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  1. I think that Everton shirt is superb.
  2. I could spend all day moaning about email etiquette, but since when did writing a simple email become “reaching out”? Hey Matt Thanks for reaching out…
  3. I’ve just seen some of the BMX and it’s incredible. It’s like real life Excitebike.
  4. I think I've told the tale here before, but many, many moons ago, me and some mates went to see a show in Clacton-on-Sea. During a match, a heel ran from the back and smashed one of the baby faces over the head with a Casio keyboard(!). It shattered, and a huge, jagged shard of the casing flew out of the ring and landed near the front row. A young lad picked it up and 'frisbeed' it back into the ring. Only problem was, he gave it far too much mustard and the thing arced right around the ring and caught a lady on the other side in the face. There was blood everywhere, and you could just see the kind shrink into his seat, mortified.
  5. I'm someone who's not normally excited by McDonalds, but I happened to be offered a tipple cheese burger via the app the other day for 99p. It was incredibly nice.
  6. Not sure how old your TV is, but we’ve got a couple of the first WebOS sets and they’ve both been flashing up a message over the past few days saying the smart services are currently unavailable. The apps seems to work, though, so not sure if that’s related. It’s the first time we’ve seen the message in the 6 years we’ve owned them.
  7. I like the Drew McIntyre and Dom Littlewood set.
  8. My Bret Hart shirt came today and it’s easily my favourite item of clothing.
  9. I got together with 6 mates and watched this and we all really enjoyed it. It’s nothing amazing, but we were all entertained throughout.
  10. Me and the wife love a cruise, but for obvious reasons haven’t been anywhere near a ship for the past 18 months. My wife has a fairly decent following on her Instagram cruise account and so is in contact with quite a few people who have already gotten itchy feet and have ventured back. One of the strong trends she’s seeing at the moment is Brits coming back into the UK and remarking how lapse everything is with regard to COVID, especially when compared to the European countries they’ve visited on their cruise. One of the accounts she shares stuff with returned today and told her they had to jump through a lot of hoops just to get onboard, completing multiple forms, taking several tests and proving they’d had vaccines etc. Every port they stopped at checked all of this at least three times (once as they left the ship by the cruise company, once as they stood foot on the port and once by the local authorities as they left the port itself. When they returned to the ship, everything was checked multiple times again, including their temperature etc. When they got back to the UK, nothing that they had to get in place to make their trip was checked at all, by anyone. They just arrived back into the country and were free to make their way home. We become somewhat obsessed with cruises over the last few years, to the point where it was looking as though it could become a new career for my wife by way of her social media. Over the last few years we’d managed to go on 31 cruises (humble brag), but neither of us have any interest in going back. I’m not sure if that will ever change, but we certainly can’t see that changing in the near future at least. Add to the fact most require a long flight and the thought of being inside a metal tube for 8 hours make my stomach churn, and we’re both happy to stay at home.
  11. The BBC virtual studios can fuck right off. They look terrible but they seem to be really impressed with themselves and insist on constantly slow-panning around them as if to say “none of this is real, isn’t it clever!?” How Sam Quek got the presenting gig I’ll never know. She’s less natural than the sets. Also, another vote for Soccer Sixes, that looks superb.
  12. I keep meaning to try some of these ideas, some of them look amazing:
  13. I really dislike the Stunner when the leading kick is so tame. I know it’s part of the act, but it can look really weak at times and as the years went on, it became nothing more than a token.
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