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  1. I was doing an assessment on an umpire yesterday and it was a tremendous game. Team batting first 84 all out. Young spinner bowled well, took 5 for 5, helped by some indifferent shots and one truly hilarious moment when the batsman was out stumped and was arguing with the square leg umpire that he wasnt out while never getting back behind the popping crease at any point. 

    Team batting second had a run out off the first ball of the innings. Recovered to 50 for 2, slumped to 56 for 6 before recovering again to 81 for 7. The next over contained 2 leg byes, a single a clean bowled and a run out, to leave them 84-9 with roughly 28 overs to get 1 run. First ball of the next over was a dropped catch at forward short leg that my nanny would have caught. Next ball, clean bowled, we have a tie. 

    The pitch was blameless, the batting wasnt. 

  2. 1 hour ago, King Coconut said:

    As a native Cardiffian I especially can't believe that I've only just found out that Sam Warburton and Gareth Bale were in the same year at Whitchurch High in Cardiff. 

    That school has some tremendous sporting pedigree. The 2 time olympic gold medallist and Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas is only a couple of years older than Bale and Warburton. 

  3. A little ray of light in the never ending tory cunt tornado overnight. Nice to see a 16000 tory majority overturned in the Chesham and Amersham by-election. 

    Labour trailing in 4th and losing their deposit is depressingly not a surprise. 

  4. I watched it live, it was very odd. Wilder didn't answer questions because he doesn't have any answers. Everyone knows he was won 2 rounds out of 19 they have boxed. The only reason this fight is happening is because Wilder has a good legal team. He even thanked his strong legal team in the little bit he did say. 

    The face off was hilarious. Neither of them would move and turn to the front to have more photos done and there was some shit banter between the 2 camps that consisted of Wilder's camp shouting 2 TIME and Fury's camp calling him a dosser. 

    I hope the fight is better than this. 

  5. I think you are wrong Dev, we are going somewhere in this country with regards to racism. We are getting more racist. When England fans are prepared to boo the England football team for taking a knee in support of BLM it clearly shows that racists feel comfortable.

  6. I don't think he should be suspended either Butch but this is the world we live in now. Every person who gets in to the public eye in any way is going to be held to account for their social media past. You can bet whoever has outed him had screen shotted the tweets so he couldn't even have deleted them. Whoever has done this has waited until the time they would have maximum impact on his career. He was stupid as a young adult, they have been vindictive as an adult, probably for money. I know which is worse. 

  7. I think Cleethorpes have spent a few quid on paying players this year @Max PowerThey have been very keen to get back in the Prem. They are a big club in these parts and not having a team in an ECB Premier League is costing them in terms of junior players coming through going to other teams. 

    I have been doing an observation on an umpire today. It was a long debrief as he had more than a few issues that he needs to sort out. Counting to 6 been one of them. Four 5 ball overs and two 7 ball overs. He is keen to get promoted to better games but that is going to take a while on today's evidence. At least it was sunny. 

  8. 5 hours ago, LWOLeN said:

    They will sell, cash out all that stock and will get a massive bonus to stay by the new owner. Win-win.

    Isn't Win Win the CEO of Panda Energy? I think they have already spaffed all the cash they have on a wrestling company, sold up and moved on. I can't see them coming back. 

  9. AJ is unlikely to outbox Usyk, it will be if he can land big shots clean and whether Usyk can take the power. For me Usyk's movement will make AJ move a lot more than he wants to and the further it goes the slower AJ will get.

    I'm really looking forward to it to be honest. Usyk is so likeable, I want to see him do well. 

  10. 2 hours ago, Egg Shen said:

    thats almost as bad a shout as David saying Billy Joe Saunders would drop Canelo

    Canelo has never been dropped has he, whereas Joshua has shown some vulnerability, so it's not in the same league at all.

    Fury has signed to fight Wilder on the 24th of July. So let's see what happens now. 

  11. 36 minutes ago, Cod Eye said:

    Have Lincoln still got that air raid siren that they used to sound everytime they got a corner?

    I don't think so. I don't go to the Lincoln games as I am not a fan, I just live near Lincoln.  The last time I went was when Millwall played there, the last time Lincoln were in this league. As an away fan I can tell you that the air raid siren was fucking annoying. 

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