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  1. David Franklin, who anyone attending a BritWres show south of Birmingham this century would have likely met, has sadly passed away after a long illness.

    He used to post here as Old David, though not for a few years. A top bloke, who loved British independent wrestling as much as any person I have ever met.

    David used to frequently give me lifts to and from shows when I had no car and was having terrible matches across the South West. I'll always remember one time he had somehow heard that I liked classical music. Rather than taking the piss, which would have been the reaction I expected, he brought a CD of Rachmaninov's second piano concerto for the journey to and from the venue. Every interaction I had with David was in that mould. A kind and decent man in an environment that often seems the opposite.

  2. This one on the other hand is right on the money #Consistency 

    On 8/10/2019 at 10:24 AM, Gus Mears said:

    Top Six: Chelsea, Liverpool, City, Arsenal, Spurs , Everton

    Relegated:  Newcastle, Brighton, Bournemouth

    Champions League:  Chelsea 

    Top Scorer:  Tammy Abraham 

    Player of the season:  Christian Pulisic

    Young player of the season: Mason Mount/Reece James co-winners.

    Best signing: New signing Matteo Kovacic

    Biggest flop: Anyone United have signed 

    First sacking: Brian Potter 

    Surprise package: Chelsea 

    Which Brexit relic manager will be back in the PL by Easter?:  Allardyce to somewhere in November 

    Will Glenn McGrath predict Australia to win 5-0? Yes


  3. Went to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra last night and it's the most I've enjoyed a live performance of any kind in years.

    Despite listening to a lot of it, it waa the first time I've seen a classical performance and I have no idea why it's taken this long. Elgar's Cello Concerto probably the highlight of the evening.

    Because I'm under the age of 95, also got tickets for a very reasonable price, so will certainly be going again when they return in the new year.

  4. 1 hour ago, Keith Houchen said:

    The CEO of Best For Britain is Naomi Smith, who once was a prospective candidate for the Lib Dems and is a good friend of Clegg. But I’m sure that’s coincidental. 

    She's not good friends with Clegg at all, Keith. They can't stand eachother and she was instrumental in launching an attempted coup against him in 2014 with Michael Oakeshot.

  5. 12 minutes ago, ElCece said:

    Davey Dombrowski is why we are in the state we are. Another 3-4 years before draft picks start to come through and we start to get competitive I fear.

    You know what you get with Wheelin' Dealin' Dave. You have a three year window to win a World Series (which the Tigers really should have done given the roster) and then everything goes to shit and you end up with a AAA team pockmarked with old blokes on massive contracts. At least Boston has the ability to mitigate it a bit though money. 

  6. Considering the Nationals are a newish franchise and historically Houston haven't been powerhouses either, I'm not surprised. Still doesn't detract from the fact it was a bloody marvelous series. Red Sox vs Dodgers last year had the names, but this World Series pissed all over it from an entertainment standpoint. 

    18 minutes ago, ElCece said:

    Another winter with me hoping the Tigers aren't a complete and utter shit show but knowing deep down that they absolutely will be.

    Get Big Dick Davey Dombrowski back in!

  7. While I think turnout will be down on 2017, I reckon it'll hold up surprisingly well. Partly, this is because I'm just sparing my own blushes after boldly predicting it would be shit in 2017 and being resoundingly wrong but also, people will vote if they really want to and there is a fuck-tonne riding on this election, both through the prism of Brexit and other major issues. 

    I'm certainly not convinced that it being cold will matter. February '74 had nigh on 80% turnout and it wasn't exactly balmy out. One of the things I am most interested in is general Tory voting fatigue in a fourth general election since they have been in power. Irrespective of anything else that's happened, or the merits of the party's, four in a row as largest party is tough, doubly so if you're looking for an absolute majority. As Lister says, it's not entirely clear where those seats come from.

  8. Tempting fate in the current climate, but Labour are on board (dependent somewhat on the date), so it's probably happening. 

    For those who have enjoyed it in the past (basically @HarmonicGenerator), I'll be loading up on caffeine and having a fun old 24 hour polling day, likely running data in a committee room before attempting to not fall asleep at the count. 

    Excited for a month of the high-quality political debate, both in this thread and the wider nation.

    EDIT: Now with a poll because I love Keith. Sorry if you're from Northern Ireland (blame Moo). 

  9. 14 minutes ago, Carbomb said:

    Amazing. Good work on the chicken. I've never been able to get the same effect from a fan oven that you get from a tandoor without having to use pre-made tandoori paste.

    This definitely tasted different from tandoori but, as you say, it's hard to replicate the taste with a conventional oven. 24 hour marinade, sous vide and blasting them on 220 until crisp is still pretty nice. The left over cooked marinade and chicken juices made a cracking dip for paddadpoms too!

  10. I've gained enough confidence doing Indian food from scratch that I can make it up as I go largely now and this was the definitely the best tasting yet. Spending a Saturday afternoon toasting and milling spices and cooking this stuff is very therapeutic.

    Chicken thighs marinated in yoghurt, lemon and mixed spices, slow cooked and then crisped.I did a vindaloo for myself, uppped the amount of cloves and white wine vinegar in it and it was excellent. Also did something approaching a Korma for my girlfriend, but added a lot of smoked paprika to give it more flavour without overt heat. 

    Wish this sort of thing was a bit kinder when being photographed.




  11. One advantage of having a horrendous shitting virus is that I watched the first game of the World Series this morning instead of going to work.

    And what a game it was. Juan Soto is phenomenal; as good if not better than Devers and Torres and two years younger! Nats winning vs Cole definitely is what the series needed, makes it properly interesting.

  12. Made a game shepherds pie, which was a cracking autumn dish. Mixed game meat, carrot, swede, onion and parsnip, cooked it in a red wine sauce with herbs, then finally a rosemary and potato top.




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