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  1. Bron Breakker does currently stand out like a sore thumb amongst this current crop. Imagine he'll climb the ladder pretty quickly.

    Von Wagner in particular is the blandest of shits, needs some sort of gimmick to match his sunken eyes and lack of any noticeable charisma. 

    Harland looks like a Snitsky/Lars Sullivan hybrid.

  2. Lots of stuff to like about NXT 2.0, impressed with a good few of the new guys like Melo Hayes & Trick Williams for example.

    The look and feel of the show was quite refreshing too but the main take away from the show is - what was wrong with just Rex fkn Steiner !


  3. Omega vs. Danielson feels special. Literally two of the very best going at it. It's the closest thing that's felt like a genuine 'WrestleMania main event' to me in a long time.

    Also really cool to see Pillman Jr get a chance with MJF and Taz's stable with Punk. Everything is no new and fresh.

    Anyone else feel like the dissension in the Dark Order is leading to Bray Wyatt?

  4. 28 minutes ago, Supremo said:

    I’m seeing this image a lot on social media tonight. I suspect I might see it a lot more in the future.

    I can guarantee you now; I’ll always enjoy it.


    Love it.

    So many chickens coming home to roost at the moment.

  5. 13 hours ago, Tommy! said:

    A bit earlier and Bret v Austin moving onto Owen vs Austin at Canadian Stampede is another brilliant tick for 97. 

    My favourite year in wrestling by a considerable distance.

    So much magic and more brewing during that period.

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