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  1. Not new to podcasts. Watching a lot of shoot interviews when they became widely popular 15 years or so ago had the same effect. So samey on a lot of stuff around their in ring experience and current wrestling. Massively over inflated opinion of their own ability in most cases.
  2. That match is like a time capsule. Couple of people thrown out who I didn't even recognise. Several I forgot existed. More, like Sin Cara, who I can barely believe have been around for SIX years. That's the distance between Steve Austin's "Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass" speech and him going home rather than job to Brock Lesnar. All these people who have done literally nothing in all that time. Mahal was second runner-up and still came across as a jobber. Took until 14 mins to even spot him. Then Booker T outright says "I can't believe Jinder Mahal is still in this match". Funny.
  3. Not to mention that Styles is already the number 1 contender. He earned it after Orton said he didn't want it and then was screwed out of it at WM when he changed his mind. Him kicking fuck out of Orton is only logical. Said last week that it made no sense at all that he wanted the US title.
  4. Awful news. Ugo Ehiogu has died after collapsing at Spurs training ground yesterday. Cracking defender for Villa and Boro in the 90s and capped by England. Worked as a coach at Spurs and was only 44. Heart breaking.
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  7. Kayfabe wise, Jinder hasn't just come back stronger and fitter. He's been Rusev's jabroni mate on Raw for months and jobbed to a bloke who calls himself a Spaz last week. Otherwise, that might be a fair point.
  8. The promo was decent. Stating the obvious but he's in great shape too. Clearly in the sort of shape Vince McMahon wanks over. At least in adding the Bollywood boys, presumably, they're doing something different with him. Don't see the comparison with JBL. As much as Bradshaw was no main eventer, he'd been way over at times before the gimmick change and was part of some great moment in the APA. He was never a bad worker either and had a cracking finisher. Mahal has never been over, never emitted a response greater than a shrug and has nothing about him as a worker. Fair play to him if he can change that but I don't see it. The fact he was jobbing to Rawley last week makes this seem ludicrous.
  9. A match with Jinder mahal, Mojo Rawley and Erick Rowan got a "This is awesome" chant. Jinder Mahal will fight for the WWE Title on a PPV. American Alpha jobbed to the Shining Stars.Clean. This was the weirdest Smackdown ever.
  10. In this picture of him and Roman that's accompanying most "news" stories on Twitter, he's absolutely huge.
  11. Tiger Mask Sayama was over here too in the 80s.
  12. Apologies, I thought the reason was obvious. As mentioned above, they've made a mess of all of them. Wyatt, Ambrose and Rollins have their moments but were bigger stars back then. Reigns is the only one who has fulfilled the potential and he has his own problems.
  13. Gutted for Roman and his family. To lose a brother before he's even 50. He wasn't much of a worker but I liked 3MW and the tag team with Hurricane. If he'd lost a bit of weight, he would have been a really effective big man. He was just a little bit too immobile to really work
  14. Jeff Hardy looks like he has every time he's ever come back. No one else in the world could look like a star dressed like Jeff Hardy, then or now. And in no way at all is it "actually worse" than the Dudleys return. People fucking adore these two. As long as that continues, this is far better. Plus, neither Dudley has ever been a star on the level of Jeff Hardy so he'll win on that score for as long as he wants to be around.
  15. As much as he's a meltyfaced, crooked bellend, there aren't many better appointments they could have made with three games left. Clearly a talented squad, they were top ten under Rowett. 'arry will put his arm round them and get a couple of results.