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  1. The Microsoft website crashed when I tried to order one there, which is quite worrying considering I'm about to build an Azure platform for a client...
  2. I’ve decided on Xbox so managed to get a pre-order in this morning from Argos. Someone’s put together a size comparison and it really does make the PS5 look like a huge, ugly thing I’m not sure I’d particularly want under/beside my TV. Most TVs are black, for starters.
  3. This is currently £2.02 on Switch on the eShop. I’ve played about an hour and it’s loads of fun.
  4. I used to really enjoy Jim’ll Fix It as a kid.
  5. But look how brilliant it clearly is...
  6. Deep Impact (and any other film that has Tea Leoni in) is ruined by having Tea Leoni in.
  7. Steam is a game store/launcher primarily for PC gaming, but also runs on Linux and MacOS. You buy a game (either directly within Steam, or via a code through a third party), install it and play it. Each game should have its own page, where you can buy it or to read reviews etc. Each game will list the minimum and recommended specs needed for your machine to run the title. Steam is free, you just pay for the games to want to buy.
  8. Having spent my entire life during lockdown working 1 step away from the government front benches to deliver some emergency COVID systems, I very quickly became incredibly annoyed at the phrase “at pace”. “Everyone is working at pace to deliver this system...” ”I realise you’re working at pace, but....” ”We’re looking into this at pace...” I’m not sure I ever heard anyone say this before Rishi Sunak made it his catchphrase soon after we were all told to stay at home. It now feels as though people somehow feel like they can be excused for missing something important jus
  9. Most (if not all) of The Friday/Saturday Night Armistice:
  10. Having seen WWA mentioned in another thread and realising I’d never seen any of it, I checked YouTube. 4 minutes in and this happened.
  11. 100% spot on. It also feels as though drifting is designed to be a big thing, although you don’t need to drift all that much. Many of the tracks you can steer round most corners and don’t need to even brake.
  12. I bought one for my best man as his wedding favour ten years ago. It’s a nice thing to own and look at, but I don’t think he ever bought any more games for it. You could get an emulator (Kega Fusion and Picodrive are decent) and see if there’s anything you like? There aren’t many games, so wouldn’t take long to download the entire back catalogue.
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