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    is he gonna march into this thread and kick fuck out of you for saying this?
  2. Apparently rabid fans of Japanese reality show Terrace House telling her to kill herself are to blame for this. 22. Fucking horrific. Reality TV needs some serious sorting out, especially if this show manufactured its own narratives like many of them do. Worldwide cases of it ruining lives at this point in the social media age, but never heard of it happening from someone so beloved by many in another completely separate part of life. I'm not a STARDOM fan but I had noticed Hana had unreal charisma. I remember seeing some random women's tag on an ROH show that nobody had been caring about and she totally lit it up with just a couple of looks and her energy. Daughter of the great Kyoko Kimura of course and seemed to be still learning while having all the potential in the world. Could have easily gotten over long term in the States and would have been right at the top of the pile in Japan. RIP doesn't feel like enough to say, just such a tragically unfinished story.
  3. They'd been doing indies together again since 2018-ish. Wouldn't surprise me if that was a realistic aim they were working towards.
  4. What makes me wonder about how much of Cornette is an act is that surely he realizes he's helping the careers and relevancy of all the new crop he loves to shit on all the time? Reactionary Anti-Cornetteism is a very real thing now. The more he shits on all these people, the more fans they seem to gain each week simply because nobody wants to be a fucking Cornette. Joey Ryan has for 5+ years dined out on what would/should have been a forgotten comedy spot on a nowhere indie because Jim refused to forget. The Bucks made not listening to Cornette their entire gimmick and got huge from it. Jim crying about Omega & Ibushi wrestling blow-up dolls probably put DDT, Kenny and the modern Japanese scene on a lot of people's radars. Marko Stunt and Orange Cassidy are talking points seemingly each week and it feels like the vast majority of wrestling fans know them now, basically because of Corny. He's willed his dreaded AEW into existence and keeps people talking about it by having a whinge about what they're getting wrong every single week at this point. Part of him must surely know he is helping these people.
  5. I can understand why a guy like Cornette speaks so bitterly of a lot of the things he hates on, and why people who feel the same will be well up for listening since he's more-or-less perfected the art of The Epic Rant. Why's he on about this, though? How could anyone actually have a strong opinion on Becky Lynch getting preggers other than maybe some weird fan-fiction-type stalkers? Deep down, surely he can't give possibly give an iota of a shit. It just exposes what a rent-a-rant he's become. Now that audio is his actual job, he's applying the same ranting tone to any every talking point that gets emailed to him, even when there's just no justification at all to even mildly raise your voice about it. Now you really only want to hear him talk about his real-life experiences in wrestling - the old days, plus him talking about guys like Aries & Callihan being weird twats who are impossible to work with - all much better audio than hearing him say "Kenny Olivier" for the nth time, and I can't stand Kenny. A real shame this is absolutely the way he will be remembered.
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