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  1. I’ll await the ban for it not being Twitter or really wrestling, but here’s Ric Flair in bird form:
  2. There’s an odd market for BBC One shows that span midday, that I’ve only been witness to since lockdown before Bargain Hunt starts. Rip Off Britain might be one of them, but I’ve also seen Caught Red Handed, and Close Calls: Caught on Camera. They share the same traits of having terrible stories, shockingly bad reconstructions and opening/closing sequences that feature graphics from a GCSE school project/a clipart CD ROM. There’s also often a risk of Dom Littlewood being involved. One that was on the other day, with Nick Knowles at the helm, ended with a story of a man who tripped over a tree when it was windy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Dom Littlewood and he wasn’t hurt. Edit: for what it’s worth, and incase you’ve ever wondered, Dom Littlewood is what a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would look like if your removed the outer shell.
  3. That new Southampton kits is sexy as fuck. I’ve always been tempted to get a Saints shirt as we’ve spent quite a bit of time down there and I’m mighty fond of the place. This may be the one.
  4. Just came downstairs for lunch/Bargain Hunt and Sebastian is working the tables today. Raskin-Sharp at the helm though, so it’ll stay on.
  5. Chelsea with a nice alternative to their blue home kit - a blue away kit.
  6. To add to a point I made in another thread about professionalism, it really does feel like there's no such thing anymore. More and more people seem to default to such a low bar in terms of how they conduct themselves in what have always been positions of power, influence and responsibility. Social media is a big part of that, and you may call me a fuddy-duddy, but I miss the times when those that should hold a certain level of respect actually tried to earn it.
  7. I’m pretty fond of the new Bournemouth away kit.
  8. I think I do know I’m dreaming. I certainly have a feeling of “I can’t for morning to try this” as it’s all going on. @Astro Hollywood that’s really interesting. Many of the jokes in my last book came to me whilst I was asleep or in a state of light sleep so it’s definitely a thing.
  9. I’ve never really thought too much about this until seeing the video above, but in my job as a software developer I’ll often have a particular puzzle to crack that I sometimes can’t solve immediately. On more than a few occasions, I’ve gone to bed having not solved a problem and then had a dream in which I write the exact code needed to do what I need to do. In said dreams, I feel in total control, as if I’m at my desk writing code for real. When I wake up, I’ll turn my PC on and write line-for-line the exact code from my dream and it always works. So that’s a bit odd now I think more about it.
  10. Courtesy of Alexa on Monday - 200 years ago, Robert Gibbon Johnson ate a whole basket of tomatoes outside a courthouse to prove that they were safe to eat and not poisonous.
  11. Many people are surprised that Angles by Robbie Williams only reached number 4. Even more odd, as it reeks of a number 2. A big, fat, steaming number 2.
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