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  1. At one stage i had it down to such a fine art i could figure out the VOX analogue teletext in german as it had a page for "Erotikk Spielen" or something to that effect which was basically a page dedicated to TV listings for the coming weeks smut.


    :laugh: Same here.

  2. If I were ever to get a Tattoo, it would be of my Avatar, which is the Badge of the Football Association of Wales, which is probably the only thing I feel strongly about enough to get one of.


    I was pretty confident that's a badge that will never get changed either, but got randomly talking to someone who works at the FA today at a game, who said they are in the middle of designing a new badge. So I better think over this one again!

  3. PS; Anyone done more than 7 times in one day?


    Regrettably yes. I reached the magic 10 one day when I was 13-14, and made the mistake of blurting it out to my mates when we were discussing embarassing shit we used to do when younger. It's a constant source of piss taking, and rightfully so probably.



    Nowadays, after finishing the deed, so to speak, Porn just disgusts me and I can't wait to get rid of it from the screen. Weird, that.

  4. I can't be arsed with DVD's without a Documentary to go with it. I can pick up the matches elsewhere, but the Doc makes the Disc i.m.o.


    Looking forward to the TNA Asylum one as I haven't seen much of their stuff from way back, and obviously The Brain's.

  5. Pobol y Cwm is shown without Subtitles on S4C every evening, but the Sunday omnibus is shown with Subtitles.


    BBC is obliged to provide S4C with x hours of Welsh programming every year, for free. S4C isn't owned by the BBC though.


    BBC does have it's own Welsh Language Radio Station though, BBC Radio Cymru (whom i've tried for a job for so many times you won't believe).


    Before my time, but Pobol y Cwm used to be shown every afternnon on BBC2 with Subtities. But was taken off because they received so many complaints.

  6. Pobol Y Cwm is shit hot, and easily the best British soap at the mo.


    It's the only Soap I watch too. Although Eileen and that boring farm story is just a waste of space.


    Yeah, but fit Sioned is in prison. I'm hoping that she'll discover the joys of Same Sex gallavanting, much like Iolo did with Sioned's fella.


    That's one way of putting it I suppose :laugh:


    There's an unusually high concentration of North Walians living in Cwmderi, which is rather odd for a little village in Carmarthenshire.

  7. I've seen the Gene Okerlund one on PWT, is it worth a watch?

    I quite enjoyed it, he's so enthusiastic and tells some fun stories. Although I can never decide quite whether I think Gene is an utter legend or a name-dropping pain in the neck.


    I enjoyed it. Recommended for anyone else to watch.


    Thumbs up from me :thumbsup:

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