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  1. Premier League

    Liverpool 3-0 Burnley
    Sheffield United 1-1 Chelsea 
    Brighton & Hove Albion 1-3 Manchester City 
    Wolves 1-0 Everton 
    Aston Villa 2-1 Crystal Palace 
    Spurs 2-2 Arsenal 
    Bournemouth 0-0 Leicester City 
    La Liga
    Valladolid 0-3 Barcelona 

    "Major League Soccer is CrapBack" tournament (in Florida)
    Atlanta United 2-0 New York Red Bulls
    Cincinnati w/Grecian 1-2 Columbus Crew 

  2. The results went into the opening post on Sunday night as per usual, and the table was figured out soon afterwards. As alluded to above, MVP RULZ' gamble paid off as in-form AC Milan (it helps that Zlatan's back) won comfortably at an out-of-sorts Lazio side. Everybody disagreed with him, so he's not just in contention for the title, he's now top by a point, with only 3 more rounds and one D2D to go. Notably, though, nearest challenger TildeGuy would've been the leading scorer without those bonuses in play. At the other end, Rory's good work from last week was undone as ultimo made up the deficit from the matchday he missed. 

    Elsewhere in Italy, a narrow home win at the San Paolo generally proved fruitful, as did widely expected victories for Chelsea and Liverpool. A seven-goal outcome at Old Trafford was good for lots of one-pointers, alongside a success for Leicester City and score draws at Turf Moor and St James's. A victory and clean sheet on the road for Arsenal, plus yet another away reverse for Man City, on the other hand, caught most participants out. On reflection, we should probably have seen the latter scoreline coming, but it turned out to be a dud instead.

    A new set of 10, at long last featuring the final D2D of the season, will be up in the first post shortly. 

  3. Premier League

    Leicester City 0-0 Crystal Palace
    Manchester United 3-0 Bournemouth
    Wolves 2-2 Arsenal 
    Chelsea 3-1 Watford 
    Burnley 1-0 Sheffield United 
    Newcastle United 1-1 West Ham United 
    Liverpool 2-0 Aston Villa 
    Southampton 1-2 Manchester City 

    Serie A
    Lazio 2-1 AC Milan w/MVP RULZ
    Napoli 0-1 Roma 

  4. The final scores went into the original post on Sunday night, and the table was worked out around the same time too. Apologies for spacing issues and for including the match at The Valley. I should've double checked that kick-off times hadn't changed before I edited the first post. Had I taken a second to look, I'd have swapped that out for the Brum game which ended up 3-all. 

    Anyway, everyone bar Grecian was within two points of each other this week, so there's no movement whatsoever. Stinky Dad is still on for the double as he's through to the FPL Cup final, where he'll face Rory who went through by default since @ultimo the great didn't defend his title. TildeGuy still leads the main competition by two points, however.

    Two emphatic home wins in Germany saw Werder Bremen save their bacon, but the 6-1 scoreline meant that nobody managed a 3-pointer from that fixture. Three more home victories in the second tier proved fruitful, with the pattern only broken by an eminently foreseeable new manager bounce for Boro. In the FA Cup, all of the favourites progressed away from home, with each success being more comfortable than the last, so all the ties were generally good for at least one-pointers for most participants. 

    A new card to mark, including the penultimate D2D, will be up in the initial post very soon. 

  5. FA Cup Quarter-finals

    Norwich City 0-3 Manchester United 

    Sheffield United 0-2 Arsenal 

    Leicester City 1-2 Chelsea 

    Newcastle United 1-3 Manchester City 



    Charlton Athletic 2-0 QPR

    Leeds United 1-1 Fulham

    Stoke City 2-2 Middlesbrough

    Wigan Athletic 0-0 Blackburn Rovers


    German Bundesliga

    Union Berlin 2-1¬†Fortuna D√ľsseldorf

    Werder Bremen 1-0 Cologne

  6. The results went into the opening post on Sunday evening, and the table has since been updated. The minor quibble over the remaining D2D schedule has been sorted out via PM. Everybody who was still playing in March has returned, although Stinky (who was keenest to carry on ‚Ästand with good reason) posted late and therefore relinquishes top spot to TildeGuy.

    It looks like ultimo and Rory are straight back into their routine of making their picks on Friday night or Saturday morning, and for once it served them well. They were the only participants into double figures this time, with ultimo also sneakily getting his D2D bet correct by backing a score draw. Only half the other players actually disagreed with that assessment, however, which limited the amount of bonus points he got for it, and keeping him in last place on the 'most exact scores' tiebreaker.

