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  1. We had to say goodnight to Heimdallr last night. He had developed some large tumors on his liver and spleen which led to him going into liver failure. He's was not in any pain but feeling incredibly sick. We were going to see a specialist tomorrow morning but I just couldn’t put him through it. We consulted with his vet who said that the news would not be what we wanted, so he fell asleep in his favorite place, wrapped up in his mums arms. He has had such a hard time over the last 12 months we couldn't put him through anything else. He will leave a hole in my heart that will never be filled, I
  2. I wouldn’t say that I’m anti-Snyder, all I’m saying is that his track record certainly doesn’t lineup with this supposed pedigree that some seem to think he has. I’ve liked stuff that he’s done and I’ve hated stuff that he’s done too.
  3. Cesar Bononi was on NXT for a little bit but he’s too big to have been in the Cruiserweight Classic. I didn’t even know he’d been released until he turned up here
  4. Which makes you wonder why WB kept him around. Between 2006 and 2013, or 300 and Man of Steel if you will, he made three films, none of which grossed over $200million worldwide. Watchmen flopped when you factor in marketing budget, Legend of the Guardians probably made a small profit, and Sucker Punch again flopped after taking marketing into account. Anyone else would’ve been send packing after such a poor run, but he’d somehow built this aura that for one reason or another has made him indispensable. Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman both made a lot of money, but probably only did so
  5. So what you’ve basically done is found a list of wrestling related names who were born in 1969
  6. If The Bucks can just make a Tag Title match between themselves and P&P, why did they need to enter & win a Battle Royale to make one between themselves and The Good Brothers?
  7. This is what got me about it. Everyone banged on about ‘The Snyder Cut’ as if it actually existed and was just locked away in a draw at Warner Bros. If he’s had to redo a tonne of scenes, either CGI or reshoots or whatever, that’s not an alternate cut to his supposed finished film, that’s making a different film. The best thing about it will be the people pretending it’s some sort of masterpiece because they can’t bring themselves to admit to its faults
  8. I didn’t say that I’d read anything about anyone being upset, as I mentioned I’m probably reading too much into it, it just seemed a bit off to have them selling a BLM t-shirt (which for the record I’ve no issue with them doing) to then have an angle with similarities to a murder in which a black man was dragged behind a speeding car Like I say, I’m probably making it into something bigger than it is and it’s just an unfortunate coincidence, but something about those two things being on the same show just didn’t sit right with me
  9. I’m probably reading a bit too much into it, but did anyone else find having an advertisement for the Nightmare Family BLM T-shirt, then an hour later having an angle similar to the murder of James Byrd a bit tonedeath? Or am I finding something that isn’t actually there
  10. Dubbed in afterwards. There was a similar one the other week after he busted his “British fish are happy fish” nonsense where they called him a wanker. What does make them cunts though is the fact that time in the House of Commons today was spent on talking about beans on Wheetabix. No wonder we’re a fucking laughing stock
  11. Is it any more stupid a gimmick than ‘country boy has a top hat & waistcoat’? His in ring has always been decent, but this at least gives him some sort of character
  12. First show with fans in over a year and you’re giving them Miz v Shane?
  13. That’s believed to be the case, and the same was reported for the signings of Antonio Brown and Leonard Fournette, i.e everyone that scored a touchdown for the Buccs. I don’t know how many seasons Brady has left in him, if any, but I would imagine that once he retires, Gronkowski will again
  14. Yeah I’ve signed up to that too but not got round to watching anything as yet. The selection looks incredible though. Speaking of Arrow, Zavvi have got loads of the Arrow BluRays on sale at £7.99 at the moment. Sale runs until the end of Thursday
  15. No worries. Give us a shout if you need any help with it
  16. Yeah, if your on iOS just search TV Cast Roku in the App Store
  17. I tend to find using the TV Cast app works really well. You just use the browser in app and it should just cast over the WiFi
  18. We’ll only know for sure once the Diamond goes missing
  19. Yeah, don’t let his NXT run be the lasting memory of him. That’s not entirely his fault, but him leaving WWE was the best thing for him and for his health if nothing else, one year previous to the photo above he worked the Royal Rumble Pre-show and looked a right mess. As Chris B said, his matches aren't always fantastic, but certainly better than what he was doing before
  20. “the Gratitude Era” 😄, that is totally what this is. Top marks sir
  21. While he quite famously proclaimed to have never eaten it, Bob Backlund has been endorsing CBD Oil recently https://www.fox29.com/news/exploring-the-390-million-cbd-industry-craze-with-wrestler-bob-backlund.amp
  22. For anyone interested, Arrow’s streaming service which launched in the US last year is now available here too (you can still add it as an additional channel on Amazon Prime). You can get a 30 Day trial and they’re offering the first 3 months after the trial for half price (£2.49p/m, £4.99p/m afterwards) https://www.arrow-player.com
  23. That 2019 match is a testament to Bryan’s ability to make someone shine. Kofi went from just being a guy doing his annual convoluted ‘not eliminated’ spot in the Rumble the month prior, to everyone saying that he had to win the title at Wrestlemania the following month. He’d had a good showing in a Gauntlet Match on Smackdown, but this really elevated him in the eyes of the fans. Much like with Santino, Bryan gave him just the right amount to make you think that they could actually win, something which no-one was clamouring for at the start of the year.
  24. For some reason I imagine he and Shlak to be kindred spirits
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