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  1. 1 hour ago, unfitfinlay said:

    Talking about Lars Sullivan in the AEW thread and it made me wonder how the fuck he's still employed?

    His main roster call up has been a total disaster. He had a breakdown before his debut, which forced them to scrap his feud with Cena. He got outed both for making horrible comments online AND starring in gay porn videos and he's been out for over a year with an injury.

    Considering how many people they've gotten rid of lately it seems insane that they've kept him.

    If he never comes back, it will be one of the strangest main roster runs ever.   Let's pretend you're a kid who doesn't watch NXT and doesn't read any news and rumours online.

    His debut is promoted for several weeks with unique video packages, then his name is just included with a group of other new wrestlers as coming soon.   All those other wrestlers arrive, but he doesn't and isn't mentioned anymore.  Until about 10 weeks later when he shows up.  He then doesn't actually have any matches for another 2 months, but makes his debut on a PPV, then a rematch on the next Raw and then disappears and hasn't been seen or mentioned in the year since.

  2. 1 hour ago, LWOLeN said:

    Punching your fans to sell your ‚Äėtough guy persona‚Äô. I really hope that isn‚Äôt true.

    If it is, than Jimmy Havoc is the biggest joke on the planet. Ridiculous. Biggest loser ever. Completely lost himself in being a mark for himself.

    Wake up, ‚ÄėJimmy Havoc‚Äô¬†does not really exist!¬†You are in that ring to entertain the fans. They travelled hours and paid their¬†hard earned money to see you wrestle. You should feel honored that they like you and want to shake your hand.

    Progress Wrestling should be ashamed for not acting on this directly and brushing it off as ‚Äėhe‚Äôs and independent contracter‚Äô. They¬†really dropped the ball here.

    Progress knew perfectly well he wasn't protecting his character, they're not that bloody stupid.  They just didn't want to acknowledge that their top star is a violent thug,  But, saying, he may have been protecting his character, like that somehow makes it OK.   Piss poor.  I wish the guy it happened to had gone public with it at the time.

  3. 30 minutes ago, Loki said:

    Surely getting buried in the casket is the only way to finish his career?  At SS would be perfect.  Choose someone up and coming to get the rub - Keith Lee for example.

    I think him driving off into the night on a motorbike was more fitting.  Even if he doesn't ever wrestle again, I'm sure we'll see him again.   You'd think a proper send off in front of fans, but in character, would be something he'd want.

  4. 53 minutes ago, Andy Roy said:

    The silence from Jim Smallman is disappointing, Especially with what Pollyanna said regarding his treatment of the whole situation.

    Their response to that Jimmy Havoc thing was pathetic aswell.   Imagine it......you go to a pub literally around the corner from the wrestling venue, immediately after the show and get punched by one of the wrestlers and the promotion's response is "nothing to do with us, it didn't happen on our watch, he was probably in character"

  5. While the writing team is way too big I'm sure, remember that if someone says there's "30 writiers", 8-10 of those writiers are probably writer's assistants, 5 probably write for the website, 5 write for the YouTube videos etc.

  6. I find it hard to take any testimony from an anonymous source seriously, especially if they're a former employee rather than a current one.   If they're telling the truth then what do they have to hind behind anonymity for?  If they're not risking their job by speaking out then why the anonymity?  If it goes to a trial or court or whatever, they're not going to be able to stay anonymous are they?

  7. Not really been watching Raw, Smackdown, NXT or 205 Live other than the occasional highlights on YouTube, but I tried watching Money in the Bank and just couldn't without a crowd, I can't get into it at all.

    So tried watching last night and even with 30 or however many trainees, just that noise from some people makes it much more watchable - still not great, but it's watchable and naturally I still fell asleep during the 2nd match so will watch the rest this evening, but at least it's watchable.

  8. 2 hours ago, Statto said:

    Obviously it started in 2009 (well, long before really cos ultimately it's all about The Streak) but the Taker/Michaels/Triple H Wrestlemania arc is one of my favourite storylines of all time.


    • Taker disappears for a year. When he reappears, thus time he's the one who can't live without getting the rematch.

    Love it, love it, love it.

    There was also that great bit where The Undertaker came back unannounced to interrupt Triple H, before Triple H could say anything after having his return promoted, just like Triple H had done to The Undertaker the year before.

  9. 1 hour ago, Supremo said:

    Speaking of fans and visibility, I wonder if the Hockey-style Plexi Glass is going to stay when things return to normal? It would make sense for the safety of the performers, especially in the first phase of fans returning, but you’ve got to imagine it will kill the atmosphere somewhat. Looks super weird, too.

    PWInsider did a little bit about it a few days ago and in their opinion once WWE are allowed to open up to fans (which will probably still only be a couple of hundred at either the PC or Full Sail) they will have the hockey glass up, but once they return to arenas then probably not.

  10. According to various websites, developmental wrestlers will be sitting in the 'crowd' on tonight's Raw.  Hopefully that will help give a bit of atmosphere and improve the shows a bit.  I haven't watched any AEW since they stopped having crowds, but I think I read that's what they've been doing and it's made a big difference.

  11. 1 hour ago, simonworden said:

     Could have been that they didn't want to take him off house shows for the time surrounding it. 

    That won't be the reason.  They didn't do any other shows for 4 days before it and 9 days after it.

  12. They did have another match on proper NXT, but by the time NXT UK had started they'd become allies.  So they could have had a friendly competition match on NXT UK, but without any kind of rivalry it probably wouldn't have been as awesome, although who knows, it might have been even more awesome.  Either way, it didn't happen.  Dunne vs. Bate at that Royal Albert Hall show would have been great.

  13. Since 2014 actually, although very occasionally.  There was a show in Orlando Mania weekend in 2017 where they wrestled the Headbangers which I really wanted to go, but it clashed with another show.

    Anyway, no matter people's opinions on Cryme Tyme, I thought they were great and I popped like a maniac when they were surprise entrants in the SpringBreak Cluster last year.

    This is such a sad death for obvious reasons, moreso than most due to the circumstances.

  14. 1 hour ago, Yakashi said:

    I havent watched WWE in years now but I'm not sure how anyone could continue to give them money after watching this show. 

    What did we learn in this show that we haven't already known for the last 21 years?

  15. 5 minutes ago, Snitsky's back acne said:

    I believe it was from Gangrel/Matt Hardy. Have never seen it but there was apparently an angle on Heat when The Brood gave the Hardys a blood bath so it may be from that.
    I remember not noticing it until after Owen had died however. 

    The match was The Hardy Boyz vs. Blue Meanie/Goldust.

    There's a bit after the match where The Hardyz & Michael Hayes are covered in Brood Blood outside the ring and Matt Hardy puts him arm on the apron and the "blood" ends up all over the ring and yeh it just so happens that's exactly where Owen landed.

  16. People just looked older in the 80s.  It's weird.

    I recall watching one of the first Rumbles a while back, probably 90 or 91 and it just looks like a parade of old men coming out, but then you do a bit of research and even though they all look 40-50, most of them are about 25-35.  Even Okerlund is only 46 in that photo above.  He looks at least 60.

    Jimmy Hart does actually look his age in that photo, but he looks the same now, so you can't base anything on his appearance.

  17. 4 hours ago, Daaaaaad! said:

    Only Smackers in fairness, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Sunday's RAW highlights follow suit in a few weeks. And that's only the one hour version!

    And they moved Smacky D from C5 to Paramount, but they also moved it from Saturday morning to Friday night.

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