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  1. 34 minutes ago, Chest Rockwell said:

    This is ridiculous. Someone getting their day in court and having the wrongdoing against them being legally recognised is incredibly important in itself and it doesn't necessarily have to be tied to the punishment that the person who wronged them receives. I can give a million example of this off the top of my head but hopefully just stating it like that makes you realise how wrong what you've said is.

    Another example of flame baiting/trolling. It's getting incredibly tiring now so I'm done here. I'll give you the courtesy of a reply though without resorting to name calling, attempts at "humour" and sarcasm.  

    Both Safechuck and Robson had ample opportunity to take Michael Jackson to court, yet they didn't. They could have assisted the FBI with their in depth multi year investigation, but didn't. Both had lawsuits against the estate thrown out of court. So obviously they are looking for money. 

    That they weren't successful in their attempt to extract money from the estate and a new documentary appears with sensationalist allegations should say it all. But everyone is free to believe what they want. Personally I don't believe a word, not because it's Michael Jackson and he should get a free pass cause he made Thriller, Off the Wall etc. 

    Its because both are known liars and have fabricated stories to masquerade as the truth. I think if they were questioned in depth their stories would falter under questioning. If they are telling the honest truth, which I strongly doubt, but if they are, they have my sympathy and full support. Sexual abusers are the very lowest form of pond scum and should be brought to justice and punished to the fullest extent of the law, celebrity or not. What they were saying sickened me but I couldn't buy a word because they said it so matter of factly and showed not one iota of aggression or distress. No one would want to publicly talk about abuse in front of millions where the alleged abuser cannot be prosecuted as he's deceased. Again they had at least a decade plus to speak out and actually go into court during the Gavin Arvizo case and put Michael Jackson behind bars. But they didn't, Wade Robson testified on his behalf saying he never touched him. 

    Here's a good example of how the media can sway opinions just by a video title alone

    Theyve headlined this video to put across that Corey Feldman isn't defending him anymore. Yet he says their friendship was innocent. A guy called Ron Newt was offered $200,000 to say MJ abused his children but spoke out about it. Plus one of the accusers is now accepting donations apparently with the minimum being $250, so make of that what you will.

    Feel free to dissect everything I've written, take it out of context etc. I'll not be around to read it or reply because I see no sense continuing on a forum where if you have a different opinion you're trolled and made fun of. 



    13 minutes ago, gmoney said:

    You can scratch any royalties of his own work - remember this was *your* point. 

    My *point* was they are or will likely both seeking damages from the estate which has already generated $825m since 2009. "Your" point was there was/is there's no money to get a cut off if I'm not correct saying he was bankrupt or near to it.

    Their "story" has nothing to do with getting justice, what are they going to do exhume his remains and lock them in prison?. Wade Robson if he is telling the truth has commited perjury as he said, in a court of law, he was never even touched inappropriately by Michael Jackson. Plus they both had ample opportunity to testify during the Arvizo court case. 

    The whole mob mentality here of attacking someone with a differing opinion is telling also. 


  3. 23 minutes ago, gmoney said:

    So what royalties does a sold publishing catalogue generate? 

    The Jackson estate currently owns his Epic Records catalogue and all unreleased recordings. Epic (a division of Sony Music) still distributes this catalogue.

    The estate also owns all of Jackson’s songwriting credits, as well as the catalogues of several other artists. These songs are all sub-published by Sony/ATV, of which Jackson owned half between 1995 and 2016.


  4. 32 minutes ago, gmoney said:

    Here's a thing. He was nearly bankrupt before he died. If he is blackballed from all radio stations/Spotify etc, what royalties exactly are they going to get a percentage of? Seems to be a bit of a flaw in that argument. 

    He still had a net worth of $500m (£350m) before he died. He owned half of the Sony/ATV publishing catalogue which his estate sold to Sony for $750m in 2016. 


  5. 3 minutes ago, Keith Houchen said:

    It's almost as if Michael Jackson is globally more famous than Harvey Weinstein will ever be, and that people are more interested in Jackson than Weinstein.

