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  1. 7 minutes ago, garynysmon said:

    Anyone finding it somewhat suspect that there's been no general mention of Ethan Page whatsoever for several weeks now? Given he's a free agent (supposedly) I'd have thought he'd be WWE bound by now.

    Maybe he's taking a break from wrestling or has been told to keep his plans quiet? He's a man with size so WWE is the obvious choice, but don't count TNA or AEW out. 

  2. It does look like an incredible show with one hell of a line up. Originally was considering going to this but things get in the way. The build up with shows all over the country has been really well planned out. It wouldn't surprise me to see ICW go on to even greater things after this. Can see me buying ICW on demand just to watch this show


    I'm gonna guess his parents didn't make a penny along with a massive loss, I'd guess a loss of about 1400 if the figures I've heard are correct


    How on earth do you spend at least 1400 on a bog standard WMC show? Don't understand why anyone would have more than 5 matches and 8 workers on one. 4 singles and 4 wrestlers doing double duty for a main event tag. It's not like WMC hire is expensive either.

    By paying stupid money for wrestlers. Danny O'Docherty (or something similar) came out with a figure of £80 to be a manager so that may be something...
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