about this kit.
  15. The podcast is shite. There is a 2nd mention.
  16. ElCece

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Fucking police spoiling some solid Bantz.
  17. ElCece

    Covid-19 Megathread

    As if I didn't hate Brewdog enough.
  18. ElCece


    I could never eat at a Wendy's because I used to have a colleague called Wendy who used to whip the bosses packed lunch out the fridge fart on it and put it back in. Rightly or wrongly that's how they approach food preparation in my mind.
  19. ElCece

    Chippy Tea

    Depends what part of the city you live but my personal favourites are Cafe Piccante on Broughton Street and the Gorgie Fry in Gorgie funnily enough.
  20. Its going to be hard knocking one out to Seth Macfarlane now I know he looks like Dillon Harper.
  21. ElCece

    Chippy Tea

    I live in Edinburgh (lived in several places through the UK) and it is comfortably the most staunch on its favourite sauce. Regardless it overpowers anything it is placed on and makes me lack respect for the city
  22. ElCece

    Chippy Tea

    Immediately go to Edinburgh to confirm they are the weirdos who like chippy sauce.
  23. Was a humongous surprise how much I enjoyed it. Wonderfully paced and written. Also Getaway was a fantastic villain.
  24. Can't say I'm much of a Transformers fan Air Raid but I read through More than Meets the eye/Lost Light last year which was bloody superb.
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