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  1. I have two pairs of tickets available to the show at the Copper Box Arena on Saturday 31st August.

    These are in block 214, row 11 & block 211 row 19.

    Face value per ticket was £39.25 with booking fees (so total £78.50), however happy to take £60 total for each pair.

    If you're interested please email me on stephengutteridge@msn.com 

    The tickets are on PDF's and I can email them as soon as I have received payment, any questions at all please let me know.


  2. I’m travelling to New Orleans with a group of non wrestling fans & the appeal of the city is significantly outweighing anyone’s desire to go and see ROH on the Saturday night with me & as such I have one spare ticket to the show (lower tier & central so a really good location). I wondered whether anyone on here may be interested in using it, particularly anyone travelling solo.

    I paid for it months ago so not concerned about getting any cash at all (a beer would more than sufffice!) & happy for it to go to a fan who perhaps otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see the show.

    Let me know on here or DM me on twitter @steve6utteridge - hope all heading over have a great time! 

  3. It was my first Progress Wrestling show as well, and sadly I came away from it feeling quite underwhelmed.


    Ciampa and Sabre Jnr aside, which was hurt by the length of the already epic show at that point, the card was pretty devoid of any really top quality wrestling. It felt that multi person matches were used largely to get people onto the card, rather than presenting meaningful one on one encounters. The 1st half of the show was obviously hurt by the unexpected loss of a built up singles match which didn't help.


    As hard as the wrestlers worked in the main event, I just couldn't get over how overbooked it was - it felt like it was something out of the pits of WCW circa. 2000. As someone only vaguely aware of the product the closing angle didn't register with me as it did to the majority of those in attendance, however I do feel there was a way to still achieve the same outcome without the last 5-10 minutes being such a turn off.


    Speaking of turn offs, the length of the show has already been discussed but another thing I really couldn't stand was the ring announcer. Yes it was a fantastic achievement to sell all those tickets, four years on from the start of the company, but didn't I know about it by the end to the point of nasuea. Constant talking, constant back slapping - just get on with presenting some actual wrestling that people had paid to see. I know Progress is styled as a more 'adult' product, but I still firmly believe the ring announcer swearing is out of place and a bit bush league at the same time.


    I really wanted to like this show, having looked forward to it for quite some time, but went away feeling a bit gutted with the outcome.

  4. It may just be me but I find Calzaghe's fights insanely boring; Lacey, Kessler, Hopkins and now Jones Jnr all followed a similar script.


    Other than possibly being stopped for the Jones cut (which was caused when a jab sliced down on his face), it didn't look at any moment that Calzaghe was going to either drop or stop him. This was much the same in the aforementioned fights as well, yes his speed and brilliant punch heavy combo's are reasonable on the eye and score points on the judges scorecards but they are completely devoid of knockout power, and the inevitability of a Calzaghe points victory makes the whole thing a little tedious for me.

  5. WWE have a statement on their corporate website now ;


    New Benoit statement


    World Wrestling Entertainment Issues Statement

    July 17, 2007

    STAMFORD, Conn., July 17, 2007


    STAMFORD, Conn., July 17, 2007 - WWE understands that the toxicology reports for Chris Benoit indicate that he tested positive for testosterone and negative for anabolic steroids. On Mr. Benoit's last drug test in April 2007 administered by Aegis Labs, he tested negative for anabolic steroids and for testosterone. Given the toxicology report of GBI released today, it would appear that Mr. Benoit took testosterone sometime after his April 2007 test and the time he died. WWE understands that his dealings with Dr. Astin are currently being investigated, and WWE has no knowledge of whether Dr. Astin prescribed testosterone for Mr. Benoit at some point after the April 2007 tests.


    For over 20 years, the WWE has been demonstrating our concern for the well being of our contracted athletes, instituting drug testing in 1987 leading up to our current Wellness Program which began on February 27, 2006, administered by Dr. David L. Black of Aegis Sciences Corporation - one of the world's foremost drug testing authorities.


    We believe our Wellness Program is at the very least comparable to those of professional sports and is a program that will benefit WWE Superstars for generations to come.

  6. Normal person has a ratio of 1:1.WWE testing has an automatic failure level of 10:1.Benoit's level was 59:1,

    WWE does allow the prescription of testosterone when it is being used for the treatment of past use of anabolic steroids.

