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  1. I too like Alex Riley, his hair is a bit shit in that Baron Corbin way but he seems pretty good. He has a good presence in the ring, he looks like he'd have been at home in the mid card in the late 80's early 90's.


    In other news The Miz is (and always has been) a fantastic heel. I'll fight anyone that says otherwise. Flippin' great to see him get a bit of a push with some more TV time, the IC title and Maryse. I reckon he could have one more main event run. I'd love to see them add an entourage to his act.


    I really like Zack Ryder too, apart from his hair which has been the same for years. He's a classic plucky babyface. More character than Cesaro anyway.

  2. He gave Aries a fair smack didn't he? He still needs to sort that hair out. I really like him, and just look at how far he's come in a year. His promos are pretty good now. he used to scream and shout, but he had lots of control in his tone and level now. The best he's looked was probably giving Aries a kicking and throwning that tshirt at Regal.


    Was a touch disappointed with this NXT. I loved the videos, especially that Bayley v Asuka video. However, Jordan/Gable watching The Revival on the tv in the back didn't get me excited. I thought they'd be out in thier face or The Revival might attack them after thier match. TakeOver Dallas is still gonna be awesome, but there a few matches I felt didn't get a good final build up moment on this show.

  3. I found this doc on the I-player called Smack 'em Up about a Pro-wrestler in Japan who is going to the WWE, it was in the recommended after I watched another doc. I thought a good chunk of you would find it interesting.

    Ummm...Yeah! Only Finn Balor innit? :) it's a fantastic documentary.


    Anyone watching Making A Murderer on Netflix? It's utterly superb. I've watched 5 episodes so far. An absolute must watch.

  4. Maybe it's listening to the SCG podcast and already lamenting the devaluation of the Survivor Series PPV, but I'm positively livid that they gave away a traditional Survivors style eliminator featuring talent the calibre of Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose and New Day on fucking Raw. When you're watching shite eliminators on the show itself featuring your Matadores etc, that match will linger in the memory as a "lets have a look at what you could have won" like 1999 all over again.


    I know not everyone enjoys a good Survivors as much as me but.... shit.


    I'm with you Raid. It was pretty good but...why? It more or less confirms that the concept is meaningless to them. (as if we didn't know that) and we probably won't see many good ones at Survivor Series. Oh well. Roman Reign's superman punch #outtanowhere could easily catch fire. It's awesome.


    Glad to see the Usos back though. I think they are a fresh pairing for the New Day and I reckon them vs The Dudleys might be great too.


    Few thoughts...Do Ryback's singlets get shitter everyweek? Paige is way more tolerable as a heel. I do love Jack Swagger, he's a talented lad in the ring so I hope they do something with him...

  5. I loved the fatal four way. The pop up power bomb to superman punch was freaking amazing! Reigns is incredible and it just saddens me that there is still boo boys in the crowd. Its WWE's own fault I suppose but the man is one hell of a in ring performer these days. He's got an incredible aura about him too. Just don't give him horrible stuff to say...


    He needs to be taking the belt from Rollins at Survivor Series.


    Rest of the show was really good wasn't it? Well at least there were plenty of good matches and the Wyatt Family were good. Giving them purpose is probably the best thing for them and I cant wait for SS now for team Wyatt vs team Undertaker.


    There's still all the usual disappointing stuff, Rusev stuck in oblivion, the Dudleys being shit, Ryback and his horrible singlets. Nobody having a real purpose. Those random 6 mans. All filler guff really, but at least there is some excitement to the proceedings.

  6. I hope its not Crews vs Balor in London, Crews seems good and sure they'd have a great match but can see it being a dull build up I'd rather see Balor vs Joe or something, 


    I could see Regal vs Breeze in London if hes still on nxt since Tyler keeps asking for challenges etc


    Well I could see a defence on the normal show on the cards. I don't think Crews v Balor has a Takeover feel, while Joe v Balor definitely does. Maybe Rhino or Corbin could cost Crews the title or something, then he could move over to that. 


    Hard to know what they have planned cause Balor is ready to go up too.


    And on the crowd thing...Well, every crowd is annoying these days, at times. Any crowd that chants 'What' immediately makes me hate them. Raw usually either has a bunch or tossers or people that sit on their hands the whole time, but who could blame either of them really? NXT has had a few dicks, one on Brooklyn chanting 'What' at Regal when he was on the screen announcing the Dusty Rhodes classic springs to mind. Then the ones that chanted for Breeze...There is a line between being a part of something and not feeling like you got your moneys worth (Raw) and chanting like some self entitled bell end (NXT). So, I don't know where the happy medium is...

  7. Rhyno is fun to have on the show isn't he? He's like a proper throwback to a different era, still looks and talks like he did in his ECW days. He's got the old school gravelly-voiced corny promo work complete with gurning facials, slimy long hair and shiny tanned muscles. He looks like the nineties, so just seeing him out there makes me smile.


    Even the way he was filmed this week doing that promo before the battle royal reminded me of ECW. I really like Rhyno and it's nice to see him most weeks. I kinda wish Kendrick had stuck around too.

  8. I thought Baron Corbin put in a decent shift in the Battle Royal and played his part in the final sequence with Crews admirably.


    Between this and two decent tag matches at Takeover, he's definitely coming along in terms of the in-ring side.


    Yeah good call. I liked his match with Joe at Respect too, it was the first time I actually really enjoyed him as a performer. Both in the video package and the match itself. It definately shows how NXT is developing people. I still hate his stupid hair though.

  9. Her mannerisms reminded me a bit of boytoy Shawn Michaels. I think she's really great, and with plenty of time to develop she could be very special to nxt and eventually on the main roster.


    Interesting to see the new crop of ladies in nxt.


    And James Storm! Amazing. Hope he recaptures some of that momentum he had when he was on the cusp of something in TNA. Seeing him lead the shite revolution was heartbreaking...

  10. Eh hey.


    Not sure where else to turn. My long distance girlfriend of a year and a half just finished with me today. It was probably equally my fault too as I had seen it coming for some time but I was always the one trying to fix it, yet if we argued she'd be the one saying we were through. Regardless I gave all of myself to it and I sometimes wondered if she did the same. I don't really know what to do or who to talk to so I thought I'd express myself on an internet forum. 


    It is a long story, but I don't know how to feel. I thought I'd be balling my eyes out, but I feel relieved for now. Just went through photos and got rid of everything, not sure if that was a good idea or not. It still feels like a fresh wound even though it's been happening for a long time.


    Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated...

  11. Court Bauer is awful. I'm amazed he's still around. His track record is truly abysmal. First he ran a shit promotion, then he worked as a writer for WWE during one of the most barren creative periods in the history of the company, and just recently he masterminded the single worst PPV to ever be sold in the US not named Heores of Wrestling. His only value to the podcasts he's on are shilling his shit and crying over Gary Hart.


    This is wrestling tbf. You get chance after chance if you worked for WWE...even if you are a complete failure...

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