    That isn't the point though. They aired both documentaries at the same time yet one documentary has received a gigantic amount of press (Leaving Neverland), whilst the Weinstein one hasn't even registered on the radar. If we're drawing attention to sex abuse then both documentaries should have been equally highlighted.

    That Harvey Weinstein is good friends with other high profile people shows he has enlisted their help to cover his back. There's 80 women who have made allegations of sexual abuse and harassment against him. Yet as soon as Leaving Neverland come out there's nothing really about his forthcoming court case. 

    Call it conspiracy theory whatever, but if you look further into this, as I have, then you'll find a lot of supposed conspiracy bullshit does make sense. Case in point



  6. 7 minutes ago, Devon Malcolm said:

    ThisÔĽŅ is absolute cobblers. Jackson had to accept¬†an o2 Arena residency near the end of his life to make ends meet and died $500 million in ÔĽŅdebt. Widely known, verifiable facts, not some conspiracy theory drivel trotted out by some obscure bloÔĽŅggerÔĽŅ.ÔĽŅ

    He's earned $825m since 2009


  7. Great points David. I do believe it will affect Michael Jackson though in terms of attempting to destroy his legacy and for the accusers to try and get a percentage of his royalties. They said they weren't paid for participating but they don't need to be if they end up potentially getting hundreds of millions from his estate in damages. TV stations have already dropped The Simpsons episode "Stark Raving Dad" and no doubt Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, YouTube etc will probably drop his music from their services. 

    At Sundance there was a Harvey Weinstein documentary at the same time as Leaving Neverland.


    There is little to no coverage about the Weinstein doc whatsoever, especially in the British press. I believe it only aired on PBS in the US. When Rose McGowan spoke out about Weinstein they said she was crazy etc. Corey Feldman has tried to speak out about the sexual abuse that goes down in Hollywood but was portrayed as crazy etc too. 

    As for Oprah, yes she's very close to Harvey Weinstein, same with David Geffen and her best friend is Gayle King. Weinstein apparently paid gossip website/mags to plant MJ stories to stop his own wrongdoings make the press. Oprah said she watched Leaving Neverland with Geffen. David Geffen wanted to sign MJ to Geffen Records. Oprah of course famously interviewed MJ in the 90s. She also interviewed Katherine Jackson and his children after he passed away so she used him and his family for TV ratings yet has thrown him under the bus to protect her friend Harvey Weinstein. 

  8. Screen-Shot-2019-03-06-at-9.56.46-AM.png

    Very interesting article here


    Seems it could be all smoke and mirrors to protect Harvey Weinstein and he's allegedly one of the funders of the Leaving Neverland documentary. As are Oprah, David Geffen, Gayle King (who interviewed R Kelly and is Oprah's friend) and TMZ founder Harvey Levin. If you dig deeper than what the media is portraying as facts you can find the real truth.

  9. WWE uses a random name generator to come up with names for the NXT talent

    Tony Garea, under the order of the McMahon family, put a hit out on Dave Meltzer when he started writing the Wrestling Observer newsletter. 

    WrestleMania will be ten hours long this year

    Joey Styles was offered a 3 fight deal with the UFC when he knocked JBL out

    Dixie sold TNA to Anthem for three magic beans








  10. 8 minutes ago, Your Fight Site said:

    Probably needed to free up storage space. 

    They had plenty of that available since they secretly recorded over the classic movies Ted Turner owned and which air on TCM. Gone with the Wind is in two parts as it has a WCW Saturday Night episode recorded halfway through it and they had to edit it out before sending the WCW tapes to Vince. 

    Speaking of movie tie ins with wrestling, Johnny 5 was going to rescue Sting instead of Robocop. But Johnny wanted a bigger cut of the live gate & 20% of the PPV revenue. Plus and this was the real deal breaker, they didn't get clearance for "Who's Johnny" as his theme. 


  11. Matt Hardy's inspiration for his Broken character was Noel Edmonds

    Mick Foley was heard complaining about how expensive this shop was when visiting the U.K., when asked what the shop was he shook his head and muttered "Poundland"

    Koko's parrot Frankie was the first to leak insider information to Dave Meltzer. 

    Vince has finally caught up with pop culture, he watched The Simpsons on the Tracy Allman show.




