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  1. That sounds awesome, and is a clear reflection on you and what you're capable of. Many congratulations!
  2. As a keen follower of Midway Mayhem on YouTube (he covers all the major US theme parks) I’m still amazed at how blasé people are over in Florida. He’s at Universal a lot at the moment covering the new Jurassic World coaster and a couple of days ago the park was “at capacity”. It looked horrendous. It just made me wonder how many previously perfectly healthy people left for home having become infected.
  3. This week’s list: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/the-birds-4k-ps399-psycho-4k-ps399-resident-evil-4k-ps499-at-itunes-3565692
  4. For me, the biggest improvement of 4K content generally is the higher bitrate. As well as a jump in pixel count, you’re also getting far less compression. Im amazed at how much quality Netflix can get with such a relatively low bitrate. That all said, I still find an Apple TV 4K a worthy investment if movies are your thing. iTunes have weekly offers and I’ve picked up loads of new films in 4K HDR for a few quid. As an example, 2 months after Darkest Hour, 3 Billboards and Logan came out, I bought them all to own for £2.99 each in glorious 4K HDR. I also believe iTunes to offer the be
  5. @wordsfromleeDamn, 17 mins too late.
  6. Having spent 24 weeks shielding at home with my wife without leaving the house or welcoming visitors, it’s really beginning to irk us both that the family over the road can’t count to six. Ever since the rule of six came into force, they’ve had several cars turn up every Saturday, and last weekend, had 12 different people arrive in 5 different cars. My wife had to return to work for the new school term, and to be fair, the school have done really well making things comply. She was given a full risk assessment and was classed as being the highest risk. She has to get to work ever earl
  7. Those PDFs looked incredible. I bought the SNES one thinking it would be a brief summary of the system and it was over 760 pages!
  8. I came here to very highly recommend The Encyclopedia of Game Machines, that was released in 2012 and updated in 2015. But, it appears to now be quite hard to get hold of and commands a high price on Amazon. But if you can get a copy on eBay, it's a really good book. https://www.funstockretro.co.uk/the-encyclopedia-of-game-machines
  9. Not forgetting Zombie Revenge, 18 Wheeler, Soul Calibre and Metropolis Street Racer 👍 Edit: I forgot Virtua Tennis (and probably about 20 others)
  10. The England side was a Kevin Pressman away from being a England B team for sure. When did they stop having B teams anyway?
  11. I bloody love Chu Chu Rocket, but having replayed it recently I’ve realised it is easily the world’s most stressful game. “Place a-gain!”
  12. Yes please. https://metro.co.uk/2020/10/08/dreamcast-mini-could-be-sega-next-mini-console-says-mega-drive-mini-creator-13390084/
  13. Would share all of the Big Train love, it was superb (despite Glinner). The end sketch of the first episode always makes me laugh a lot and is one of the first sketches I think of in such instances. And there's also Tom Henderson And Future Cop
  14. I've just bought a new telly and Currys have given me a 6 month Spotify Premium pass for free. As I already have Spotify, DM me and it's yours.
  15. Billy Gunn making Brock Lesnar look ‘small’.
  16. I know consoles are basically PCs now, but I’m finding the whole next gen confusing as fuck with regard to what games are actually next gen games. I can handle a PC game having min/recommended specs and know there will be a varying scale of graphical and performance quality depending on how good your PC is, but I guess I can’t get my head around the idea of buying a game and knowing it’ll run on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Part of getting a console has always been about owning a generational leap in power and graphical fidelity, but this generation doesn’t feel like that. Un
  17. I honestly had no idea South Park was still going. I have to take my hat off if it’s still the same people still coming up with ideas after so many years. If it still makes them money, that’s a big thing, but I’d have thought it must get tiresome.
  18. Nick Patrick had my favourite 3-count style of any ref. Bloody loved him I did.
  19. Cavani to Man Utd is such a Man Utd-type transfer. Apart from Zlatalan, has any beyond-their-best 30+ striker been decent for the them? £350k a week is also madness. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54404308
  20. 180+ hours on BoTW. Still haven’t completed it though. There’s a guy at work who has clocked up 536 hours on Kerbel Space Program, and 785 hours on Company of Heroes 2.
  21. Nice, thanks for reminding me of this. Might have to get Mrs Scratch involved as that sounds like fun.
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