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  1. Been fine for me all day today. Any reason they edited the intro to Survivors 98? Seems it's some generic voiceover guy instead of this one. Seem to cut out mentions of WWF as well but I'm guessing that's down to using the best version of the audio?
  2. I downloaded the app earlier but haven't had a look yet. Is there a trial you can use before signing up?
  3. I noticed that the live feed was very jumpy just after Sami Zayn's entrance but when I went back to watch from start and skipped to where I was it was fine.
  4. Taker tapped to Kurt Angle's triangle choke on an episode of Smackdown in 2001 as he was pinning Angle. The match ended up being a draw. The famous one where they had to record it again after the show with backstage staff as a fake crowd! Forgot all about that.
  5. Tried that but it's exactly the same on every browser.
  6. Trying to renew my membership but keep getting stuck in a loop on the "Start your free trial page". Anyone know how to get out of this?
  7. Noticed that myself yesterday. Watched loads of stuff on Netflix without any issues.
  8. Benno's tip seems to work. Changed Settings>Privacy and Online Safety then change Block explicit TV to Unblocked.
  9. Got it set up on Xbox One last night using Unblock US and changing my Xbox location to America. Take it there's no potential issues with the Xbox being set as a different location?
  10. Just been watching Halloween Havoc 97. Was the fan who ran in at the end a plant? He seemed pretty comfortable climbing the cage and they showed a lot of footage of him.
  11. Thought it was decent enough overall. Was I seeing things or did some idiot have a "Caution: Blue Blazer" sign with an arrow pointing up?
  12. Currently watching through 1997. Where did Jim Neidhart disappear to all of a sudden? I know he came back but he seemed to be out of the picture for a while.
  13. Don't think it's been posted but I was watching a Raw from 1997 and LOD were dressed like this: Was that the only time they wore anything on their top halves while wrestling? Any particular reason?
  14. What was up with the outfit Undertaker wore at Survivor Series 1996? A really odd leather one which I think he only wore for a few weeks.
  15. Shame they won't release the 1992 Year in Review on DVD. At least my VHS is still in good condition I suppose.