  12. From a reply on


    Screensport showed a lot of wrestling during its time. Mainly at 11pm each night. Regular promotions were NWA (Mon/Thurs) and AWA (Weds/Fri).

    They also showed Stampede, World Class (WCCW), South West Championship Wrestling, Satellite (Sp?) Wrestling which was British stuff, Global (Texas) and the odd other promotion including Jackie Pallo’s WAR (Sp?).

    Lifestyle used to show wrestling too. At times they featured Glow, PoWW, Global (Florida), and Pro Wrestling This week on Saturdays and Sundays at 12pm.

  13. I believe they've left the door open for Kenny at least to come back in. He spoke about it with Dave Meltzer that it's stipulated in his AEW contract he can still work for New Japan. Jericho I believe has a similar stipulation too. I'm not sure if the Bucks, Cody and Hangman have a similar deal but Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho definitely do. 



  14. Nia v Tamina (60 minute Iron Woman match)

    Mojo v No Way Jose (Falls count anywhere)

    The Ascension v The B Team (2 out of 3 falls)

    Mike Kanellis v TJP (for the US & IC belt)

    Baron Corbin v Zack Ryder (no time limit, for the WWE World and Universal title)


    match goes 435 minutes, 56 secs and turns into an empty arena match 1 minute in as all the fans walk out. WrestleMania run time clocks in at a grand total of 12 hours, 37 minutes. Available on home video release on 8 VHS tapes!!!





  15. 23 hours ago, BomberPat said:

    I tried playing this, and it's somehow even more blasphemous and unplayable than ever.

    Disappointed that his companion piece about the life of Muhammad hasn't been released for mobile too - in which, in the development notes, he said he attempted all he could to make sure that it was a respectful interpretation of the life of the Prophet, but that he found the Islamic restrictions on depicting Muhammad to be "too restrictive" for a programmer or something like that.

    I tried playing YouTestament last month. I got as far as this;


    That's me, playing as Siddhartha Gautama, getting crucified. Because while you can choose to play as any number of historical and holy figures (and Donald Trump), you can only actually live out a version of the life of Jesus as interpreted by a lunatic.

    What I find particularly amusing about this image is that it was followed by a "Game Over" screen. A New Testament Simulator/Christ 'Em Up in which being crucified is considered "Game Over". A game in which, playing as the Buddha, death is the end.


    Anyway, here's the Buddha knocking about in Nazareth with an axe while a Roman Centurion accosts Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka.

    I played as the Iron Sheik character so far. Got the bottom part of his arm cut off by a Roman solider then found a piece of bone in a vase. Someone this attached itself so he was walking around with this bone as a replacement arm. Then a roman solider comes says they wanted to him to join them so Sheiky baba becomes a Solider. A few seconds later though idk what happened but Sheiky met his maker. Also this part of the game is hilarious I'll spoiler it in case it hasn't happened yet

    You get chickens that peck you, if you're injured/bleeding the Wolf attacks you too. There's a Zombie which walks around and randomly attacks other characters. If you get on a Horse then you can rear the legs back and kick things. Just crazy. Plus you get the Soliders come up to you and demand a tax. The "court" aspect where you and another character are tried is hilarious. Sheiky was taken to court three times (for fighting, not paying tax and stealing something) but got off each time.

  16. 13 minutes ago, Jonny Vegas said:

    Oh my word. Imagine signing Dean Ambrose who should seem like a big deal as a former world champion from WWE part of their biggest faction of the last 10 years and someone who for me has a tonne of untapped potential only to put him into a program with Jimmy Havoc haha

    The same guy who did death matches in CZW, doing hardcore matches again against Penta, Havoc et al and putting himself over as a legit badass...


    Then you put him up against Cody, Hangman, Kenny Omega. You rush it then you've essentially blown all that potential. WWEs "now, now, now" booking philosophy has messed up the whole dynamic of wrestling booking. You instantly put Dean in a program with say Kenny where does he go next?. Or he comes in as a babyface, you have four guys going for the #1 spot. Him coming in as like his old Jon Moxley gimmick where he wants to fight his way up the ranks would be much better, in my opinion anyway.

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