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  1. Thank you - don't really wanna talk about yet but I will be fine. Just had a bad mental health moment. So dont want to worry anyone, it's nothing that can't be sorted. Appreciate the concern, I'll probably talk about it in a few weeks.


  2. Been one of the longest days I've ever known, so much so that I took to winding the other half up as much as possible. Took it a bit too far, came outside and she's locked me out. All the windows are closed.

    Currently looking for a tree to sit down next to so I can record an apology. 

  3. 4 hours ago, CavemanLynn said:

    Do adverts actually work? Has anyone on here bought anything based on the advert? I buy based on sales, whoops labels, and comparison site searches. Most adverts, especially shit ones, actively turn me away. I've never bought Old Spice despite the fact that random shower guy and Terry Crews make me blow air out of my nose.

    TV ads aren't usually intended to directly get you to buy something, as counterintuitive as it sounds. There's a reason so many of the most 'successful' ads are the ones that are considered the most annoying. They stick in your mind.

    The main purpose of ads is to reinforce brand recognition and to plant knowledge of a particular brand, product or service in your mind so when the time comes to making a purchase, that particular brand is already in your head, which greatly raises the chances of you opting for it over the others you have to choose from.

    I'm not saying all ads work by any means - a lot of them are so bad they do actively discourage you from purchasing from them. But a problem with TV/traditional media ads is that they're stuck on a channel where only a fraction of the audience might be their potential target, which means that a lot of the ads you watch won't have any relevance to you.

    Also - fuck the Nationwide ads. Terrible on all counts.

    4 hours ago, CavemanLynn said:

    I buy based on sales, whoops labels, and comparison site searches.

    I'd be interested to know which comparison sites you use, and whether it's one you're aware of from a TV ad. When you type the site into your browser, I'm sure there's a good chance you can 'hear' the name in a faint voice at the back of your mind.

    Apologies for the essay - having a long day here.

  4. Apologies if this isn't the right thread to ask. Has anyone played Football Manager 2020 Mobile (Android)? Haven't played a football manager game in forever and I'm looking for something that's quick to play through with enough depth. If the 01-02 Champ Man game was perfect then how would this compare?

    I know it's only £9 but I'd rather not throw it away if I'm not going to enjoy it. 


  5. It's a special occasion when it feels like you've already had a satisfying poo, only for your body to switch up a gear and empty out another batch you didn't even know you were carrying. I can count on one hand the number of times it has happened but you feel at least a stone lighter.

  6. 1 hour ago, Teedy Kay said:

    They're doing it in 15 minute bursts.

    Not sure if you're joking or not but I can't help picturing the press taking photos for 15 minutes, going back to the van to to put on a fake moustache, oversized glasses and and a false nose and then heading out to take more photos. 

  7. 7 minutes ago, Arn Anderson's Darb said:


    Starbucks must be shitting it for one thing.

    If WFY becomes the norm then it's likely more people would be meeting up in Starbucks throughout the day. There'll be more need than ever for social interaction, and a lot of smaller firms who might do away with premises altogether may use locations like Starbucks for meetups. 

    A lot of freelancers spend time in coffee shops, probably more than the average worker. It will be similar for those who start WFY. 

    Especially if everyone boycotts Wetherspoon's. 

  8. Devon's outstanding Fury Road post has been nominated in the POTY thread and I wondered if it would be a good idea to do a 'funniest post of the year' award in addition to the POTY? There are some really insightful posts on here that are thoroughly deserving of post of the year, but they often get overshadowed by the funniest posts (which are usually hilarious in their own right), but could be an idea to separate them?

  9. 24 minutes ago, Benoitmark said:

    Based on what?

    Revenues, profits, market cap and almost any other measurable you'd judge the success of a business on. The past five years have been monster for WWE.

    The product might not be to everyone's taste but as a company, it's closer to resembling something like Disney than it is a traditional wrestling company. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Perry said:

    You just get the feeling that they're going to drag this Edge/Orton feud out all year.

    They best do, and at this rate they'll be able to build it out until Summerslam 2021. 

    The split second of Orton's reaction after that last line was funnier than anything WWE have done in 5 years. 

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