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  1. The KISS show has now been cancelled, as has NXT the following week. Can't say I wasn't expecting it to happen
  2. I'd have thought that Andre would have had a better streak. Wasn't his loss to Hogan at WM3 his first in WWE?
  3. Isn't a bill featuring three of the mid level Manc bands. I wouldn't have thought The Courteemers would have that sort of drawing power on their own
  4. Like Ian said, if they didn't wear the same thing every time people wouldn't recognise them. The only one that seems to do anything noticeable is the guy who usually wears the Bayurn Munich shirt who does some weird shoulder/chest slap thing at the end of matches. He's usually next to green shirt guy. At least they're front row and actually watching when big spots happen
  5. Usual post-Takeover show, plenty recaps with a handful of matches, but they were decent enough matches. It was a decent enough debut for Velveteen Dream here. Looking forward to seeing what they do with him. Great to see Curt Hawkins get smacked about too, he's always wound me up for reason. Still no idea what Black's first proper feud is likely to be though, but we'll probably find out next week once they do the next set of tapings. While the match with Drew was OK, Wesley Blake is NXT for life. He's a decent enough hand and can make the people they want to push look good enough, buts he's never leaving to go the main roster
  6. How much did that set you back?
  7. I too would like a step by step complete dummies guide
  8. https://youtu.be/dXlao2KNYjQ - Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau
  9. Decent episode this week if you skip the first match, which is Rich Swann against Ariyah Davari for what deels like the tenth time in as many weeks. Don't know why Cedric Alexander didn't come out to help his mate at the end of it though, selfish prick
  10. BREAKING: Man arrested in Wigan in connection to the Arena bombing, bringing the total of arrests to 5
  11. Well, that sure was nice of Hull City to let Alex Bruce know he'd been released by posting it on Twitter
  13. "The crackdown on sadomasichism, sex and paintball warriors." Now that's how you keep an audience tuned in until the main event segment
  14. His push from jobber to champ has been so fucking quick, they couldn't even come up with a logo for his side plates
  15. That just makes it sound like he's tired. If Russo was still around, he'd be in a Horlicks On A Pole Match while scotswizard tugs off Vinny Ru in the back screaming "be honest with me bro!"