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  1. The key to ROH is to keep it simple. For starters they employ far too many extra's like Brutal Bob, Ernesto Osiris and Prince Nana. They bring in guest talent that people don't want to see like BJ Whitmer, Homicide and Rhyno. They have too many tournament gimmicks like March Mayhem, SOTF, Blind Destiny etc. They have signed talent like Mike Mondo, Mike Bennett and Tomasso Ciampa to contracts despite the fact they aren't the kind of wrestlers that the fans want to see.


    If you want to watch an independant company that keeps it simple and is easy to keep track of with great wrestling then do what i did. Jump over to PWG.


    Also, the upcoming Evolve cards with Finlay, Callihan, Low Ki and Generico look far more appealing than what ROH is offering. Throw in the DG guys and i think Gabe may start to pull fans away from ROH.

  2. I just watched the Final Battle 2011 main event and jesus christ it was terrible.


    I appreciate that they worked that hard to try and have a great match but it was just awful. The superplex spot, the trading back suplexes, the tombstone/fisherman buster nearfall were all ridiculous. And then you had several stretches of hard chops/kicks exchanges and the amount of hard kicks to the head by Davey to Eddie was very uncomfortable viewing and then the headbutts. All of this right in front of Nigel McGuinness who is the fucking posterboy for why this style needs to stop. It was all just too much.


    I'd rather they just went 20 minutes, all out wrestling and then someone hit a finisher for the three count. They really need to tone down these main events. The fact that the fans sat in silence while these two guys tried to kill each other says a lot about the product that the fans want to see. This definitely isn't it.

  3. This company is seriously failing to hold my interest right now.


    A great part of that is that i have become bored of Davey Richards. I applaud his effort but someone needs to control him. The finishes to his matches are often way over the top and go 5 minutes too long. Congratulations Davey you gave 110% and you went as long as you could do but 5 minute finish of kicks to the head followed by an ankle lock makes no sense and is complete overkill.


    The other problem is just how serious they take themselves. Nothing's fun. I find The Briscoes entertaining until they start being borderline racist and homophobic and Kevin Steen and Steve Corino's storylines have been played out fantastically but there is no relief from the serious stuff.


    Maybe i'm still suffering from post-DGUK blue's but they need to regroup.


    The best thing i've watched post DGUK has to be PWG and Excalibur said something in his radio interview with Alan4L that ROH should take note of. "Quality over Quantity."

  4. I'd love to see a Kevin Steen title run with Cabana and a third heel taking the tag titles and the three basically having an NWO type hostage situation hold over Cornette and ROH. As long as the third guy isn't Generico. The third guy needs to be someone who was outcast from the roster too. Steen banished, Cabana not signed in the summer, who else has been mistreated or has good reason to join them?


    I can't see a Generico turn being justified.

  5. Richards said that what everyone should take from tonight is the fact that people can indeed change.


    I still can't see it being Generico who turns heel as he is the company's top babyface imo. It will all lead to Colt Cabana returning and turning heel. Steen was wearing a Cabana shirt at the show.

  6. I can't see El Generico teaming with Kevin Steen after their huge blood feud in 2010.The more likely scenario would be Colt Cabana turning heel. He has far more reason to team with Kevin Steen. The fans have somewhat turned on him, they see El Generico as the fun babyface of the company now and ROH didn't offer him a contract so he has valid reasons to see things from Steen's point of view and align with him.The storyline right now is Corino trying to get Generico to forgive him, i think he'll succeed after Cabana betray's Generico, probably at Final Battle this year.I think the end of this storyline will be a Fight Without Honor late 2012. Generico, Corino and Jacobs vs. Steen, Cabana and a third man to be revealed next year.

  7. I watched Revolution Canada the other day. I really enjoyed the show.


    Claudio/O'Reilly was a good opener. Both guys are so over with the ROH fans. Claudio was probably the company's most charismatic guy, he's a huge loss for the group. I hope they move O'Reilly up the card, he should be above guys like Homicide and Bennett right now.


    I enjoyed Corino/Bennett, decent match, Corino had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Great crowd work by Corino.


    Double Danger Scramble was a lot of fun and Elgin is one of my favourite guys to watch right now, glad he won here. Another guy who should be further up the card. I hope he dumps the singlet for trunks soon because when he pulls down the straps he looks like a beast.


    Davey Richards vs. Kenny King. They had the crowd with them, buying into every move and then some guy heckles Davey and Davey goes out to confront the guy, only to smile and shake his hand. It totally killed the fucking crowd. That was Davey's first mistake. His second is when he slips on the ropes attempting to german Kenny King off the top rope. Davey see's his arse and calls the finish, wins and storms out. What a cunt. Totally unprofessional.


    Daniels/Generico was fun. Generico is one of my favourite guys to watch right now.


