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  1. Alex Shane’s started yet another company.
  2. scratchdj


    YouGov has published a poll of "Voting inention" should a General Election be called now. The results are quite alarming with the Brexit Party getting the most votes at 26%. If these numbers were to actually happen, I couldn't even begin to work out what paliament would look like and who would be Prime Minister. You'd assume the Lib Dems and Labour would create a colition, but they'd still have a small minority. Even if the Greens joined, they'd still be short of an overall majority. https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2019/06/14/voting-intention-brex-26-lib-dem-22-lab-19-con-17-
  3. Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure opened today and is getting rave reviews. Dan from Midway Mayhem rode it this morning and put a video review on their Facebook page and gave it 11 out of 10, saying it was awesome. We're back in August and just hope the queues have gone down from the 600 minutes they are at the minute!
  4. That, I don’t know. Worth a try though!
  5. The PIN Sentry machines that the banks give you for online banking are universal. So you can use a Lloyd’s one for Barclays, NatWest etc and vice versa. Handy if you use two banks and have lost one of your doofers.
  6. scratchdj


    Another one does a Jeremy: I’d be interested to know the reaction if a man had made such a mistake and had then claimed it was something that women normally do.
  7. You can upgrade your existing Xbox Live Gold subscription to a Game Pass Unlimited sub for a quid. If you have a Game Pass sub as well, it will add that together. So if you had: 7 months left of Gold + 2 months left of Game Pass Your account would be converted to a Game Pass Ultimate account for 10 months (7 + 2 + 1free) https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/xbox-game-pass-ultimate/cfq7ttc0khs0?irgwc=1&OCID=AID681541_aff_7794_1246483&tduid=(ir__e3nidxawnosscdtiwpishqh90u2xj0a6lxknmzb900)(7794)(1246483)((f8ea26c214bd75d1ebc8afce99189f3a)(266696)(2142931)(0g009g84pw9o)())(f8ea26c214bd75d1ebc8afce99189f3a)&irclickid=_e3nidxawnosscdtiwpishqh90u2xj0a6lxknmzb900&activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab My Gold subscription ran out at the end of March next year and I had 1 month left on Game Pass and it now shows it as being a full Game Pass Unlimited account until May 2020. Pretty good for a pound 👍
  8. Weddings have more people at them than Christenings, and other people are generally shit, so I dread weddings. I hate weddings so much that I often feel remorse from inviting people to my own 9 years ago.
  9. The sad truth is, the World just isn't shocked by anything any more. The speed at which news spreads, the pace at which it is replaced by something else, and the severity of the things that make the news has created a planet full of people who are far less outraged at stuff. In this country, the Savile case set the bar so high that nothing that followed (Harris, Hall, Clifford etc.) was anywhere near as shocking to the average person. I still don't think Rolf Harris got anywhere near the negative reaction he would've got had the story broke 10 years ago. It just wasn't the big deal it should've been to most people. Harvey Weinstein was in the headlines quite a lot, but as soon as the second, third, fourth name came forward, people (quite wrongly) cared less and less. It's really sad that the stories recounted in Ashley's affidavit will soon be forgotten, having basically been ignored by every major news outlet that probably don't deem it sensational enough. The World is shit, basically.
  10. This might not quite be what you’re looking for, but for me, this is the TV Holy Grail. So fuck you all. Me and a mate at work spent years looking for this on YouTube, convinced we’d seen it years prior on some clip show or other and for it to be massively hilarious. As the years passed, YouTube bared no fruit and we began to believe we’d both somehow imagined it. We became sad. And then, one day, somebody uploaded it. We did a kind of impromptu dance. It seemed right. It felt good. We actually paused before watching it, scared that we’d remembered it all wrong and that it would fail to live up to our own massive hype. We needn’t have feared. In a time before fail videos, on demand video and Loose Women stinking up the schedules, I present to you this - the holy grail of TV gaffs. Following its discovery, the hand actions demonstrated here by the ‘Something’s Gotten Hold of my Heart’ hitmaker are regularly used in the office when somebody is caught somewhat on the hop. To do a “Pitney” really is common place, buying it’s executer just that little bit of time before they can think of a response to an otherwise simple question. Edit: Also, Moon Cat
  11. scratchdj

    Top Twitter

    The reply rather than the original video. NSFW
  12. I’m going to miss Paul Hardcastle, but not as much as I did General Adnan this time last year.
  13. Tandy. They never seemed to have the range of the newer stuff like Dixons, Currys or Comet did, but you could get a disco light, low-end Casio keyboard with a basic polka beat and a bag of resisters which was fairly unique for the time. Maplin was shit in comparison. Alan Partridge would never be seen dead in a Maplin.
  14. Ipswich had an incredible game shop in the 80s/early 90s called Software Plus that looked to polished to be a one-off, so I’d be interested to know if anyone else had one? I think it had yellow signage. You could go in and get your Mastertronix cassette games for your Amstrad, C64 or Speccy for £1.99, or the bigger, double-cassette games for £9.99. Then you had the Atari ST and Amiga section and the Master System and NES area. It had everything and was run by proper game fans. I miss those days of gaming when you’d actually reserve something and look forward to spending pocket money on getting it. I got Street Fighter 2 from there on Christmas Eve (they rushed it out the door!) for the Atart ST. It was an utter wank conversion but I loved it to death, and the fact I put my money down and picked it up made it feel so much more than it was.
  15. scratchdj


    Boris Johnson will need to appear in court over his public statements over how much money the UK sends to the EU each week on his big red bus. I said at the time of the referendum that I could see someone high profile being prosecuted for their part in the leave campaign. I’m not sure this will lead to that, but this could be the first of many attempts to bring those that are seen to have lied to justice. I imagine this kind of thing will ramp up somewhat once we leave and the true horror of what that means hits home. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-48445430
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