    Both Championship games also produced 1-1 draws, which proved a mixed bag of guesses alongside a home win at the Bentegodi in the other Italian fixture. The EPL outcomes at Villa Park and the Olympic Stadium proved more fruitful, but heavy reverses for the Cherries and Blades, as well as a last-gasp defeat for Arsenal, turned out to be tougher to foresee. A stalemate in the Merseyside derby worked out well for me, but not for the majority of players.

    A new card will be up shortly, including four straight knockout ties from real-life football, plus two from our very own FPL Cup competition.

  7. Premier League
    Brighton & Hove Albion 1-1 Arsenal
    West Ham United 0-1 Wolves 
    AFC Bournemouth 2-1 Crystal Palace 
    Newcastle United 2-2 Sheffield United 
    Aston Villa 1-2 Chelsea 
    Everton 0-0 Liverpool 

    Luton Town 1-0 Preston North End
    Sheffield Wednesday 1-3 Nottingham Forest

    Serie A
    Torino 3-1 Parma w/ultimo
    Verona 2-0 Cagliari 

  8. TL;DR ‚Äď seems like we've got enough people to make it worthwhile carrying on, welcome back everyone, the first post has just been updated, so feel free to return to making your picks as normal.

    Where we were in terms of D2Ds: 

    • Everybody had their initial turn already, and we only had 3 of the second turns left to go.
    • A lot of the more potentially awkward ones (National League, WSL, Maltese League, Macedonian League) had fortunately been got out the way before lockdown.¬†
    • I was trying to squeeze in the MLS round early in what was only matchday 3 of the 2020 season, but to no avail.

    What we're doing about it: 

    • Two of the remaining turns involve Serie A sides, which luckily is also back this week. They aren't the fixtures I initially planned, but they're still decent for the purposes of a bet.
    • The MLS has announced a tournament to take place next month in, inevitably, Florida.¬†At the time of writing, there's a group stage draw made but no schedule announced. We'll try to accommodate an FC Cincinnati match from that and count it as a competitive fixture.
    • Anyone who misses their D2D round will not have any points deducted.
    • If their turn is missed, that's the opportunity gone and no attempt will be made to rearrange it given the tighter schedule.
    • Where no bet is made, anybody who bets against the team in question¬†will still receive 2 bonus points if that side loses.

    Where we were in terms of the FPL Cup:

    • I had the daft idea of a double group stage. Happily, we'd managed to finish both of them before lockdown struck.
    • The two knockout rounds were set for the March international break and Week 41.

    What we're doing about it:

    • There now isn't a week 41, or another international round set.
    • The semi-finals will instead take place in Week 34 (weekend of 27th/28th June) and the final in Week 37 (weekend of 18th/19th July).
    • As luck would have it, these are also now the men's FA Cup quarter-final and semi-final weekends, so that's worked out rather nicely.

    What was meant to happen in general:

    • There were supposed to be 42 rounds, ending on the 17th of May.
    • Matches from Scotland, France, the English men's lower divisions and English women's √©lite football were all set to be included.
    • Easter weekend was going to be a double round as per usual.
    • The first weekend in May could've contained Monday matches as it was a Bank Holiday.

    What's going to change:

    • The competition will now end with Week 38, on the 26th of July. That final week might still be a bumper round. I'll decide nearer the time.
    • The only competitions featured will probably be the EPL, Championship, La Liga, German Bundesliga and Serie A, plus the FA Cup and aforementioned MLS tournament.¬†
    • There will not be a double round or any Monday night games.¬†
    • Kick-off times will be listed in the 24-hour clock format, in a planned change brought forward from the start of next season. (And in contrast to my avatar!)

  9. On 3/18/2020 at 10:15 AM, Briefcase said:

    Void the season I say¬†ūüėŹ

    That was effectively what I was suggesting. It was instinctively what I felt like doing, and I hadn't even given it much thought or really missed football massively... but I do enjoy the logistical challenge, so I took a look at my spreadsheet today for the first time in over two months.

    With the top 4 leagues in Europe plus the men's English Championship rearranging their remaining fixtures to be played behind closed doors, there may be a way of salvaging this competition as well. I want to guage the appetite for that first though. If there's despair at this thread being bumped and people's preference is still to void it, then I'm only too happy to stick to that plan too. If not, the card for an alternative Week 33 (since the original one never actually happened) will go live in a week's time. 

