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  1. Can confirm. We sat in the front row right in the middle to do commentary, and could only just see the nearest apron. Further back you can only see the stage, which makes sense for normal gigs! But it doesn't work for wrestling. All the seating in the balcony is fixed fold down seats.
  2. No, it's £9 each night. You'll all see tomorrow! Don't overthink it.
  3. Of course it is, but unless it's a pre-done interview being shopped around it's a redundant term that is never actually used by any competent person.
  4. They're offering interviews to everyone, they're hardly exclusive. Smacks of the worrying hyperbole surrounding this...
  5. Yeah he asked for his release.
  6. No guarantees, but there will probably be more tickets released by PROGRESS out of the venue's allocation imminently.
  7. Not sure about that, but I have noticed he's in the UK with PCW the day before SSS16. Would love for him to be in that this year PCW also have a show (in Preston) the next day (which clashes with the first day of SSS16), so he could well be at that one. That being said, there's SSS16 is obviously a 3-day tournament this year, so it might be the case that PROGRESS first round matches could be split across the first 2 days (though with the timings they've announced, it seems more likely they'll do Rd 1 Saturday, Quarters on Sunday and Semis and Final on Monday). As I understand it, that's the plan. One of the main motivations of the third day was to stop the guys having to wrestle three times in one day.
  8. I think the thing to remember is that with BSS in WWEUK and Will with ROH and NJPW, they aren't likely to all be available for every show. So Havoc just feuds with ALL THE HEELS.
  9. If ITV have bunged them some money to run a double page spread they're not going to turn it down. The Sun's hemorrhaging money at the moment, so every little will likely help. Unless it was explicitly an advert, ITV can't have paid them for it.
  10. And that he needed serious surgery and would be out for a long time. He'd brought his family to the show, they "broke kayfabe" with him and Dallas. They made it seem like a very serious deal.
  11. Drew's? He basically did a Mark Henry. They had Dallas come out and hug him and stuff, make it look like a legit retirement, then Drew punches Dallas.
  12. Yes, it's the best way to do it.
  13. I get what you're saying. Personally I would say give the more recent shows a go, I feel like that's something we've been working on and has improved. As for the fans, any hot indie product is going to gather a rabid cult. PWG, ICW, OTT, anything. It goes with the territory. Some wrestling fans are always going to be shit, or weird, or dicks. Sadly that also goes with the territory. I don't think it's unique to PROGRESS. Not sure what you mean about PROGRESS slagging off WWE. PROGRESS have a working relationship with WWE!
  14. There have been quite a few shows with some levels issues, and the sort of thing you describe at 23 has been improved upon recently. We got a new mixer in the summer and it took a couple of shows to get that right. Brixton was pretty perfect mix wise I thought, which was great.
  15. Sorry to hear you aren't enjoying the shows. If you had any specific feedback on the commentary feel free to shoot me a message, always interested in improving.