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  1. I never got to Sonisphere, but I always felt that coming only a month after Download, there seemed to be the danger that both would get into a pattern of having a core group of bands who would just alternate between the two festivals each year. There was that hiliarious incident from the inaugral Sonisphere in 2009 though were Machine Head were pulled from the bill after Rob Flynn threw a wobbly about being bumped down the running order after Limp Bizkit were added, only to then end up playing the festival anyway in the exact spot they'd been removed from. Depends which you want to believ
  2. It’s a small minority who think they’re oh so cool and against the system, when in actuality Download is metal’s Glastonbury. And you get those types at all festivals. Bloodstock is a great festival, but always worth a chuckle when they book a band who are deemed either “not metal enough” or “too popular”
  3. I assume those complaining at Download about Die Antwood lost their collective shit in 2012 when the Friday had Chase & Status and The Prodigy in the top two spots.
  4. Without having to rewatch the whole Men’s match again, did they reference Orton being in a bitter feud with The Fiend at all, or how his face burns seemed to have miraculously healed? Or did they just sandbag the whole thing for the night and go back to it on RAW?
  5. Captain Tom Moore has passed away.
  6. Not unpopular at all, I think the common consensus is that Nigel is a bit shit. I think he only does NXT UK now, which is watched by about 6 people week in week out, so at least he’s tucked away
  7. I didn’t even realise he was signed to a label these days, last I knew he was self-releasing
  8. A decent match too, back from when Naka was still motivated
  9. Doesn’t the story go that they wanted to sign Tanahashi after seeing some Kings of the Hills matches but signed Suzuki by mistake
  10. I can’t help but feel as though AJ Lee would be doing this Fiend stuff if she was still around. Imagine the weird shit Alexa must get sent on social media every day.
  11. @theringmaster No WWE, WCW/NWA or IWGP World titles is the criteria.
  12. It’s still better than of the ones Ranallo or McGuiness ever tried to get over. KENTA was struggling enough without being labelled ‘The Don from Nihon’
  13. So, Marilyn Manson then... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-55889002
  14. He and Johnathan Davies are probably the only two more insufferable than Cole & Graves
  15. Had they pitched that in Smokey Mountain, it would’ve definitely happened
  16. 2016 was when I started a similar topic, although I imagine there would be little interest but feel free to try and resurrect it. Id have to redo mine seen as Drew has now become the top babyface
  17. He didn’t even get the accolade of being his former tag team partner, Cole goes “here comes his former buddy”. There supposed to be brothers arn’t they? And if he’s his “former buddy”, that implies he’s his buddy no more, how is that supposed to help Edge? If Ray Rougeau’s still doing the French commentary, I’m listening to that next time.
  18. Didn’t New Jack claim to have gotten signed by the Atlanta Falcons prior to going into wrestling? I’m sure it got mentioned on his Crime In Sports episode and I just remember thinking “fuck off, no way did that happen”
  19. The obvious alternative would be to not use Tamina at all, she must been there at least 10 years now, I struggle to tell you 3 things that she’s done. But yeah, winner gets #30 loser gets #1 is definitely how you should a match like that, because that would have some stakes to it
  20. “Stand back! There’s a Hurricane...” “oh for fucks sake, I knew he’d fucking show up”. Had Carlito returning spoilt for me this morning, but the appearance of An Advert at #26 was quite the surprise. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t particularly great either. Hopefully they blow off Orton/Edge between now and Mania rather switching one of the belts to Orton. Belair winning was great, but they hardly did anything with the Charlotte/Lacey storyline. “A great effort tonight by Shotzi Blackheart” - she was in for less than 3 minutes. Tamina missing out on the #30 spot to end comin
  21. Absolutely agree. If that ref had called that on the fly, he’d never have been seen again. Maybe it’s The Sopranos rewatch talking, but Vince would’ve had the guy whacked if he called that as a shoot. I can buy that they might have only decided the outcome on the day, but yeah, no way was that changed on the fly. That had a 21-1 graphic ready to go for Christ’s sake
  22. I imagine that they’ve just come to some kind of agreement with AEW to have the match in the US because otherwise it might never actually happen due to ongoing travel restrictions. By the time Moxley’s allowed back into Japan he could have a 2 year reign under his belt and only 2 defences. Not to go all UFC, but perhaps in hindsight some kind of IWGP Interim US Championship could’ve been the way to go rather than months of ‘KENTA will face Jon Moxley somewhere at some point in time”. If anything, KENTA being a Japanese National but still living in the US allowing for travel between the tw
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