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  1. 14 hours ago, Uncle Zeb said:

    I wondered about this. Would you say it's pretty much bewildering to someone who's never touched the series before?

    For me, all the added features and social media aspect of the game is too much. Having said that, I can imagine some people spending hours prior to playing a game working on tactics, set pieces etc. only to park the bus after going a goal up within the first five minutes of the match.

    Having said that I am trying to put the time into it but I cannot see me putting 2020 on for an hour on an evening after work like I did with the 2012 version.

  2. This may be of use to someone: Football Manager 2020 (PC) is a free download from Epic Games (Ends 24th September).

    First FM game I have played since the 2012 version and I have found it a bit overwhelming.

    Also got Mario 3D all stars, not played it yet but looking forward to it.

  3. I always thought that Flair and Perfect in the loser leaves the WWF match should have happened at Wrestlemania IX instead of Raw. But unsure how they would have got to that angle IF the Warrior had stayed, unless they just built it around Mr Perfect being increasingly fed up with Ric Flair.

    Warrior staying certainly does put a whole new slant on things and if they did go with the above, I am struggling to see what feud or angle they would put him in, unless it did envolve a heel turn. Makes you wonder how many times the plans changed in an era seemingly, where according to Bruce Prichard they figured out Wrestlemania and then worked backwards.

  4. 1 hour ago, marc2j said:

    I too have been properly soured on the eBay experience recently. The last three things I've sold (projector, phone, broken iPad) have all had people try to claim issues to get a discount AFTER the auction. The iPad was sold as broken as for parts and the guy complained that it was broken and sold for parts and wanted a discount. 


    So yeah f**k eBay I say.

    It is so frustrating, wondering if people just do not read the full descriptions etc.

    My buyer has messaged me again this morning to advise they still cannot track the item using Royal Mail / Parcel Force, despite me responding on Saturday night to advise that probably we would not be able to track until their next working day (Monday) and to allow it the oppertunity to be processed in their tracking system - the fu*k is wrong with some people? 

    Can hardly wait till it is delivered to be inundated with messages saying it is broken, damaged or just generally unhappy so can I have a discount. With some people, you just know.... 

  5. I have recently been selling items on eBay and has been quite a money maker for me, with no problems - Until this week.....

    Firslty, sold my Girlfriends brand new GHD straighteners (she knew about it) as she received two at Christmas, they havent been used.

    Hair Salon in Manchester brought them and then tried to return them saying that they had been used. When I asked them to confirm the  date stamp on the product (as I took a picture of it before they were sent) they become very defensive, transpires they were trying to return an old product back to me - currently have an open dispute regarding this.

    Secondly, sold an item on Wednesday, messaged the buyer thanking them for payment confirmed I would do my best to post the following day (Thursday) depending on my own work commitments but explained that should I not be able to do so, Saturday would be my next day for posting. I received an abrupt message back saying that "They needed it straight away" I nearly responded by saying "Oh, you should have ordered from Amazon using Prime then" but I responded by saying that I do my best to post Thursday. 

    Item was posted on Thursday morning, signed for delivery 2nd class (as specified on the listing) and tracking reference provided and delivery status updated on eBay about an hour later. This morning, I recevied another abrupt message at 10:36 saying that they had not recieved and wanted to know where it was? 

    I responded by saying that it was posted on Thursday and should be with him soon, I checked the tracking number about an hour later and saw it was signed for 10 minutes AFTER he sent me the message, so he didn't even bother to wait until the post had been delivered this morning before sending the message.

    Lastly,  I sold an item for just under £100.00, buyer messaged me about an hour after the auction had ended and said they would pay the following day and asked when it would be posted.

    I responded, thanking them for informing me.  Confirmed I would post on Saturday and I would ensure it was suitably packaged on Friday. I usually go to the gym on a Saturday morning and on the way home I pass a Post Office so it was my intention to post then.

    Whilst at the gym this morning, at 9:02am I received a message from the buyer, asking when it would posted. I received another message 90 minutes later asking the same question. I finished my work out and responded to confirm that it would be posted today as per previously promised and I would provide the tracking reference and update the delivery status on eBay this afternoon/evening.

    Item dropped off at the Post Office at 11:54 and tracking reference uploaded onto eBay at 15:30 this afternoon and positive feedback left.

    I am now receiving messages of the buyer saying that they cannot track the item.... 

    I have responded to advise it was only posted today and it probably will not have entered their tracking system yet and suggested that it we would only be able to tracking from the next working day (Monday).

    I have been polite all the way through but I am starting to loose my paitence, I appreciate it is a lot of money to spend etc. But I have  kept the buyer updated and advised of timescales and set expectations all the way through.

    So, it appears that my eBay selling is coming to an end as the above three experiences have really soured the whole thing for me and has really opened my eyes at how dodgy, impatient, unreasonable and downright bloody needy some people can be. 

