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  1. 59 minutes ago, BomberPat said:

    Gran Akuma on Twitter pitched that the best outcome of the Impact relationship would be if it tied into the video game turning out to be an AEW Vs. The World deal - apparently they said there were aspects of the game they couldn't talk about it because it would spoil future plans, and involvement from Impact could have been it. If they can get a few names from other promotions involved, it could help it stand out from WWE games in a different way, as well as having some nice WCW game nostalgia attached to it. In an ideal world, I'd see them aiming to do a "Vs. The World" themed PPV to tie in with the release date too.

    I never considered that, but Impact did withdraw their trademarks from an in-development game not too long ago and Scott D'amore was pretty positive about Impact video game involvement in a recent interview. Potential for an add-on DLC pack or something?

  2. 4 minutes ago, BomberPat said:

    I imagine we'll get some childhood wish fulfilment stuff with Cody teaming with Sting. Maybe that will end up being the deal for the Shaq match - rather than trusting him to carry a whole match, we end up with Cody & Sting vs. Shaq & Whoever.

    Yeah, can't see Sting wrestling a straight-up singles match but a tag team effort or something involving a lot of smoke and mirrors makes a lot of sense.

    Personally not sure about having Sting as a full-time weekly character though. Even in TNA he seemed to come and go, and while there's more worth than the fleeting appearances the WWE were using him for, having him on weekly at this stage kills a bit of the allure for me. What exactly can he do apart from walk down the aisle and look menacing?

    Mind you, bring back Joker Sting and I take my words back.

  3. 12 minutes ago, RedRooster said:

    A kind of developmental-lite relationship with Impact Wrestling might work, I'd not considered that. There's certainly enough quality on Dark that Impact could benefit from using. 

    Impact's roster being so compact and having two hours to fill every week means that most match ups feel a bit samey, which I suppose is almost the opposite problem to AEW. Not the worst idea ever and probably benefits all parties, especially after this current storyline has died down.

  4. 2 hours ago, DavidB6937 said:

    Out of interest, when was the last time you watched it? It's been a really solid show over the past few years, even if no one watches it. I don't have time to watch it regularly but I've dipped in and out. They've really benefitted from just doing their own thing and not really being under the pressure of competing with WWE.

     I think its clear that Impact will be the junior partner in all of this and I'm sure that Callis etc will be comfortable with that.

    There are always a few who refuse to acknowledge that things have moved on since 2015 and that cheques aren't bouncing and Dixie isn't running the show any more, but Impact these days pretty much a whole different promotion apart from the tape library. 

    A lot of intriguing matches in the offing and while I know more about the Impact roster than AEW's (other than the recent departures), I know they will impress a lot of AEW's fanbase who many not have been following their careers. 

    My main hope is that they don't go all WCW Invasion and have AEW wrestlers 'defecting' to Impact. I suppose they already have with Omega, but at least keep the companies separate.  

    Suppose I'll have to start watching Dynamite again!

  5. On 11/12/2020 at 12:02 PM, garynysmon said:

    Basically my minor annoyances are all due to my chronic impatience.

    In the latest installment of this, today I walked 10 minutes to another shop at the other end of town as I couldn't be arsed joining the four person queue at the bakery right near my house.

  6. I don't get how some people are so fucking gormless tbh.

    You'd think that everyone would be more aware of spacial awareness these days, but I popped to Asda at lunchtime and there were so many people wandering around aimlessly and blocking aisles in every way possible thus forcing people to brush past them.

    Also, are we not bothering with the arrows telling people direction which direction they should travel in now? Seems totally pointless if everyone is ignoring them anyway.

    Honestly I feel ten times more Covid secure in the pub on a Friday night than wandering around a supermarket, yet some are only too happy to call for their closure.

  7. On 11/21/2020 at 1:59 PM, air_raid said:

    International football.

    Used to absolutely love it, now just see it as chance for my clubs players to get injured in (usually) inconsequential games.

    Off topic sorry, but this seems to be a particularly English trait.

    I wonder if its because England qualify pretty easily for every major tournament that they see it as a big waste of time? Because by the time tournaments roll around its all "Its coming home" and everyone on the bandwagon, so surely its not that bad? But the idea that qualification is seen as just a major inconvenience strikes me as more than a little odd.

