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  1. sj5522

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    You mean the best era in company history?
  2. sj5522

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    Right, I knew Millie had been in Japan but I didn't know if that meant she was done or not. That news that came out about exclusive contracts (that I think just applied to Dunne, Bate and Toni Storm, the people they're really big on) threw me off a little
  3. sj5522

    WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

    I've more or less given up on the show as it's too dry to justify being in my weekly routine, but here's how I'd group the roster up (as of Wikipedia, which didn't include Charlie Morgan and Millie McKenzie for some reason - does anyone know what happened with them? Charlie is especially good but they didn't do anything memorable with her) Great: Fabian Aichner Jinny Mark Andrews Pete Dunne Tyler Bate Walter Zack Gibson Good: Dave Mastiff Joe Coffey Jordan Devlin Killer Kelly Rhea Ripley Wolfgang Xia Brookside Middling/good with crap presentation: Flash Morgan Webster (tagging with Mandews redeems him) James Drake Kenny Williams Mark Coffey Nina Samuels Toni Storm (needs to stop saying things are Her Dream like it's X-Factor. its also The Dream of that mental bloke who threw poo at the performance center) Travis Banks (put here because I enjoyed the Devlin match, but he really needs to stop fucking REVVING) Pretty much just crap: Amir Jordan Ashton Smith (you could see the joy etched on his face when the crowd started going "woop!" after he did it. He thought he was over. Nobody "woop"s anymore.) Eddie Dennis (fun match with Mastiff at the Takeover, but his look/gear sucks and his facial expressions are genuinely some of the worst I've seen. His pose for match graphics looks like a parody of a wrestler) Isla Dawn (has an aesthetic, not a character) Joseph Conners Ligero (El Generico's faux-Mexican gimmick aged poorly and he was 10 times the wrestler. they had him saying he started wearing the mask when he started wrestling because he had anxiety, in a nervous quiet Leeds accent. Not A Star.) Mike Hitchman Sam Gradwell Saxon Huxley (ha ha he looks like jesus mate aaaaaaaaaaahahahaaaa) Tyson T-Bone (cool gimmick in theory, but his terrible impression of Brad Pitt's terrible impression of an Irish traveller from Snatch is appalling)
  4. sj5522

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    It doesn't look too bad a show. The chamber matches should be fun and take up a big chunk of the show, but Ronda v Ruby and the Murphy/Tozawa cruiserweight title (that'll probably be on the pre show, mind) both sound good too. Rest looks pretty skippable although Lashley & Lio Rush v Balor handicap sounds intriguing