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  1. I don't get the "looking the part" thing either. Not everyone wants to look like Lex Luger in nuthuggers. It wouldn't make wrestling a bigger deal if it looked like the World Bodybuilding Federation either. And then when you get a guy like Strowman or that new Dylan Miley guy in developmental, it actually makes an impact the more they stand out. The complete lack of any attempt to pre-book Jinder up the card, makes this much worse than Owens' reign, or even Snoreton. Credible booking? Get real bro! India = $$$. I guess that Tian Bing guy should dethrone him then. Who cares about talent or storytelling when we have ~lucrative markets~ instead? That and the shitty Hassan-esque "you hate me cos im different" gimmick ensures this stinks from all angles. Still hilarious though. If you fully ignore World Heavyweight Champions and just look at the WWE titles lineage, he stands out like fuck. Him and Vince basically at the bottom of the pile.
  2. Fight Club Pro had British Strong Style v The Elite, lucky west midlands sods! Do FCP ever go down souf? Or have an OD service?
  3. 205 is getting a fair bit past its sell by date, but I'm still waiting for Tozawa v Neville. That's gonna be sick. Still watching 205 almost out of pure Tozawa love at this stage. After that they should just integrate everyone, 02 style. Imagine a world without Rey and Angle opening Summerslam that year, not worth thinking about. This seething Neville deserves to be mixing it up with Balor and Rollins level of guys, not pissin about with Perkins. Aries and Kendrick feel underutilised too, it's just a division you don't want to see any of your favs bother with
  4. Is Shera still about? He'd be perfect for that
  5. At least with JBL he was an established mid card mainstay who was relatively over with a good finish and just got a big sudden bump to the top Jinder had won about two matches until this push, nobody had a strong opinion one way or the other or any investment in the character at all. Just been catapulted to "the top" because India.
  6. Sunday was my first time in the resistance gallery, and once I'd found the bloody well hidden thing, I had a blast! I wasn't anticipating such an intimate setting for some reason, so once I peeled off some layers and stopped overheating I really enjoyed myself. Only knew probably less than half of the talent but loads made a really good first impression. Between Windsor v Sakura and the title match for my pick of the night. Kris Wolf is really endearing yeah. On the flip side Jinny just looks the type of snob who'd see only your shoes and already dislike you. She could go really far.
  7. I'm going to have to upload Triple H being confused as fuck at an Alan Partridge chant on the YouTube later on Is weird that night 1 was pretty much null. And the tag with the 205 guys was good fun but didn't feel all that relevant. Anyway yeah having watched this back, the two great matches are still great, JR and Nige were pretty poor though thought they improved calling the Takeover match. Sound quality was disappointing. No shots of me drunkenly taunting heels next to the ramp on the first night was disappointing (although also probably a blessing in disguise) But yeah they need more talent. We all know how good Peter and Tyler are. Andrews too. Trent and Wolfgang very good but a notch below. Nothing that interesting elsewhere, Conners talking is Bad - seems they want to make him some kind of faction leader? No thanks. T-Bone has an alright gimmick but can't do the accent so what's the point. Roy Johnson is fun, but niche taste as a personality. Moloney has potential possibly. Drake's mouth is too big. Gradwell looks like too many footballers/darts players/Voldemort to ever get taken seriously, and the Jesus guy can pretty much fuck off. There was no sign of Tucker, the guy with the sick kick who stole the first round with Bate, or Baby Balor who I was looking forward to booing. No Burch/Martin Stone either. I'd easily trade those 3 for some of the other lowercarders They didn't need to sign someone totally new in time for this, but 'here's Jack Gallagher' would've freshened things up a little. Hopefully some really exciting signings still to come.
  8. There was duelling Lets go Jinder / Jinder sucks so lets just agree this is crap
  9. Nah, they switched it up for this one. It sounds similar, but with worse mixing. He was still using the old one in Norwich whereas Dunne used his Takeover theme there I thought both the original tracks sounded better imo, but it's a small complaint
  10. Not gonna lie, I laughed my head off. It sucks, but you've got to laugh. This push is so Hassan-esque it's properly uncomfortable though, expecting Hulkster back for a big showdown at Summerslam. Rest of the show was alright, bumps of the night go to the Singhs. Owens and AJ was predictably excellent, with a decent finish allowing for more action between the two. Naka opening the show was a good choice, not a blinder and too much bloody Ziggler offense for my liking but a decent enough showcase. Tags was really entertaining, but could've gone on longer and I'm gutted that the Sexy Cops aren't champs. Corbin/Zayn and Rowan/Harper were decent, women's match felt like it was off Smackdown though, and not very interesting. Main event? Excellent absurdist humour...
  11. Well Dunne v Bate exceeded even my own ridiculously high expectations of the two. What a damn match. Overtaken their match in Blackpool as my match of the year choice for sure. Can't say enough good things about Dunne's excellent facials and Bate's borderline unfair natural ability. Was a bit gutted they changed his Peter Gabriel knock off theme though, I loved it. DIY with another corker as well, gutted they're broken up but the turn was excellent. Loved the foreshadowing with Gargano taking a ladder to the face to save Ciampa, just added to the feeling that Ciampa is a piece of shit. Tommaso really good during that, it looked like you could sense the regret in his face while he was doing it. Remember during the CWC they had an absolutely excellent match, the best of the first round, and they hinted at the Ciampa turn then. Co-sign that I want to see them somehow back together over time as they just have great longevity together, but this is exciting stuff. Fwiw, I think Johnny Wrestling could be a pretty big deal on his own (if he doesn't go on 205) but this team is best for both of them.
  12. It must have been later than that, I distinctly remember hearing about Chris Benoit's death on TWCF and then following the story in complete awe as it developed. That was the main reason I didn't follow wrestling for a few years afterwards, the business just made me feel grubby for a while and I thought I'd 'grown out of it' When did the channel cease to be? The founder of it posts here right? Wish it was still about. TWC and Channel U were the only TV channels I used to bother with, both gone now
  13. Mahal does suck but I wouldn't mind the push so much if we didn't get this Hassan-esque MYYY PEOPLLLE shit. Seems to be a rise in gratuitous patriotism on Smackdown these last few weeks, how long until JBL calls Nakamura Chinese? Episode firmly saved by those wonderful Sexy Cops. The fashion files segment was their best yet. "DAY ONE IS H!?". Absolutely amazing, adore both of them. The Usos promo was absolutely wicked again too. The tag titles and Naka's debut are what I'll be tuning into Backlash for I thought Handsome Rusev was supposed to show up this week? Booooo
  14. There's a lot here that used to be on the old wrestling channel forum right? I was active on that a decade ago, I was like 14/15 so was a bit of a pillock. I might have posted on here very briefly, but only really started reading the place after getting back into wrestling in 2014. Started posting about a year afterwards Got a couple of negative end of year awards nominations for being "white noise" (I do ramble a bit) but I'm glad this place is about. Refreshingly sensible graps chat for a change, for the most part and some good laughs to be had.
  15. It's more fuck off than fair play to me, whether he's a gimmick or not. It's not like there isn't goofs like that all over the web, can't blame people for taking it at face value. Either way I'm pretty sure well conditioned athletes beat telly wankers 99.9% of the time I mainly just wanted to put over that you wouldn't want to fuck with Spike Dudley, don't know how he'd do in a scrap but he's pretty no nonsense judging by clips of shoots I've seen. You have to be tough as nails to take some of the bumps he did.