  6. Just started watching this (watched the 2nd episode last night) really enjoying it, up to now. Vince's forearms in that orange t shirt was probably the most disturbing thing I have seen in a while, looked like a cross between Popeye and Quagmire's big arm.

  7. Konnan constantly shoung "viva la raza" and "bowdy" something still has me saying "fuck off" when watching WCW on the Network not to dissimilar to when watching it all those years ago.    

    Teddy Long in his GM days is another one that springs to mind.

  8. Just now, Hannibal Scorch said:

    28 years old this year than. That’s hardly new (As an aside at a DLP shareholders meeting when Remmy was opening we were told a rides life expectancy is usually between 20 and 40 years).

    Most major rides in Magic Kingdom are older than that and have more or less remained the same since opening, minus the odd refurb or adding scenes etc. Magic Kingdom is generally considered a timeless place, which is why I originally said still relatively new "in a Magic Kingdom sense".

  9. 58 minutes ago, Monkee said:

    Have you ever seen the film? Do you know the story behind the theming?

    I think it‚Äôs a great idea. It‚Äôs never stood out as particularly Disney to me and,¬†while the ride itself is a classic, it‚Äôs outdated and needed a spruce up. In all the times I‚Äôve been to Disney I think I rode it once when I was little and once as an adult. It‚Äôs boring. It doesn‚Äôt even have that ‚Äėit‚Äôs so rubbish it‚Äôs great‚Äô vibe that other rides like Pirates of the Caribbean has.

     I think reimagining it as Princess and the Frog is a great idea.

    I have seen the film yes, and I am aware of the story behind the theming.

    To each his own, personally I loved the ride which is still relatively new in a Magic Kingdom sense, at least (opened in 1992). Having said that, I am still miffed they got rid of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

  10. Think Shawn Michaels in mid to late 1997 looked in great shape. His return in 2002, although smaller was still in great shape. He seemed to loose some muscle definition in early 2005, but I believe he was injured and by the time that years' Wrestlemania rolled round he was in great shape again, not as bulky as previous, but it certainly better for that time of his career.

    HulK Hogan in his match against the Rock at Wrestlemania X8. Definitely subjective, but I do not think Hogan had ever been in better shape, not that he was ever in bad shape during his main/prime run.

    Roddy Piper's shape fluctuated a fair bit but he was totally ripped in his match against Jerry Lawler at King of the Ring 1994.

  11. 56 minutes ago, The Maestro said:

    I think going down the road of taking these kinds of things down is quite a dangerous one and sets a precedent for all kinds of censorship. Obviously I don't want to live in a world where hatred and prejudice is spewed out but surely context needs to be taken into account. And where is the line drawn? What about music? There are countless songs I've heard in my life that have questionable lyrics relating to homophobia, advocating drugs, violence, misogyny, etc. I think whilst the intention is honourable with censorship and pulling things, we have to be careful not to get to swept up in the things as all it does is strengthen the argument of the 'PC Gone Mad' brigade.

    Good point and there is a fair few rap songs that has the 'N' word mentiond, in some cases frequently. Will they be removed from Spotify and iTunes etc.

    If I don't like something, disagree or are offended with something, I don't watch it or pay any attention to it. I don't go all in and demand it to be banned, removed etc.  

    Just another form of dictatorship as far as I am concerned or at the very least kowtowing to the offended by everything/everyone society.

  12. With films and series being removed, edited and in some cases butchered, it certainly is fair argument for buying actual media of your favourite films and series. Even if you buy a copy of a film from Apple etc. and just keep it on the cloud or whatever, it is possible that it could be editied or even replaced with a different cut entirely. 

  13. Always liked him and believe that he would have had a top line run and maybe even a title run, if he had not been around when the WWF was so top heavy with superstars.

    He kind of suffered the same issues in his return in 2002, althouh he would not have been a headline attraction at this point,  they could have done a lot more with him but it just shows the depth available to them at that time. 

    I always thought if he was fully fit and did not have the Lloyds of London issues, he could have had a great run in 1996 when there was not so many big names around. 

  14. The only bands, artists I enjoyed was: R.E.M., Brian Wilson, The Who, Velvet Revolver, Metallica and Pink Floyd. Although the latter definitely seemed a bit forced.

    As for the rest, it was mainly filled with "flavour of the month" bands and singers and to be honest, I would glady close the blinds if they were playing in my garden.

  15. 1 hour ago, quote the raven said:

    Universal don’t waste anytime do they. Meanwhile Disney have been building gotg for how long?

    Last few years, well a decade to be honest, Universal have been pretty aggressive in building new rides in the sense of building brand new buildings or adding to exisitng buildings. I seem to remember Transformers being built at a rapid pace, whilst Disney seem content to announce something and wait about 2 years to actually start building, Avatar being the best example. 

  16. A great "what if" scenario of Sting going to the WWF in late 1995 or 1996. I dont think Vince would have let it happen for one minute but both Sting and Vader (who was signed roughly around the same time) could have been the Outsiders in the WWF. 

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