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  1. Truly saddens me to read that @Ralphy. I really do hope that the minority of nob heads aren’t going to make a dire situation even worse just because they can’t be told or feel as though they shouldn’t be told. Keeping my fingers crossed for you mate, hope tomorrow is a better day.
  2. Went for a run, I just needed to get out having spent 18 days indoors. It was awful, but only because I felt so ‘wrong’ and it was utterly dead and surreal outside. I kept thinking I was either A) risking our health by doing so or B) going to get stopped and asked where I was going. I saw next to nobody which helped on both concerns, until I turned into a road and saw a full-on street party that I had to either run through or turn right round and go the other way. Music, shouting, dogs, about 12 people. I Called 101 and they said the probably won’t be able to get there due to the high volume of calls about people breaking Covid rules. People really are fucking shit. Edit: this may explain it
  3. I used to love Jerry Lynn but when he showed up in WWE in 2001 he immediately felt out of place. I don’t think he lasted a year before getting released.
  4. I’ve been playing Half Life Alyx all week and it’s easily the best gaming experience I’ve had. Valve have proved just how good VR can be, having made by far the best looking and running VR game I’ve played. It’s stunning. I have a really strong stomach and have never felt motion sickness with VR, but I’m having to limit games to 45mins-ish as it’s so immersive. Last night, something happened that (according to my watch) made my heart rate reach 130bpm. I had to sit down for a moment, but what a rush. I’m using the Index headset and controllers and it’s odd how quickly you just use you VR hands as if they’re real. You can use the Gravity Gloves to whip a can into your hands and either hold it, throw it, or squeeze to crush it. It feels utterly natural. It’s an expensive gaming system for sure, and Alyx is a true standout title amongst an awful lot of shit, but the game is that good it makes the investment feel much more palatable. I think if VR was going to die a death, it would’ve by now. There’re enough 30+ people with enough disposable income to keep it alive whilst the World around them slowly comes around to the idea. I just hope more games of half this quality come out.
  5. I have it on beans on toast and it’s amazing. Has to be Colman’s though.
  6. For a company that supposedly offered a service to the less privileged, providing the essential items some folk would never otherwise afford, they had an awful lot of 70” TVs in the window whenever I walked past.
  7. Something to keep the kids quiet during the lockdown. Several old TV shows for free on YouTube, including He-Man and Bravestarr. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/he-man-she-ra-dogtanian-bravestarr-voltron-bananaman-the-dreamstone-round-the-twist-free-to-watch-at-youtube-official-channels-3430810
  8. Has anyone successfully visited another person’s island in Animal Crossing? My wife tried to visit my island and it just errors every single time.
  9. I couldn’t say I’m afraid, 19 was the first one I’ve owned since 16.
  10. Network adapters (much like WiFi) will only be as good as the conditions in your home. I’ve networked the whole house such was the unreliability of non-hard wired connections. That’s far more easily said than done, though.
  11. I believe so. Although I actually really like 19 and that still seems to be the version to get.
  12. Are you on Xbox, Ralphy? My Gamertag is Pitchfader and would really like some decent folk to play Fifa with.
  13. I’ve mentioned this before in another thread, but I’ve been to many retro conventions over the years, but one of the best ones was when we saw the chap who basically bought Teletext to life. Part of his talk was about how Whitehall had the ability to push a live Teletext-based announcement to TVs in case of a national emergency. Now whilst I’m sure that would’ve been used for very specific, time-sensitive information, it did make me think how differently this whole thing would’ve played out 30 or 40 years ago. I can only imagine the horror that would’ve been felt by Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em being shoved out of the way by a blocky alert telling you a nuke had just gone off. Although I’m sure folk would’ve been less bothered about being told to stay mostly indoors for 12 weeks.
  14. You raise a good point which further makes me question my hatred for it, which, admittedly, is absurd.
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