    WGTT vs. Briscoes was fun too. But if i have bone to pick it's that Mark Briscoe has forgotten how to work. Was he drunk? He looked lost most of the time. And he's so out of shape too. Thank god for Jay Briscoe, he's carrying the team right now.


    Hero/Edwards i need to rewatch because i ended up spending the match booking stuff for DGUK.

  8. Detailed F4W Report


    <-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

    ROH Death Before Dishonor IX iPPV report


    By Bryan Alvarez



    1. Tommaso Ciampa & Rhino beat Homicide & Jay Lethal. Fine opener. Lethal got the hot tag and it broke down into a four-way. Homicide tagged back in, Lethal took out Rhino, then Ciampa pinned Homicide with his back cracker finish. Ciampa was by far the greenest guy in the ring, but he got the pin.


    2. Shelton Benjamin beat Mike Bennett. Highlight of the match was the various chants, nearly all directed at Mike Bennett, whom the crowd HATED. I mean, they hated this man. He got the heat and worked over Shelton's back. Shelton did the big comeback, then Brutal Bob hit the ring right in front of the ref. It was like a TNA finish, the difference being that they actually did it very well so I was fine with it. And nothing got sprayed in anyone's eyes. Shelton tried to kick Bob, Bob spun him around, Shelton did his kick but hit Bennett, which looked great, then superkicked Bob outside and hit the paydirt on Bennett for the pin.


    3. Young Bucks beat Bravado Brothers and Future Shock in a three-way elimination match. This was a hell of a lot of fun. It was like one long train wreck with a bunch of really cool three-way spots mixed in. Fans loved it and were chanting "THIS IS AWESOME!" and "THIS IS WRESTLING!" Bravados were eliminated first, then the Bucks used their combo 450/moonsault finish for the pin. The whole point of this match appeared to be to put over the Bucks and alert the world that they were, in fact, very talented despite what "a third-rate wrestling announcer" might have claimed. This was a reference to Booker T, obviously.


    4. Generico NC Jimmy Jacobs. Only problem with the match was that it was largely heatless. The work was very good. Generico went for his top rope brainbuster but Jacobs turned it into a super DDT. Suddenly, through the crowd came Kevin Steen. He was SHOOTING on the mic and they cut him off, then security came out. The highlight of the brawl was when Generico tried to do a running dive onto him but Steen moved and Generico wiped out like twenty security guys. That was awesome. Steen tried to give Cary Silken the package piledriver, but it was broken up, then Cornette came out and was screaming at Steen and even threw a wild punch. Fans were super into it, screaming for Steen. The melee was very much like the one they ran with him on the last PPV.


    5. Charlie Haas beat Michael Elgin in a House of Truth vs. Haas of Pain match. Match also lacked crowd heat. They did get into the big spots, including a run-up-the-ropes German by Haas, which flipped Elgin completely over. He also took a 360 bump for a Haas clothesline, which ended up being the finish. Good match, nothing blow-away or anything.


    6. Roderick Strong vs. Eddie Edwards in the Ringmaster Challenge. Rules were the first fall was pinfall only, the second fall was submission only, and the third fall was a fifteen minute Iron Man match. Long story short, they split falls, Roddy winning the first via pinfall and Eddie winning the second via submission, then they ended up 1-1 at the end of the Iron Man match. Cornette came out and said this match wasn't ending in a draw, and they weren't doing the five more minutes gimmick, he was just going to ring the bell and they could go all night long. They traded a million nearfalls and hard strikes before Eddie finally hit him with two powerbombs, a lariat and a die hard cradle driver for the pin. They went about 40 minutes and it was an awesome match. They said Eddie won a future shot at Davey Richards' ROH Title. Richards, for the record, is in Japan working right now.


    7. Rhett Titus & Kenny King beat the Briscoes in Ladder War III to win a future shot at the ROH Tag Team Titles. A wild, bloody, violent, nutty brawl. The peak was a spot where Mark Briscoe climbed to the very, very tippy top of a 12-to-15 foot ladder and did a big splash, putting Rhett Titus through a table on the floor. This was complete madness. Everyone but King bled, and Jay in particular was bleeding like crazy, blood just leaking out of his head like a faucet. Rhett and Mark were dead, so Jay and Kenny climbed the ladder and had a brawl at the top. Kenny ended up winning, Jay fell off the ladder, and Kenny grabbed the contract to win. This was the kind of match that WWE's "PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME" was referring to. But a hell of a way to cap off the show.


