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  1. Indian takeaways need to number their dishes like Chinese takeaways do.
  2. This isn’t too bad without having to worry about foreign markets/VPNs etc https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xbox-one-12-months-xbox-live-gold-membership-ps3479-at-cdkeys-3679542
  3. We ordered a curry from our local place via JustEat a couple of weeks ago. It was 1hr 40mins late and stone cold when it arrived. JustEat said the “best” they could offer was a £20 voucher for my next order (the whole lot came to a few pence shy of £40). I asked for a supervisor to phone me, which to my surprise, they did. She offered me the “very best” of a £25 voucher but I held firm. 5 minutes on hold and they gave me the full refund. They’re fucking sharks.
  4. I don’t wish to pour cold waster on your parade, you seem very committed to this, but in the past three pages you’ve proven beyond any doubt that you don’t have the first clue in what you’re doing organising an event of any scale, let alone one for 1,500 people in an industry you’ve openly acknowledged to know nothing about. From one human to another, please, please, quit now and focus on the health, financial security and well-being of your family. Take it from someone who has seen similar ventures lose thousands and thousands of pounds, all due to the same mistakes you’re making in publ
  5. There’s a passing similarity between Brian and Howard Hamlin from Better Call Saul, certainly in the picture on the BBC page.
  6. I said this a while back, but I still stand by it. After Savile, the general mood in this country seems to have changed with regard to abuse of several kinds. The bar was set so high then, in terms of celebrity and severity, and was in the news for so long, I honestly feel that the average person now generally doesn’t have much of a subconscious reaction to anything that came after it. Even Rolf got quite an “easy” ride at the time, because most felt they’d already seen it all and he was just another name on a ever-growing yet ever-forgettable list of people and their wrongdoings. It’s ho
  7. If Kane goes, I’m going to be very interested to see who they get in to try and replace him. Who could they seriously attract who’s going to be wooed by the fact they have a great stadium? Spurs are below where they should be at the moment, but a Spurs without Kane might just about be where they are right now anyway.
  8. Brock and Big Show breaking the ring the first time has to be one of the most innovative spots ever. I remember reading about it the morning after it happened and not quite believing what I was reading. It was pulled off perfectly too, which is remarkable given how many variables there were involved. To do that in front of a live crowd knowing you couldn’t set it up and try again if it didn’t work was brilliant.
  9. My dad would always bemoan that it was all fake and make-believe, to which I’d always agree and confirm that I knew, but it was fun and exciting TV which is why I enjoyed it. But it wouldn’t stop him from going on and on how the ‘men in pants’ was fake, like he needed to be sure I wasn’t just agreeing with him for the sake of it. Then I remember coming home from a night out in my late teens and he was still up. When flicking through the channels, I stumbled across Bashido and Gary Albright was killing people left and right. I remember him saying “This is the real stuff, not like the fake
  10. I’m sure this is 100% the same if you work for Hermes.
  11. Exactly the same here. I’m about 54% done on the main story and have been collecting everything as I go, having played for 20 hours. Such a good game.
  12. Just had our test results back and we’re both negative which is a huge fucking relief. It also means I can now venture out of the spare room which is already starting to smell like a zoo.
  13. I’ve always thought Megan Rapinoe to have it incredible aesthetics.
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