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  1. Jericho looked horrendous. That ratty beard and terrible version of the Patrick Berger hairdo. Put years on him.
  2. Good stuff.
  3. Opener was excellent. If you have a brain, you'll turn off the show when it's done. Horrific stuff. I adore John Cena. I love Rusev. That they just about had the worst match of the year is baffling. That Punjabi Prison match felt like the longest match on record. Horrific action. A fuck awful Champion. Booked to last 20 years. Fucking Khali? Dear God. Nakamura in the second match? Selling for that lanky streak of piss? Hideous finish. The finish to Styles/Owens was abysmal too. Natalya? Kanellis just losing right away? Weird stuff. Worst show of the year for me.
  4. Wallpaper a wall in the toilet. Conversation piece.
  5. During the Taker/Kane match at WM14, JR says Undertaker's first Wrestlemania was 7, then quickly corrects himself to 8 and says he beat Jake Roberts. Was it just a cock up by JR or was there a directive at the time that dictated that "didn't happen"?
  6. "Athletico". Fog Dude will be along in a minute.
  7. WWE should have said Kurt Angle made a baby when he was 6 years old. WWE should say Jason Jordan's adopted parents actually meant to tell him Chad Gable is really adopted and HIS Dad is Kurt Angle. WWE should have Kurt Angle's big match in the company, if there'll even be one, be against Chad Gable. We're on fire this week.
  8. No one is forcing you to listen to them. Choice is always good. I have one regular and one I'll listen to of the guest is interesting. Don't have that time or inclination for any more. Tried a few, didn't love them.
  9. You mean Art Donovan.
  10. Shelton Benjamin is a) Not mixed race and b) Only 7 years younger than Kurt. You're mental.
  11. It is a pity that he didn't say "And then I found out that 9 months after we had the beastiality sex..."
  12. Kurt Angle's son is on Raw. Interesting angle. It's been obvious they see him as a big deal for a while. It could have been a way to debut a brand new guy but it's obvious this fits. I think there is huge potential in this as the making of a top heel when he turns on Angle and admits he worked him. Definitely more money in that long term. Enzo was over like a motherfucker with than crowd. The booking made him the arse end of the joke again but it doesn't matter. He's just got it. Good booking of Cass though. Consistent heel progression. Hope he's worth it. BRRRRRAAAAAAUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!! Superb stuff. The match and the monster interfering we're really well done. The 2/3 of the Shield reunion is as good as any character development in ages. Someone has had WCW from 1997 on the Network. Bo Dallas looks as cool as fuck. That guitar shot from Sampson was brutal. That match featured the most convincing near fall I've ever seen. Great work from Finn.
  13. Do we have any evidence that they "should just cancel it"? I've none either way but if they're cancelling Talking Smack which must cost about 5c to produce and takes no effort but persist with 205 Live which requires far more planning and production then that must say something.
  14. I'd like to think this is because they are going to incorporate it into the actual show. I struggle to see the point in a show that probably has tiny viewership but does a better job of building characters and stories than the real show does. If they built it into the show, it would give it the feel of a sportscast and would differentiate it from Raw. Plus Renee would be way better than the commentators at the links.
  15. Latest net income/expenditure on PL transfers. usual caveats about undisclosed fees apply.