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  1. Thanks for supporting my freedom of speech & while i am happy to listen to other less truthful, Worldly opinion. The aggressive & at times vulgar dialogue used on this very forum does at times leave me somewhat perturbed.


    No one is suppressing your freedom of speech its the way you put things. The bit in bold what makes you think your god is the right one or if anyones god is the right one noone know until the day they die.

  2. You should be allowed to have alternative points of view on different subjects without being blasted out of the water because your do not share the same views be it Rampage Brown or religion.

    You havent been blasted out of the water for a different opinion, The reaction is to the way you have put your views across as if you are better then everyone else and the religion you follow makes you better. It doesn't it makes you narrow minded as you can only see from your point of view and no one elses.

  3. I was just going to ask that as well, Because another that bothers me about preachy religious types is they can never try and be friends with you its always about getting you to go to the church or listen to one of there religious teachers. For me personally if someone wants to join a faith then let them all faiths seems to want to rush your decisions before you've had a chance to think

  4. Maybe the better place idea but I had a idea in my head already and it didnt take believing in god, Just the fact my dad was in a better place. I was a catholic but My priests explanation of my dads death didnt help and turned me away from god. The whole thing with the Jehovah was weird cos I was already questioning heaven and hell anyway and wasnt really what i needed to hear

  5. I can remember just after my dad died I was 7 and somehow the Door Squad made there way into the house(mostly I think my mam needed someone to talk to) Any way they tried to explain where my dad complete with diagrams and pictures. Even at 7 it was a load of shite no religion makes anyone better.

  6. Game of the year for me is SSX, First game ive marked on my calendar for its release date and got as soon as it came out (I normally wait till the games are a bit cheaper) Paid full price for it but as a lover of every single version of the game over the years this was well worth it. With its online play it makes it 100 times better then every other version as well. If anyones got xbox live and this game and think they can beat me look out for SSX PRO.

  7. Imagine Vince having his Subway, and a bloke in a Santino shirt walks in asking if he'd sign KENTA.


    What do you reckon Vince has from Subway? I reckon a foot-long Meatball Marinara. I certainly wouldn't want that interrupted by a wrestling fan.

    This is the only way Vince would eat FACT!!!!!


  8. I recently got rid of Sky Sports, and since then I've found WWE Experience a very enjoyable way to keep up. As Pity said, you get all the main highlights and I personally think just getting the meat and potatoes makes it seem a lot more exciting rather than seeing it as part of a live three hour struggle. I'll watch Raw on Youtube (or Live if I'm up and Chat's on the go) by habit, and I'll be keeping an eye on NXT when the Kevin Nash/Adrian Neville tapings start airing (when's that due, by the way?). I must get round to Main Event too.

    I think its a month behind not too sure when it will air

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