    For the likes of Wales and every European nation outside of the big six or so, qualification is a big deal and a genuine national achievement. It took us 58 fucking years, so you can bet that we'll savour every second. 

    There are no major professional clubs within an hour and a half's drive and so most decent level football feels a bit remote, not to mention getting more disillusioned with age in regards to the Premier League (although I've have appreciated it more during Covid when I've had no local teams to go and watch).

    But I genuinely look forward to the next international break and hate this four month gap between November and March with no games. (In fairness this was even the case when Wales were total gash).

    Me and my mates go to most home and away games, so the fact that they're only every few months means we can save up for the next Wales Away trip to god knows where in Europe (and sometimes beyond), is what we all live for really. (Most away games are actually more convenient to get to than that shite eight hour round trip by car to Cardiff) 

    The fact that the games are only occasional helps with the saving etc of course, but when you all follow different club teams its nice when you have the same team to support. 

    The number of new people I've met and mates I've made on these trips is something I'll always savour, can't imagine being into football anywhere near the level I am without it tbh.

    Despite the fact that it's not really pure at all, its still the purest form of the game there is.

  8. 1 hour ago, BomberPat said:

    They can't really do that, though, because they've done it so many times before. If The Undertaker's buried or shoved in a coffin or whatever, that's a signal that he's coming back at the Royal Rumble, not that he's gone forever. 

    I blame the Ric Flair retirement being the first high profile retirement of this "era", and having all his mates come out and pay tribute. People think that's what a retirement has to look like, so they had to do the exact same thing for Undertaker. I'm not suggesting he should have gone out like Hogan, wrestling a Dudley Boy on a Manchester house show, but the idea that everyone gets this huge send-off is a bit of a modern invention.

    I don't necessarily think its a bad thing either, and is certainly better than my childhood when wrestlers just disappeared off the face of the earth overnight. I'm convinced I spent the whole of 1993 wondering why the fuck the Big Bossman wasn't on WWF Superstars anymore (and those WWF Magazine bastards lying that he'd be back soon).

    Flair's retirement was pretty unique but just because it worked for him (only for Flair to be still standing on turnbuckles having his tights pulled down by Doug Williams and showing his saggy arse on TNA house shows 18 months later), it needn't be the case for every longstanding wrestler.

    But hey, they'll milk any moment now and wring out any genuine emotion until it ends up being the overproduced mishmash it is. 

    The perfect sendoff for the Undertaker was that Wrestlemania when he left his gear in the ring after he lost. It fit his character to a tee. If he wanted to continue after that then the real moment to say goodbye was gone tbh.

  9. Being the nostalgia perve that I am, I obviously sought out this segment this morning just to see the state of some of the old guard by now (with an eye on next year's deathpool).

    Fuck me, they might as well have wheeled out the Godwinns in their Tex Slazenger and Shanghai Pierce getup, at least Ric Flair would have had a fighting chance of knowing who they were then.

    But echo was a lot of others have said really, the Undertaker's farewell belongs in front of a crowd. I know this was the 30 year anniversary and all, nothing comes across as it should in an empty arena and everyone would have understood had they held it back.

    On a side note, I don't know how people can abide watching 3 hour shows with those bloody screens in the background showing smelly fuckers sat in their mother's bedrooms.


  10. 48 minutes ago, The Cutting Edge said:

    To think what we could've had with a heel attitude era Diesel 

    People are probably bored of me going on about this, but its criminal that Diesel only got interesting after his heel turn in late 95/early 96, and six months later he was gone. His smiley babyface title run was total cack, its hardly surprising and not really his fault that 1995 didn't smash any box office records.

    Its a bit similar with Jake Roberts for me. Was never arsed about face Jake the Snake  but that heel run from the summer of 91 to the sping of 92? Another fantastic incarnation that was prematurely ended.

    That said, without Kevin Nash leaving for WCW in 1996 we may never have got the nWo, and that wasn't bad was it?

  11. My favourite spot from that era was Ahmed Johnson giving someone from the Nation a Pearl River Plunge through the French announce booth, only for poor Jacques Rougeau Jr to try and continue broadcasting from the wreck that was left behind. One of the few spots that legit cracked up my dad, who generally hates wrestling.


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