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  1. scratchdj

    Chippy Tea

    Enjoyed this beautiful plate of haddock and chips today in Felixstowe. The Regal really is a place to behold.
  2. Liverpool are supposedly moving to Nike as of the 20/21 season 😔
  3. Liverpool's new kit is rather awesome and a nod back to the Paisley era:
  4. Daisy Horse turned 19 last week. Still going strong and still an absolute beaut!
  5. I was reading how other versions of Forbidden Journey temporarily had 3D, whereas Orlando never has. When I first rode it, it was one thing that stood out as being an obvious omission. Whilst the screen parts are good, I’m curious why it’s not done in 3D when almost every other projected ride is. Same for Fast & Furious.
  6. You mean Forbidden Journey? I can’t say it made either of us feel ill and didn’t feel any different to a couple of years ago.
  7. You can get 3 months of GamePass for £1 at the moment. That’s worth it for Forza Horizon 4 alone. https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-game-pass?OCID=AID736704_OLA_22541435_244120807_114762031
  8. We’re now heading back to the airport and have had the most incredible week of fun. As I said before, the photo package was brilliant at the offer price we got it for. As we’re back in August before a cruise, we upgraded our ticket to an annual pass for around £50 each - a huge saving over the cost of another 2 week ticket. Seems mad to live over 4,000 miles away and to have an annual pass, but the saving alone makes it a no brained. We may even try to squeeze a visit over Christmas. Here are a selection of photos we got done on the package, in case anyone was considering getting one.
  9. Is it the long moustache or the heavy tan?
  10. We just got stuck on Kong and had to be evacuated. Great fun!
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