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  1. Enzo's the best seller in the company. If they can tone the act down so it doesn't lose its appeal to his supporters and doesn't irritate everyone else then you've got a hell of a babyface. I like Cass but he's such a clumsy worker. He's not even as good as Test who you've mentioned. Enzo hides most of his weaknesses but he still botches his one big move half the time. He's hardly ever had a passable singles match.
  2. That's not a bad shout. I'd say Cass is nowhere near ready for a big push but Jinder.
  3. Knees were everywhere this weekend weren't they? They're the new "do something on the apron". Everyone seems to be hitting knees.
  4. I told my daughter first thing. It'll be everywhere anyway so best coming from me, I think. One of her schoolfriends was at the gig. She's not at school today but they've heard she's OK, just got back late.
  5. What makes me chuckle is the unanimous "What the fuck have they brought him back for?" when Mahal was rehired. Now he's World Champion and some defend it. Don't get me wrong, if he'd shown anything in the meantime or they'd even cleverly worked with his limitations, I'd say good luck to the bloke. But he's literally the same dumpling as ever - but with muscles.
  6. Here's one that hasn't been taken down yet. The one I watched this morning has already: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fGAoWyTt7Y The only problem with it was it was sped up slightly. Bit of Alvin and the Chipmunks going on.
  7. Harry Kewell is the new manager of Crawley. Out of nowhere a bit but I did see a Hull City U23 game last season in which he was managing the opposition. Edit: Was Watford
  8. There's a video of a white skinhead bloke being arrested at the Arndale going around. Said to be unrelated.
  9. Another week, another (off camera) shit kicking for Enzo Amore. It's like running joke at this point. I only watched the quick cut highlights on YouTube but it seemed like it was just match after match with little between. Next week's hook is just more matches between the people in the 5 way. There are so few angles and decent promos. It's sad.
  10. Chris Kanyon's suplex from the second rope - outside to in - is absolutely beautiful.
  11. There is no comparison. Terry organised his exit. Sunderland admit they agreed with it. The Gerrard goal is a conspiracy theory. It looked to me like defender who didn't see any point in getting sent off on the last day when his team were getting hammered. It wasn't Stoke en masse at all. You may disagree but unless you've any proof, it doesn't matter.
  12. How are people still banging on about Arsenal "need to spend big". Stan Collymore (I know) even says if Arsene won't spend big, they have to find someone who will. In a season when Spurs have just finished second while maintaining a wage ceiling and buying only one player who's been a first team regualar (Victor Wanyama, correct me if wrong) ahead of Man Utd and Man City who've spent a fortune again. It's always "money, money, money". Lazy cunts.
  13. One clothesline from hell in 2000 would get a bigger reaction than Jinder's had in his entire career. There's no comparison. Interesting theory, Bomber. I did think about Sheamus as World Champ earlier today. This could just be an attempt to get the next guy over. I'm not sure they're that clever. I presume iot'll bomb and they'll go back to Randy to pop a rating.
  14. We'll have to wait and see which market is next to renew their TV deal. Sami might get a shot if it's in the middle east. Otherwise it could be Outback Jack or Giant Gonzalez back for a run on top.