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  1. Oh yeah I'm well aware that it could be a case of waiting until the final couple of episodes. I was just meaning that if Arya was the one to take out The Mountain it would be a major letdown. Mountain & Hound haven't had any interaction since they had that sword fight at the Hand of the King Tournament in Series 1. Since then Mountain has died and been brought back as an unstoppable killing machine, and having he and The Hound fight it out to the death this time with Hound going over is the only way to go. I'm picturing Hound returning to King's Landing declaring "fuck the queen", calling back to him leaving the King's Guard in the first place, to which The Mountsin gets sent in to take him out. I know that had a couple of interactions in Series 3, but not enough to warrant Arya being the one to end him, I know he made the list but still. It would be like if the Night King was taken out by Jorah, to not pay off that fight and Mountain burning his brother from when they were kids would be a massive "fuck you" to the audience. You could go with Mountain about to kill Arya and have Hound make the save, having him come full circle to pay off his relationship (not that kind) with Arya. Obviously this is all just fantasy booking on my part, but Mountain falling to the hands of 15 year old Arya (or however old she's meant to be), wearing someone else's face or, I just can't see as being anything other than a disappointment
  2. Honourable discharge seems to be what one representative from Missouri is pushing for, whereas John McCain is saying that anybody who is transgender and already serving will be unaffected, so seems to be a case of one hand not knowing what the other is doing which is hardly a suprise
  3. This is the only video I can find of it that doesn't involve going on the network (it's from 205 Live #12), go to the spot at 3:02 of the vid. Watching it again, calling it a mega-botch is a bit harsh, but it didn't help that it was his debut that they been pushing for a good weeks at that point
  4. Whilst I'm sure they're not Bessie mates, and assuming that a triple threat happens, I'm sure Cena would be the type to make a case for keeping Nakamura strong and offer to take the fall himself. It's not like Cena needs protecting at this point in his career
  5. He mega-botched in s match, so got shipped off to pre-recorded Main Event
  6. Absolutely disgusting - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40729996
  7. Surely The Mountain is going down to The Hound in a Clegane Brothers showdown. Having Zombie Mountain job out to Arya would be a massive letdown
  8. He had a heel theme when he first came in didn't he?
  9. Including entrances, Jinder Mahal had a match on PPV that went over 30 minutes! Fuck me. I did like that whoever is in charge of the entrance music forgot to bring the CD with Khali's theme into work so they had to just use Jinder's. The second the Singh brothers turned up it just turned into the same match they've had at the last two PPVs. I quite liked the modification to having to place the flags up the podiums, but the rest of it was a shocker. I was screaming at Rusev to hide the US flag under the ramp, then he moved the gold flag holder and I just want him to lob that into the crowd. You knew he was taking that table bump, as is the rules of wrestling for whoever sets something like that up. Natalya really has just coasted on 'being a Hart' her whole career hasn't she? She's fucking rotten. Great opener between New Day & The Usos though, would happily watch a rematch at Summerslam
  10. Day 4 is up on YouTube in full (Japanese commentary) if anyone wants to catch it
  11. The Beavis & Butthead Mike Judge Collection DVD sets had some of the videos on there in the bonus features, but I imagine it was just a case of which ones upto a certain number that they could get legal clearance for
  12. my misses thought there was going to be sort of reveal of Greyworm's bits, I was hoping for some sort of vortex like from the house The Simpsons moved into in the first Treehouse of Horror. She was very pleased when Jim Broadbent told Jorah he should have cut his arm off at the first opportunity as she made that point when he first got the Greyscale. Euron coming in like Oliver Reed on a bender was a great giggle, and I like that Diana Rigg is constantly sat down in every scene she's in. I really hope that Daenerys snuffs it though, such an insufferable character. Calling out Varys on his loyalty, why did you wait until you got to Dragonstone to have this conversation? You've been on a boat with him for fucking weeks. Distinct like of Zombie Mountain action so far though, hopefully that'll get put right soon
  13. He still works alot of the Florida indies and others around the Eastern third of the US. He's not under contract per se, just seems to be brought in as and when he's needed. At 35 years old it's a good gig for him to have, they see him as a solid hand to have around who can work with pretty much anybody
  14. What's these "Special Engagements in 70mm and 35mm" showings of Dunkirk? Is it just Nolan trying to work some hipsters into thinking its in some way better than a regular showing?
  15. Fan cam of the Infinity War trailer (contains nerds whooping, cheering and clapping)