  7. It's incredible - did they not hear the patahologist say that thousands of men in America were treated for testicle deficiencies by injecting testosterone with no conclusive evidence that it caused abnormal behaviour?I can't actually watch Fox news or any of the American news sites any more tonight, they make me want to puke.
    He said:- Benoit's T/E level was higher than would could be naturally produced.- He thus was injecting steroids.- We can't know how much he was taking when he was alive, just that he WAS taking steroids.He can't offer any conjecture, as he said, because he's a scientist, not an investigator. Given the other things we know:- Benoit obviously wasn't taking the normal therapeutic levels since he was getting 10 months' (used therapeutically) worth of steroids every 3 to 4 weeks.- If he WAS taking therapeutic levels, then he was dealing.Also:- It's not hard for a bodybuilder to lower their levels and then work the doctor so they can get a prescription.- His natural levels were low from, y'know, USING STEROIDS.- Benoit was convinced that invisible men were following him.
    You talk of conjecture, but I have highlighted the above in bold which have not been officially released by anyone. His doctor, who has been indicted completely seperatly to the Benoit case, stated he was being prescribed testosterone for PREVIOUSLY taking steroids and the effect it had on him, namely his levels of testosterone. Do you have some evidence that someone previously taking anabolic steroids committed an act of 'roid rage' after he or she'd finished taking them?Does anyone, anywhere, have any proper, proven evidence that injecting testosterone actually increases the chance of abnormal behaviour? The patholigist stated himself that there is no conclusive evidence that it does.What Benoit did was absolutely awful, but suggest this is down to 'Roid rage' or chemicals he previously injected into himself is foolhardy and without proof. This does not let off the industry, as there are many things that need to be changed included enforced time off for all wrestlers, but this is not and cannot be described as an open and shut case of roid rage.

  8. Having paid less attention to the world of professional wrestling for nigh on 20 years ever since WrestleMania and the even more recent McMahon limo explosion, I was logging on to check my emails this morning at about 6:40am and I head over to pwtorch.com to find out the most horrific set of circumstances.Off to work I went in a bit of a daze, only on arrival to be greeted by a printout on my desk from ESPN.com's re-print of one of the early associated press articles from one of my colleagues who wondered whether I'd seen the news - unfortunately I had.The day was spent checking the Wrestling observer website, and other mainstream US news outlets as the unthinkable became more real with every report and every bit of detail.I met my good friend Louis, who some of you may have heard through some of my past posts from the US and a few have met at various Wrestling events, at East Croydon to head back and watch the 'tribute' show that was aired last night. Frustratingly before doing so I tried to get online to check the latest developments only to find out my good for nothing Virgin broadband was down, and it has remained down all evening. I type this through the medium of dial-up on my mother's computer, circa 1997.Anyway, the Raw programme itself was a really strange one for me to watch, and the decision to air it the way it was was slightly questionable from my point of view. They must have known prior to airtime that some foul play had to be involved. What seems clear though after today's developments is that that is the only time Chris Benoit will be eulogised on WWE television.Thanks to dopper I caught about three quarters of the press conference on Fox News, and it obviously wasn't pleasant to hear. As the days and weeks go on, more will be found out about any possible outside motives that have not been discovered yet, more about Benoit's state of mind and more about those all important text messages.What was clear also from the report on Fox, is just how much bad press WWE is going to get from this incident if it is found that Benoit's body was full of steroids at the time, and it is pinned rightly or wrongly on 'roid rage'. WWE had the opportunity following the death of Eddie Guerrero to clean up its act, there are numerous examples to show they have not done so. This now, combined with the sheer volume of other wrestling deaths, is going to hurt WWE - perhaps not permanently but for a very long time.As for Benoit, I found it difficult to watch back the matches in the tribute. As dopper mentioned in another thread, we have been fortunate enough to bare witness to some of his finest moments - WrestleMania in the Garden for example was a dream come true, one of the best nights of my life. Looking back on it now it all just seems a little weird, I can't really put it into words.

    It is really sad for those of us who admired Chris Benoit's work over the years that his body of work is now permanently soiled. No match of his will ever be rewatched and appreciated the same way. Having said that, nothing about his pro wrestling body of work being ruined is the least bit relevant relative to the tragic death of his seven year old. I cannot imagine a worse death than your father smothering you after being a state of sheer petrified fright for however many hours it was since you last heard your mother arguing with your father. Absolutely horrible.

    Unfortunately in years to come Benoit will not be remembered for his great matches or in ring skill - simply he will be infamous as a double murderer. However much good he may have done while on earth, however many lives he touched, however much we liked him & enjoyed his work, that is the tragic and terrible fact of the matter.

  9. Alex Mack (or Larisa whatever) is one of those girls who when you see her you, you don't think "Man, I want to fuck her" eg. Jessica Alba, you think "I want to play a love song to her on a guitar and then cuddle and kiss with her all night because I love her too much to soil her beauty with my distgusting penis" because she's so sweet and adorable.

    haha so very true!!!

