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  1. He is a modern day Frank Sinatra.

    You fucking, fucking idiot.Go on, then. Explain this. The Sinatra thing, not you being a fucking, fucking idiot in case you get confused.
    Come on Sheldon Small, I was using SARCASM.gif. I was simply echoing something Dermot O'Leary said jokingly the other night.P.S. Aswell as saying "fucking" not once but twice, I find CAPS LOCK also brings across pseudo anger on the Internet.
  2. We didn't really get to see a great deal of him while he was in Nexus and he had a bit of an idiot gimmick in NXT. Can Sheffield actually wrestle?

    Doesn't really matter if they book him the right way. Henry isn't very good at long matches, but paced well enough etc, he looks like a beast.


    Hopefully he still uses his big lariat as a finisher.



    Indeed but Batista wouldn't have been able to get away with his gimmick if he couldn't Wrestle. Is Skip better than other musclebound jacked up wrestlers such as Mason Ryan and Rob Terry?

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