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  1. For selfish reasons I hope that Hulk Hogan never wrestles again as it means I was in attendance for his last recorded match (6 man tag at a TNA house show in Manchester, complete with red trackie bottoms).
  2. Don't get me started on that 90's spot of the wrestler inside the ring tugging on the top rope while his opponent was stood on the ring apron while also holding the rope, causing him to somehow flip over into the ring. In a more modern annoyance, there is way too much of the crowd of wrestlers standing around for ages and waiting to catch a wrestler taking a big bump onto them.
  3. Addressing an earlier point on match quality being shit, one of the reasons why most Raw episodes of the time are so easy to watch is because many of the TV matches were two mins long. The Pay Per View and select big matches stick out because they were different to what was being presented on TV every week. Yes they had stopped using jobbers due to the ratings war, but most matches were a vehicle to move a storyline on. There wasn't a mindset that every match has to be a technical 20 min wrestling clinic for no real reason at all. I won't deny that certain stuff has aged terribly. But at a time when people's attention spans are shorter than they even were back then, I firmly believe that wrestling has no interest at all in becoming popular to the masses ever again if it thinks that longer matches and appealing to a certain hardcore demographic (who admittedly will spend more of their income than casuals) is the way forward. We're living in a time where media is being consumed in condensed formats and short video clips like never before. They could easily have every wrestler involved in some kind of angle or storyline if they wanted, instead of a string of meaningless but technically sound matches. While the more bawdy elements wouldn't work in 2020, the basic formula would.
  4. Match quality and the actual in-ring action is a massively overstated part of the overall presentation.
  5. Based on some of the images of "questionable" social distancing observed during VE Day street parties, imagine the Daily Mail's uproar has it been a load of Muslims outside a Mosque or something? Obviously fine as long as its the "right kind" of celebration. Personally, I think that any celebrations are in bad taste during this time, no matter how many feet they are away from each other. Edit: I stand corrected, its the BBC's fault. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1280013/BBC-news-coronavirus-social-distancing-ignored-ve-day-celebrations
  6. He was in the WWE? Only remember him in TNA in the Rock n Rave infection. Bloody hell, just googled him and he's 43! Another up and comer then.
  7. Where I live, Aldi/Lidl are the best for this by far and its relatively quiet. The ASDA is atrocious and while I obviously understand why, walking around a supermarket where everyone is wearing face masks freaks me out no end. From a Welsh point of view, I am disgusted by the UK Gov't briefing and the coverage plastered across the papers this morning, not only for the triumphism but the lack of regard for areas outside of London. There is accepted evidence that parts of rural north Wales (where I live) has yet to hit its own peak, yet its being plastered across everywhere that the lockdown is essentially over. Sadly there is no Welsh press to speak of, but even if we had one, the hoardes of holidaymakers from Merseyside and Lancashire wouldn't see it anyway, and are going to arrive here in droves despite the Welsh Government being well within its rights to maintain our lockdown for as long as it sees fit.
  8. I'm not anti-war by conviction, as there are times when its justified, but anything that glorifies the military or puts it on a pedestal winds me up no end. There's been a creeping in of American-style hero worship over the past few years, which is about as much bollocks as religion. In fairness the whole British nationalist jingoism that has hijacked such occasions goes against my political persuasions anyway, so I'll be ignoring the whole thing. This is not Remembrance Sunday, which is a different matter altogether (although also sadly hijacked).
  9. Fair play to Bret Rico, he's versatile if nothing else if he can portray four different men and a woman.
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