  10. With just hours to go in my last working day before I make the trip across the pond, Im feeling in a reflective mood about what the next days have in store for me.As children we all had dreams and aspirations, most of these revolve around becoming astronauts or firemen or playing Football for our country. Few of us are ever lucky enough to realise that childhood ambition.As I kid I had those some dreams, I was going to play up-front for Fulham and fire them into the old First division while winning the World cup for England at the same time. Another dream of mine at the time seemed just as ludicrous - to go to WrestleMania.Watching wrestling with my gran on a Saturday afternoon is one of my earliest memories, I dont know what attracted me to it but my Mum & Dad always said it was one of the few things that kept my attention for any length of time. In 1990 my parents finally took the plunge and had Sky installed and from that point I was completely hooked on the WWF. It was always just a dream to attend an event, any event - whether that be a UK Rampage event or a house show, I just wanted to see these larger than life heroes in the flesh. I was lucky enough to attend SummerSlam 92 at Wembley, but I never thought for one second I'd ever acheive the ulitmate dream - to see a WrestleMania live and in person.While watching the 2000 edition of the showcase of the immortals there was an advert for the following years extravaganza and I flippantly said to my mates 'I'll be there next year' without really ever thinking I could be. 2000 was a difficult year for me, I left the relative happiness of school and sixth form college to go out to work in, what at the time, was an awful job while most of my mates lived it up at University. I also had to deal with my Dad going through and eventually surviving a life threatening operation. After him coming though that I decided it was high time for me to start enjoying life again, and I set myself a goal - that goal being attending WrestleMania in Houston and I set about making enquiries. In November 2000 I was lucky enough to get tickets for myself and a mate and the journey Ive been on ever since began. The first trip was just simply amazing, everything was brand new and it was just phenomonal - so good in fact that we decided to do it all over again in Toronto the following year and again in Seattle the following year. All 3 holidays have just been absolutly amazing, the time of my life bar none.I never would have dreamed back in 1991 that in 2004 I would be preparing myself for my fourth WrestleMania, and not just any Mania, WrestleMania XX in Madison Square Garden. This is the absolute pinnacle for every Wrestling fan, it just doesn't get any bigger or better than this.Since 2000 when I first decided to go Ive worked hard and made sacrifices to go on these trips and Ive spent thousands of pounds following the dream. Every flight from city to city, every new hotel room, every penny spent, every sacrifice made, its all been worth it and if I could do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing. WrestleMania XX - Where it all begins......again.

  11. Just getting ready now. All packed. Unfournatly due to Britains glorious train system im having to leave the night before and sleep in Manchester Airport tonight but its all good.

    That sounds fairly horrific! I slept the night in Dallas-Fort-Worth airport the night of the Raw after WrestleMania X7. I can comfortably say it was one of the worst nights of my life. I decided that myself and my mate didnt need to spend money on a hotel room - how I rued that one!The security warning not to leave bags unattended went off every five minutes, and the cold cold floor was very unforgiving. I was so sodomised in fact that when I got back to my motel room the following morning (after a 6am flight back to Houston) I went to bed and didn't wake up again until 6 in the evening!Flight out on Friday at 11AM to New York, I cant f'n wait!

  12. St Patrick's day is on the Wednesday after WrestleMania, how many people will still be about by then? Anyone on travel packages staying in the hotel after the Monday morning (we're staying until the Friday morning, this includes one nights trip to Boston).Anyway, Sr Patrick's day would surely be a great day for those left to get together and go out in force in New York, frequent various nightspots and try our hands with the ladies of the big apple!!!

  13. Just to make a point on the legalities involved in the issue, grooming is a criminal offence in this country and Feinstein would be arrested and investigated fully if it had taken place in the UK, even if the person he was grooming wasn't actually a 14 year old boy. However in the states god knows what their rules would be.


    'Im the leader, Im the leader, Im the leader of the gang, I am!!!!!!'

  14. Myself, Dopper and my mate Louis were scheduled to go on the tour on the Sunday afternoon - bollocks!


    Oh well, at least that will give us more time before the event.


    The ticketmaster site says the following for the 14th March now :




    All tickets must be returned to the point of purchase to receive a refund. Tickets ordered by Ticketmaster

    Charge-By-Phone or Ticketmaster.com may be mailed to: TICKETMASTER CUSTOMER SERVICE - PO BO 62429 -

    VIRGINIA BEACH VA - 23466-2429.

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