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  1. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I'm assuming Roode is the endgame for this ludicrous Ziggler shtick. But we went from them chanting "Bobby Roode" last week to a pure protest "CM Punk" this week, so they should've struck last week. Nobody needed to see this week's even worse than usual segment, apart from Ziggler, delighted that he finally got to do the HBK cosplay he's been wanting to do his whole career. I'm not sure how they managed to make the Jinder character more tasteless, but somehow they did. Think that the r-o-a-d to the d-o double g is just a r-a-c-i-s-t. Jinder has fun facial expressions, looks good in a suit and the Singhs have been decent value but otherwise this reign has been absolutely terrible. Hope Nakamura knees his face off at Hell in a Cell Women's match was great though. Good to see Charlotte back and actually doing something of interest.
  2. 205 Live

    The Gulak /Breezeango segment on this week's show was some of the best comedy I've seen in WWE in ages. Get it watched.
  3. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    the mainstream publicity they are getting is wild, and couldn't be more deserved. brilliant to see something piercing the wrestling bubble. can't recommend their shows enough to anybody interested
  4. Yes and it annoyed the piss out of me! Just went back to have a look though and they seem to have fixed it
  5. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Nice MAGA sign in the front row this week... hardly a surprise seeing as Smackdown has been practically custom made for that lot this year
  6. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    if they did then Matt Hardy didn't tell Reby, who tweeted that christmas is ruined now
  7. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    not to mention WWE has no off-season, so getting these dates off must be doubly important to the talent
  8. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Going by the twitter reaction, I wouldn't be too surprised if they go back on it. Everyone's furious, it's pretty funny. Attendance would be pitiful surely anyway
  9. Random Thoughts III.

    Split the room with that one I see.
  10. The Mae Young Classic

    Also finally got caught up last night. KLR/Sugehita, Jazzy/Abbey, Logan/Yim, Kairi/Tessa were all fantastic matches, but I have to say my favourite match was actually Viper/Garrett. Viper is a stunning woman, obvs. The only weaker matches in my mind were Evers/Belle (apparently according to the Observer they changed this result on the fly because Belle was so bad? but in my mind she was definitely not the weaker aspect of that match, so that's confusing if true) and Savoy/Gonzalez which just didn't have a chance to stand out warming up for Kairi In terms of someone I knew zilch about who impressed me, Rhea Ripley. Good look, athleticism, charisma and just 20 years old. I'm also a bit in love with Dakota Kai and sad those two meet each other in the next round. Commentary was far from great but didn't let it bother me too much. I did like JR's line about how Mia Yim was trained by "the handsome Tajiri", though that's about it. Should've replaced with Mauro when they had the opportunity, who I'm not the biggest fan of or anything but they're leagues apart in terms of passion today. Also caught this screenshot of Johnny Gargano watching Candice's match. Think he might fancy her or some shit..
  11. Random Thoughts III.

    used to love me a bit of Stone Cold Irwin - shame his career ended in that triple threat against Sting and Stevie Ray
  12. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    imagine Nigel accidentally calling Smackdown Ring Of Honor like he did on NXT after Aleister Black's debut, Vince would scream at him so loud through the headset it would be audible on TV
  13. Hello all - first topic

    I love the "no, no wait! I didn't mean that" once he realised what he'd said too Watching 1998 stuff it's baffling how Trips became such a big deal
  14. Hello all - first topic

    that's shit, Cole is gay jokes were dime a dozen during that period. Recently brought SvR2007 off amazon for like a quid and the commentary is full of it from Tazz -- IRT JR's "spent more time on the canvas than Rembrandt" I remember that one from Survivors 98 where Duane Gill was Vince's handpicked mystery opponent for Mankind
  15. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    Acting in some TV series I believe