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  1. Bit off a unusual request here. Would some one be able to let me know how far into the show the main event walk outs start? I won't have time to watch the whole show tomorrow, but want to skip to the main event and watch it spoiler . A PM from someone would be greatly appreciated.

  2. It's Asian MMA so it's acceptable.

    Personally, i love shit like that. Has anyone seen that new promotion in Japan (might be Korea) that has a circular ring with a moat surrounding it (filled with dry ice for effect? It's meant to be a kumite style show with specific styles, pretty much like the old UFC's but with different rules. They've had 3 shows so far and a few decent names have taken part, bonkers.

    It's a Japanese promotion called Ganryujima.

  3. To be honest the fact that you gave the dvd to wrestlecrate is a bit off a slap in the face to those who Pre ordered.We are the ones who gave you our money directly, as soon as you announced the release. So we were first to pay, yet have still not received anything.  I think we would off been better off giving our money to wrestlecrate. Then I would at least have my dvd. I was trying to support you for doing something different and this is the thanks we get?

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