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  1. This could have gone in one of many threads but it seems most appropriate here https://metro.co.uk/2021/09/16/margaret-thatcher-rises-from-her-grave-in-doom-mod-thatchers-techbase-15267847/
  2. I bloody love Sir Clive, I have an awful lot to thank him for. However he will always remind me of the excellent Micro Men, especially the best reaction to bad news ever.
  3. Some top shithousery from the Leicester mascot yesterday. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CTuZ_KejUU0/?utm_medium=copy_link
  4. Animal rescue centre told planning bid 'proper whack' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-58487855
  5. Football Manager 2022 is coming to GamePass on Xbox and PC for launch. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/football-manager-2022-launching-day-one-with-xbox-game-pass-3791005
  6. That was gold. The lime and soda I was drinking went right up my nose when I laughed at the end and made me sneeze like a bugger.
  7. It does make you realise that for decades after TV became available, you really did have to be something special to get on it. Seems anyone can give it a go now.
  8. Anyone credited for being the voice of Dancing on Ice should be nowhere near our national sport. See also Robot Wars.
  9. I just got in and The One Show is on. Jermaine Jenas now appears to be hosting and he’s even worse at doing that than he is football punditry. How the feck did he get a presenting gig, let alone a prime time BBC one? Who else has achieved such prominence without demonstrating any competence whatsoever? I’m not looking at MPs here, that would be too easy. And there are many examples of successful musical acts who have limited singing ability, but you usually see something that at least a legitimises their position. Jenas is just shit.
  10. We’ve just finished series 4 of Luther. Is it safe to assume it just keeps getting dafter and dafter?
  11. Agreed, 100%, but it’s the other main story in particular. Again, not wanting to spoil it but
  12. That may have been a tad unfair of me and probably not in the spirit of the thread, but watching again having witnessed almost 20 years of social media evolution and how many people can be very easily outraged, it kinds of stands out in 2021 given the main story line of series one (being careful not to add spoilers if you’ve never seen it). I have to confess I’m not a gay man and have never experienced the scene that the show shines a bright line on, however, the show does beautifully capture pre-millennium life with its vibe, soundtrack and the interactions between the main characters and their wider circle of friends and family. I guess it just makes you realise that some of the content probably wouldn’t make it to air now as channels would be too fearful of doing so. So the show probably hasn’t aged badly as such, but having thought more about it, it probably shows how society has aged badly.
  13. Someone new on the staff list at my mate’s place of work. It’s outstanding whichever way round the names are.
  14. My wife was obsessed with Queer as Folk when it first aired and made me watch it when we started seeing each at the end of the last century(!). She put the first couple of episodes on the other day and it was painful to watch.
  15. As I’ve almost certainly mentioned in here to death, I was a contestant on Games World in 1994 and the whole thing was really quite magical. Despite Bob Mills being a horrendous cunt all day, it was brilliant. I often wonder what became of the angry kid, expecting to see the man he became on the news one day.
  16. @DavidB6937Amazing, I’ve never heard of that before. I’d love a go at Sega Rally or Daytona right now.
  17. Me and my best mate are (were) regular visitors to the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge and bloody love the place. They make an immense effort to keep things fresh and put on themed nights. Their retro gaming nights are superb, and all the staff are great. They often buy in a tonne of massive takeaway pizzas and put them in the foyer for their event nights, and everyone comes together to eat and chat with a £1/slice honesty box. They also have a local craft beer dude come and sell nice pints of ale. Its one of the few places I’ve truly missed going to since the pandemic. https://www.computinghistory.org.uk
  18. My cousins were in Hi-de-Hi.
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