    [close spoiler]


  9. Open The Freedom Gate Championship: BxB Hulk vs YAMATO - More frustration here, as there's a long period in the first half of this one where YAMATO wears down Hulk's legs with a bunch of holds. You know, to cut out Hulk's agility and kicks, etc. Hulk sells this absolutely fine while he's on the defensive. Then, when he's due his big comeback, suddenly he's able to nip up and do all is usual stuff with no pain whatsoever. The crowd are into it in a big way when they go at it full-on, as you'd expect, and their exchanges are more than decent. Hulk occasionally does sell the knees after landing on them hard, but then goes back to doing all his moves. It's just so occasional, it's really distracting. Then, YAMATO kicks out of everything Hulk can hit him with, which only goes to make Hulk look bad when he stays down after a botched Gallaria at 21:37 for the title change. That looked really weak, and while there is some crowd reaction to the switch, when Lenny Leonard on commentary says "This crowd is in shock!" it's not the title change itself that's responsible. As an aside - Moxley was run off by Julius Smokes (representing Homicide) during this one.


    Remember the first ever DGUSA match? That was Hulk vs. Yamato and the exact same thing happened. Yamato works the leg, Hulk sells fine and then Hulk starts hitting kicks and flips and totally ignores all of Yamato's hard work until the match is over when he starts selling his leg again. It's what made me hate BxB Hulk.

  10. In the last week i have watched Manhattan Mayhem IV and both Atlanta shows. Ring of Honor are putting together a string of great main shows. Final Battle 2010, Only The Strong Survive, 9th Anniversary, Manhattan Mayhem IV and both Atlanta shows are must have DVDs and i recommend them to anyone who wants to jump in and start watching ROH.


    The likes of Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, ANX and Michael Elgin are really upping their game this year and are brightening up the lower card matches. So instead of suffering through Grizzly Redwood, Andy Ridge, Bobby Dempsey etc, we are getting top quality undercard bouts.


    I even see potential in both Mike Bennett and Tommaso Ciampa. Bennett's chance to prove he fits in with the ROH style of wrestling is no doubt his match with Jay Lethal on the next iPPV and Ciampa could do with some high profile matches to raise his game.


    Also the Steve Corino angle has been brilliantly executed so far. Go watch those video wire's, they're superb storytelling.


    Looking forward to the Best in The World iPPV in two weeks :thumbsup:

  11. More stuff announced for Atlanta. Announced on the video wire relased today, Dave Taylor is the new addition to the Embassy. What's the name of the guy in yellow polo neck and green jacket? I'm sure he had a try out match in Phoenix last year where he wore a blue spandex body suit and a red cape!


    We'll probably be getting Colt Cabana vs. Dave Taylor one night.


    Also El Generico vs. Michael Elgin on 4/1 and El Generico vs. Roderick Strong on 4/2. These shows really are shaping up to be quality events.

  12. I can't see why we are making this up as a spoiler, it was impossible to avoid the news if you have a facebook or a twitter and "like" or follow anything wrestling related.


    <-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

    The 4/1 main event is certainly very interesting now. Christopher Daniels beat Eddie Edwards for the TV title in extra time, Edwards and Daniels then go to a 30 minute draw in a 2/3 falls match and Eddie gets no overtime. Now they will meet in a World title match on 4/1 in Atlanta. I can see a stipulation being added to the match. Perhaps 2/3 falls with no time limit? Or an Iron Man contest? It needs something to finish off their feud.


    I hope this isn't the end of Roderick Strong in ROH, i enjoyed his title defenses against Davey Richards and Jay Briscoe.


    [close spoiler]


  13. A quick note. I've been watching Champions vs All Stars and Only The Strong Survive the last couple of days. Caprice Coleman needs to become a full time part of the roster this year. He deservedly got "Please come back" chants and standing ovations on both nights after matches with Colt Cabana and Rhett Titus.


    TJ Perkins is another they need to bring in every show. Both guys bring experience and talent that the current undercard (Bravado's, Mike Bennett, Andy Ridge) lacks.


    Edit: Finished these shows now.


    A really good start to the year. Mostly due to Only The Strong Survive.


    Champions vs All Stars is saved by three entertaining matches at the top of the card, those being; Colt Cabana vs. Caprice Coleman, Kenny King vs. Kyle O'Reilly and the eight man tag team match. The show also does a good job of setting up the future World title match between Roderick Strong and Christopher Daniels.


    Only The Strong Survive is top to bottom a strong show and runs a whole three hours. Cole/O'Reilly have an okay opener with the Bravado's (wrong decision, no way the Bravado's should be winning here). Caprice Coleman has a good match with Rhett Titus. Colt and Grizzly have a fun little match, no complaints here. Christopher Daniels and Claudio Castagnoli have an absolute blinding TV title match. Chris Hero and Davey Richards have an excellent technical and hard hitting match. The four corners survival match is entertaining. Roderick Strong vs. Jay Briscoe is a great main event. Jay Briscoe bleeds an insane amount, it's sick watching little pools of blood form everywhere. The quality of this entire show is what you expect to see on iPPV. A very good show.

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