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  1. Disappointing to see Christian falling a bit flat after the good work he seems to be doing.

    If I were him, I’d have pitched for one last WWE run. Feud with Edge about how he was always trying to be the guy in the limelight even when they were a team, and in coming out of retirement he is a spotlight hog. Have them Batter each other for a while, and one last tag title reign to ride off happily into the sunset.

  2. 2 hours ago, Cod Eye said:

    Just a quick one on the epilepsy inducing camera cuts. 

    I thought it was just a WWE thing, but my youngest daughter has Youtube on all day today while I've been working in the same room. The shit she watches on there is exactly the same. She's had something called ZamZam family(or something similar), and it's unwatchable in my opinion. There is really jarring cuts constantly, and not just to swap angles. They will cut after each sentence but keep the same camera angles. You will just see them judder slightly where they have not lined them back up right. It game me a fucking headache!

    It's made me wonder though, is this what the current generation of young fans want and enjoy, and is it just us old farts that are complaining?

    TBH, it’s a bit OT but it’s the thing I despise about this era of Youtubers and influencers. The concept of decent considered editing is gone, instead just jump cut after jump cut after jump cut. It’s horrid. Not surprised sloppy editing in mainstream is becoming a thing.

  3. 5 minutes ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

    Plus the fact they already did that when Kofi went solo last year!

    And although we are in the “reality” era, and have to take a lot of things with a pinch of salt, I just couldn’t see the “hatred” transferring to UUDD. People just couldn’t and wouldn’t buy it.

  4. Guarantee, Otis will climb the ladder. He will be faced with both cases. He’ll grab the woman’s case for Mandy and lose his chance at the men’s. Mandy gets woman’s, dinghies Otis. And probably Corbin wins the men’s again.

  5. 24 minutes ago, Supremo said:

    I’ve already changed my mind. There’s now no match they could possibly come up with that I’d want to see more than Undertaker vs. Sting in a Boneyard match at next year’s Wrestlemania. They’ve finally found a way to do that dream match without either guy needing to take real bumps.

    This a million time. Perfect pay off for both guys to ride into the sunset after that.

  6. The thing that baffles me about these angles is we are in the reality era. They just have to look at Instagram, social media or total divas to see it’s all a sham. Loved up Rusev and Lana fannying about with their real names and then we have to ignore that on raw. I get the old adage of “soap opera” but good grief. Give us reason to suspend our disbelief.

  7. With SD and RAW both getting new logos, please for the love of god change the sets. Give both shows a different feel to make them actually look like different shows with different character.

    Much of the problems that I have is with visual presentation. The “big” shows (PPVs) use the same set as their weekly shows. These should all feel different and add to a big time look for them.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Keith Houchen said:


    He makes it clear his comment is regarding approaching police regarding a boxing match. 

    Not really. 

    The “elevated her to what” read as a reply to individual parts of the post. It wasn’t THAT clear that he was referring to the boxing and not to the paragraph in question.

  9. 49 minutes ago, EricTheRed said:


    The police would laugh in your face if you approached them regarding something like that. 


    Funny that considering that I know for a fact that the police were approached and appreciated the heads up and actually ensured that some crowd management was looked after too.

    whats your view in a young boy kissing a 40 year old woman in Emmerdale? Right or wrong?


  10. I’m not buying the outrage over the age of Chantal Jordan.

    People like Tyler Bate debuted young. Should she not be afforded this opportunity on the grounds of that she’s a girl?

    she was working with a very accustomed wrestler who no doubt would keep her safe, and is arguably better than putting her in a match with someone less experienced.

    Shes incredibly talented so why not reward her with a chance to be a key part of the card? 

    If she wants to do these match types, so be it. 

    I would also argue that all across the globe there is young wrestlers wrestling a variety of matches every week, with varying ages and skill levels.

    Would you rather she fulfils her wrestling match fantasies in the backyard, with light tubes and untrained pals, just because it doesn’t conform to what you think is right for her to be doing what she’s doing on a show?

    There is also kids much younger than Chantal that participate in all sorts of combat sports like boxing and martial arts, and don’t have the luxury of the person who is your opponent looking out for you. Dare I say it some of these situations are much more dangerous. Maybe if she was 13 and taking legit punches to the face and head as a boxer it’d be far more acceptable?

    Also, is it not entirely within the realms of possibility that the police, and local shops were in on it? Or is that far too sensible?

    shes a cracking talent from what I’ve seen and Janela elevated her.

  11. For me, the problem with all the shows is nothing has an identity any more. The same sets for every single show, special event or not mean that everything just blends into one. RAW should have a different visual feel, to Smackdown, and PPVs should feel like that they are something special, not just the same set with a different logo.

    I know it seems relatively minor, but I think giving some of the brands their own, dare I say it, Brand would go a long way to forcing out some of the apathy.

  12. Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding


    When an attack is going on. Don't ring the damn bell. Do something about it.


    In the same vein, when someone has just attacked someone and they get their music to play them out. They've been bad. They've went against the grain and broken the rules by assaulting someone. Why should they then be celebrated with exit music?

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