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  1. Jaguar Yokota v Lioness Asuka + Chigusa Nagayo v Devil Masami from 1985 AJW have some of the most rabid fans ever. An all-timer: Akira Hokuto v Shinobu Kandori from AJW Dream Slam 1993 (a show well worth watching in its entirety): one of the most insanely hard-hitting matches I've ever seen. like...puffy faces hard-hitting. mental. Aja Kong v Yumiko Hotta, 1994 AJW: here's a fairly recent one with Hotta from JWP: other favs are Aja Kong/KAORU in 2000 GAEA & KAORU/Lioness Asuka in 2005 GAEA
  2. Abyss/Styles in 2005 and Angle/Jarrett in 2011 are amazing
  3. Been years since I put this on - what a joy. The title track is more iconic than most know. Michael Jackson re-adapted it most famously but check out the massive list of people who did also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soul_Makossa#Adaptations_and_samples Will have to dig further into his huge discography soon. RIP to a real one.
  4. Fucking Elias v Corbin now? That sounds unwatchable in front of 100k people. This curiosity watch I was weighing up is getting less and less likely. Think I'll just be checking out the part timers - the idea of Taker, Brock and Goldberg putting lads over in the performance center is fucking hilarious, and I'm sure Cena/Fiend will come up with something interesting. All the full-timer's matches have no appeal whatsoever.
  5. sj5522

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Trivial issue compared to so many's but need a quick vent to some people who don't really know me. This has made me realize how reliant I have been on cannabis to give me more of an appetite and curb my insomnia. I'm waking up in the late afternoon and feel nauseous and bloated halfway thru any meal. I guess the latter is helping with rationing since our supermarket order will take ages, but it's tough to take any solace in that when I feel like I could pass out from malnourishment at any given moment.
  6. What do we reckon is happening post Wrestlemania? I know it's the mental wrestling but surely they're not off to fucking Backlash or whatever after this? The only sane thing they can do by my estimation is send people home and fill their telly shows with network content and character work/promos filmed by wrestlers at home. I can imagine that being a pretty great watch actually. Or do people think we're actually going to get eerily shit contract signings for the foreseeable future? I just can't put anything past Vince. Apologies if this has been previously discussed, but 21 pages innit.
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