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  1. WAW in conjunction with Pontins are running another wrestling weekender after the huge success of the last one in November. This time he event will be at Pontins Southport 3/4 july 

    there will be a show 

    Friday night 

    saturday afternoon bellatrix female warriors show 

    saturday night the supershow 

    there will be meet n greets photo opportunities and a chance to meet the wrestlers for social n chats 

    there will be a late entertainments bar with live music each night after the wrestling 

    last weekender was fantastic come along be part of the fun 

    more updates to follow 

  2. WAW Wrestling are now taking names for our yearly summer camps class of 2020.
    the camps this year will be August 3-7 WAW, mixed camp.
    August 10-14 all ladies camp, 17-21 kids camp
    The camp is open to beginners and wrestlers looking to go to next level, we will teach all aspects of pro wrestling to help kick start or further your career, The WAW HQ is a one stop shop for all your wrestling needs with cardio and weight room matted area and training ring. The facility is Norwich city centre with access to all your needs.
    training will start at 10am through to 5pm with an hour lunch break.
    The camp will have two full time coaches there, two uk stars Jason Cross and Zak Knight and many guests coming in for seminar including the Knight family of Paige WWE fame as seen portrayed in the movie Fighting with my family.
    we can supply digs in gym if needed so will save on hotels etc .
    The ladies week will be hosted by Saraya Knight whose training techniques have taken her all over the world plus her wrestling which has seen her win titles in 4 different continents.
    kids group is for kids from 6-15 years head coach Zak Knight plus Ben Williment
    This is our tenth year of summer camps with great success, you will be given a certificate for your weeks work with a student of the week trophy voted by all the coaches.

    WAW run up to 200 shows a year and successful students may get opportunity to join our roster.
    the address for the camp is
    7-13 ROSE LANE
    NR1 1PL.
    You can secure you place for the camp with a 50 pounds deposit through paypal waw1994@hotmail.co.uk or pay through WAW mike 07768 528 301.
    cost of camps are
    225 per week if requiring accommodation. WAW and Ladies
    150 per week without accommodation.
    100 per week kids no accommodation provided

  3. i am sure many of you guys on here have made mistakes just lucky you are not in public eye, Paige left home at 18 to a strange place with no back up and has succeeded through all the shit she went through. She reached the very top of her profession before injury killed her in ring career. For the person who said she is not the brightest bulb, she is set up for life financially had a number one uk movie made about her, has a fashion and make up line of her own  and offers pouring in everyday, like it or not she is mega over in the USA not bad for some thick chick from Norwich, Knockers have a look at your own lives, what have you done. Yes its my daughter but in saying that i know how hard she has worked, sacrifices made and what a good business woman she is, never judge a book by its cover. 

  4. On 6/8/2019 at 12:05 PM, TildeGuy~! said:

    Looks like they did a Cody/Dustin spot a week after Double Or Nothing, the crowd are clearly into it.


    hey buddy it was a hug to say well done on being best match on the card and the emotion of a years hard work paying off with 4500 in attendance in little old Norwich 

  5. despite all the knockers we achieved a fantastic near 4500 fans a great day in the community of Norwich who never get to see massive shows, i am very proud of the whole team and i am even happy for a sniffer dog to take some heat, we had many hundreds of non wrestling fans who attended and loved every moment of a great day mission accomplished, will be even bigger next year, heres to our weekender at Pontins Prestatyn in November another first for a UK company, WAW we just keep going and getting stronger.

  6. Can i remind people you dont have to wait for Fightmare 4 to see a WAW Supershow pontins Prestatyn we have a Wrestling weekender 29/30 november 2019 stars already announced Mick Foley Booker T James Storm The whole Knight family many more names to be announced.
    Friday 29th A new Pontins champ will be crowned plus a survivor series 
    Saturday afternoon Bellatrix Female warriors 
    saturday night weekend supertshow 
    meet n greets 
    photo opportunities 
    mix with the stars 
    you can book for just 10 pounds deposit

    book through

    UK Holiday Parks that have been offering Outstanding Value For Money Family Holidays & Specialist Breaks for over 65 years.
  7. WAW are hosting a wrestling weekender at Pontins Prestatyn november 29/30 2019.

    The plan is friday night to find a Pontins champ for appearances 2020 on the Pontins circuit many top UK names have been approached and some signed up already 

    saturday afternoon Bellatrix female warriors take centre stage with top female stars from around the world

    Saturday night will be a supershow including top USA stars and best of Europe Already signed up is hall of famer Booker T . 

    There will be photo opportunities, meet n greets and chance to meet stars up close and personal in a must weekend for wrestling fans 

    for info and booking go to pontins,com/twwp 

    confirmed so far 

    Booker T 

    The whole Knight family 

    more updates coming very soon 

    We are trying to get as many UK companies represented as possible this is a UK wrestling weekend not just WAW  


  8. 7 minutes ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

    Saw it this morning, really enjoyed it; very charming and lots of fun, but balanced the tone really well with serious sequences. Represented wrestling very well too. I liked spotting people like Dave Mastiff and Jody Fleisch in the background, and was that a real Knight wrestling film-Zak in the cage?

    zak was drug dealer roy was in cage 

  9. On 9/18/2018 at 5:05 PM, Freddyjoe said:

    I do believe that Len Davies bought what was left of the rings from Mark Sloan including a 6 sided ring who then ‚Äėgave them‚Äô to Ricky Knight? I‚Äôm sure he could confirm this¬†

    He also was given the tri light trussing that Len also bought off Mark. 

    i had lens ring when he went to USA and sold it to RDW on his behalf months later 

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