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  1. About a month before I started seeing my wife back in 1998, I went on my first and only internet date. Well before the days of social media, things were reduced to a few fuzzy photos on whichever dating sites existed back then. We’d been texting throughout the week and had arranged to meet on the Friday night, but last minute she asked to switch it to the Saturday. Not a problem. Anyway, we meet and she was incredibly attractive and we instantly got on really well. 30 minutes had passed and things were going well, until she told me why she’d cancelled the date the night before.
  2. Triple H and Bobby Roode
  3. Exactly the same. I initially had a prostate examination, then an ultrasound then the cystoscopy. Nothing seems to be the problem, so it must just be getting older. Glad I got it checked though, I feel a different man since getting the all clear 👍
  4. Come again? Being over 40 I’ve fully embraced the sit down wee as the important tool that it is. Going for a piss takes far longer than it used to, and the dab/wipe only adds to that. I’ve had all the tests (including a Cystoscopy last Saturday) and there’s nothing serious thankfully, but I can’t see things getting quicker from here on. Also, that Chrome tab photo is beyond superb.
  5. TIL Mo Farah has a twin brother.
  6. Episode 2 was the most I’ve enjoyed Partridge since IAP2. It was the first time I’ve felt I was watching exactly the same character from that series and Coogan nailed all the classic Partridgeisms and mannerisms. I get giddy with excitement every time Ruth Duggan appears, and whilst repeating the same joke over and over isn’t classic Partridge, I absolutely love it and they can keep doing it. I like that Jennie isn’t portrayed as the professional you’re supposed to pitty for having to work with Alan, she plays the nasty bitch really well. I also love the attention Tim Key gives
  7. I can’t help but hum it whenever I see a sausage.
  8. That just reminds me of Tommy Vance in Brass Eye.
  9. Just over 12 hours since my jab and I’m feeling pretty rubbish. I’m hot but cold, have a minor headache and can’t sleep. Hopefully it passes quickly.
  10. Lovely and organised at Clacton-on-Sea, was in and out despite it being quite busy.
  11. scratchdj

    Chippy Tea

    I saw one of his videos yesterday where he turns up a grandma’s house and she makes him a big breakfast that he eats at his own table outside in the street.
  12. I’m glad they’ve kept the running gag of Alan not being able to walk and talk, mistiming his transition from the sofa. It’s the same gag every week, but it never fails to make me laugh quite a lot.
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