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  1. Sebastian of retired tag team the GZRs. Him and his tag partner have for years treated all the speculation like the biggest bants sesh ever, and they're still at it showing their immaturity in every smug post, so I can't blame the girl for not wanting their support.
  2. I was aware of her after the Edler stuff at the beginning of 2018. Didn't see half of these names then, but Ryan Smile was one who temporarily slipped through the cracks after that, getting a couple of random bookings in ATTACK a whole 11 months after I'd read the exact same story on him as I did yesterday. She also mentions having already gone to the police and nothing happening. Edler is still one of the most outright despicable, unrepentant and predatory guys from that time but apparently they couldn't find enough on him to put the monster in jail. So it wound me up a fair bit when people were tweeting that people should stop coming out with their stories because one person had taken presumably over a hundred cases to Yorkshire police. Fuck that entirely when more action is being taken now than in this fucking shit hobby's entire existence.
  3. Aye, I've downplayed my own experiences in the past with the "nothing compared to what some experience" thing. It all counts and it all lasts.
  4. Had a look at the first IWL card and as I expected, a couple names from my former training school in the opener and it was almost definitely my former trainers Greg Burridge & Garry Vanderhorne pulling the strings here. as far as whether Ospreay will be alright coming out of this, him being primarily in New Japan rather than AEW or WWE might help him. I doubt much of this is reaching the Japanese fans outside of his own sloppy apology post, and I doubt New Japan will react when they did nothing about Elgin a couple of years ago, but Ospreay may at least find his adulation in the US and UK has dried up somewhat.
  5. Colt did come up in IWA Mid-South, which... I probably don't really need to go into what a slimy place that was and still is, even if they've had some of my favourite matches.
  6. I remember reading something about Dixon yesterday, but I've forgotten the exact case in this absolute blur that's happening. Christ imagine the stuff he might have been getting up to in the 70s and 80s.
  7. I'm trying to get my old training school, the self-proclaimed "safe space" London School of Lucha Libre, the same one Will went to and is still very close with, to take some responsibility after they booked Wainwright at London Lucha League. Their response is they were "unaware" of the allegations even though it was long after wrestling twitter had already gone mad at Ospreay for his comments. I wrote in an earlier post here that this had me hopeful for wrestling's future, but I don't particularly feel like fucking watching some anytime soon now.
  8. "The Wall of Shane". Jesus fuckin christ. A small portion of this has been no surprise at all to me, but a lot of it has still blown me away. Not that I thought a lot of these guys were 'top blokes' or anything, and I've been no stranger to wrestling sleaze stories by any means, but the way they've felt empowered to behave for so long is incomprehensible when you actually see it all written out. Like the Joe Coffey example astonished me - he was sending girls porn out of the blue and sending multiple unanswered creepy messages over a period of months. It's the kind of thing you'd expect from a virgin on a dating site, you'd think a guy who looks like that could just...be a fucking reasonable person and do fine with women Just an insane amount of shit to digest in a short space of time, but hopeful for the future, I didn't think I'd ever feel able to engage with the scene again but lets see what things look like the other side of all this. Really glad to see the Wainwright/Ospreay/EVE/Pollyanna situation talked about again, since I tried to draw attention to it last year and it got engagement but then just sort of went away and there's still a lot of people out there buying into the image EVE sells to them.
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