  10. 12 minutes ago, Devon Malcolm said:

    I appreciate you breaking your two year long replying embargo to correct me. It's been a long wait on me tripping up, hasn't it!

    What can I say? I saw somebody bring up The Thing recently in another thread and it must've given me flashbacks! 

  11. 1 hour ago, Shy Dad said:

    Is running a half season the worst idea? Hypothetically if we we continue the league season in August to finish this current one and takeout Europe for this season, surely we could start the European League structure in January and play half the amount of games with a way of restructuring the financial cost of teams missing home fixtures?

    Even before this pandemic, the global football calendar was about to have to take a shafting anyway because the Qatar World Cup is set for November and December of 2022 instead of June and July. Something's gonna have to give somewhere. I can see the Cup competitions getting short shrift in whatever solution they come up with, so you can probably kiss goodbye to moments like that one at the Racecourse that Butch posted.

  12. 1 hour ago, Keith Houchen said:

    But it still existed so it’s still possible. 
    EDIT. Actually, it being a former British colony up until the 30s makes it even more plausible that a Brit would have relatives there. 

    It wasn't so much the 'Brit having relatives there' part that I'd cast doubt on, but the 'assumption of an easy passage to and from Vancouver' bit. 

  13. 58 minutes ago, Hugh Thesz said:

    There is a World War Two story regarding this distance.

    A parent had sent their kid to Newfoundland as it was safer. The plan was for the kid to stay with distant family before making his way to Vancouver to be with an uncle.

    The uncle received news of this via a telegram which outlined the plan and asking him to travel to Newfoundland to pick the kid up.

    His responded by telegramming "you do it; you are closer than I am".

    Always wondered if this is true

    Seems an unlikely story, since Newfoundland didn't become a part of Canada until a few years after World War 2 ended.

  14. iLJ7YY5.png

    The Col√≥ns dropping their own belts ‚Ästincluding a 'Universal Title' ‚Ästto Abdullah the Butcher (in 2004!) over a dozen years before WWE launched their version, plus Sabu winning a match by disqualification... all in Puerto Rico, a year in advance of WWE holding a PPV on that same island. Not too shabby.¬†

  15. Ah yes, I neglected to touch upon constructed languages, which are a whole different kettle of fish again! I met some Esperanto speakers at the London Language Show back in November and they were certainly an interesting bunch. I'd certainly recommend to anybody with even a passing interest in linguistics to attend that event one year, by the way.

    I'm still not sure I could explain the rules of darts in French, and I started learning that a quarter of a century ago. Bad arrows. You shouldn't sell yourself short though, Ronnie. Being able to do so in three different languages (since presumably you know the laws of the game in English like the back of your hand) is seriously impressive.

    I watch a couple of shows a week in German (though one is currently on its Easter break) and two more that happily code-switch between Spanish and Catalan/Galician, but that's definitely not the same as being constantly exposed to a language. And as you say, even then you might not absorb it easily. 

  16. I did a year of Latin at FE college, but can hardly remember anything about it precisely because it's not a 'living' language. Did some beginners' Italian back then and an intermediate class some years later, but I'm convinced most of the vocab I retain I must've learnt from watching AC Jimbo and co on Channel 4 back in the day. I agree with what others are saying about Dutch: I find that having German and English means I can understand a fair bit of it, and written Frisian too.

    I'm trying to become a translator of French, German and Spanish into English at the moment, but it's all very daunting because the industry is almost totally unregulated. It's now possible to be a Chartered Linguist and even (since last month) a Chartered Proofreader, but notably not yet a Chartered Translator specifically. 

    Portuguese I can usually understand written down, but when spoken it sounds to me like bad Spanish with a Russian accent. Turns out¬†I'm not the only one. Two holidays to the Algarve as a kid ‚Ästplus the Brazilians being good at football,¬†probably helped develop an interest in it ‚Ästalthough the closest I've come to formal learning was a one-month course in Galician nearly a decade ago now. I can essentially read Catalan despite no lessons in that ever, but can't begin to make head nor tail of Basque.¬†

    My only instruction in Welsh came a good ten years back as well but I'd already been accustomed to hearing it thanks to Sgorio (plus the fact that 888 English subtitles were patchy if the TV aerial wasn't pointing just the right way towards Wenvoe). I've forgotten all but a few very basic sentences, mind. I managed three words of Slovak on a day trip to Bratislava 19 months ago, and while we're on the Slavic front, lately I've found myself with a lot more russophone acquaintances all of a sudden, so over the past few months I've been teaching myself to decipher and transliterate the Cyrillic alphabet... which is not the same as actually picking up Russian vocab.

    Doesn't @Ronnie usually weigh in whenever this subject comes up as well? I suspect I must've mentioned NativLang last time it was discussed on here, but it's worth another plug all the same. In short, languages are fascinating. Never trust a monoglot! 

  17. 21 hours ago, Hugh Thesz said:

    By the way; when this insanity was going on I am sure both men were politicians in the Japanese Senate

    Onita was a member of the House of Councillors (the Japanese upper house of Parliament), but Sasuke was only ever in the local Assembly of Iwate Prefecture.

  18. 12 hours ago, Supremo said:

    Doing these shows in front of zero fans would be like if your nan died and your parents took you to Disney Land to distract you...but then brought your nan’s corpse with them.


    41 minutes ago, JNLister said:

    It's a two-nighter

    Mania Weekend at Bernie's? 

  19. On 3/13/2020 at 2:52 PM, Fog Dude said:

    I'll do my best to cover only leagues that haven't been suspended next week, although as you'll have seen in other threads, the situation is clearly changing on a daily basis.

    Sorry for self-quoting again. Clearly things have moved on drastically since even the end of last week. I could probably scour the world to find 10 matches that are still listed as being set to go ahead, but most or all would probably be off by the weekend, and even if they weren't it'd turn the whole rest of the competition into a bit more of a crapshoot than usual.

    So, the FPL is evidently suspended for now, just like the actual football. There are more important things to focus on at the moment. If the season is able to resume in a couple of months, we might try to fit in the remaining two rounds of the Cup and the three outstanding D2D¬†turns. All the choices of teams left for the latter are from Italy, Germany and the USA ‚Äď three of the countries worst hit by the current pandemic, so the chances of things being completed anytime soon now look slim.

    If the 2019-20 takes longer than that to come back or is abandoned, the table as is stands will be archived as final but, with Stinky Dad only one point ahead at a time when there theoretically should've been 200+ points left to play for, he wouldn't be classed as champion. 

    Not that it really matters at a time like this anyway. Stay safe, everyone, and if this turns out to be the last post by me in this season's thread, thanks for playing. 


  20. 19 hours ago, Fog Dude said:

    The D2D game, along with all this weekend's MLS matches, has been postponed. We'll try to get Grecian's turn done at a later date. I've updated the initial post accordingly.

    Apologies for the double post, but further to this, the whole round of fixtures has now been cancelled. I'll do my best to cover only leagues that haven't been suspended next week, although as you'll have seen in other threads, the situation is clearly changing on a daily basis.

  21. The D2D game, along with all this weekend's MLS matches, has been postponed. We'll try to get Grecian's turn done at a later date. I've updated the initial post accordingly.

    Premier League

    Brighton & Hove Albion 1-1 Arsenal
    Newcastle United 0-0 Sheffield United
    Aston Villa 1-3 Chelsea 
    Spurs 2-2 Manchester United 

    Women's FA Cup Quarter-finals

    Arsenal 3-0 Spurs
    Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 Birmingham City
    Everton 1-0 Chelsea
    Leicester City 0-3 Manchester City

    Scottish Premiership
    Rangers 1-2 Celtic 

  22. This round's results went up in the initial post on Sunday night, and the table was updated soon after that. The only change in the order of participants was Stinky doing just enough to overhaul TildeGuy to regain top spot. It was an unusual D2D because Stinky bet against the team he'd chosen, but with Tarxien Rainbows stone bottom of the Maltese League and well adrift, it would've been difficult to find a fixture where he could realistically back them. Two of the other eight players still bet against him, so at least he still got some bonuses. 

    MVP RULZ was back on the ball as best performer this time out. Nobody else got into double figures or managed more than one exact score. Lowest scorer Rory allowed ultimo to close the gap to last spot to just 6 points. 

    Away from the Med, the scale of Leverkusen's home win was unexpected, although most people did foresee Dortmund bursting Gladbach's bubble in the evening match from Germany. Home victories for Chelsea and Sheffield United generally proved fruitful alongside a drab score draw at Turf Moor, whereas a home reverse for Saints, a stalemate at Molineux and Manchester turning red again caught most pickers out. The outcome of the relegation six-pointer at Selhurst Park turned out to be more of a mixed bag in terms of how it related to our guesses.

    A new card of 10 games will go live in the first post in a few moments... 

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