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  1. I just watched this in some amazement 😮
  2. It's only The Metro, but this has been picked up: https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/09/uk-wrestler-sacked-attacking-referee-heat-moment-10709603/
  3. You should never go swimming within an hour of eating your tea otherwise you will die.
  4. I’ve just finished my latest project, restoring an old GameBoy Color and replacing the screen with a backlit LCD one. I’m really pleased with the result and I’d forgotten how nice a machine the GameBoy Color was.
  5. Ok, I hear you and that's fair enough. My "real" backup is on LiveDrive, however I setup the RAID as convenience should one of those disks fail. Assuming the other disk and controller are fine as you say (it's all about minimising risk after all), then I won't have to download several terabytes back down from the cloud and can carry on with minimum inconvenience.
  6. Ah yes, but then it really depends on context. For a web server or a file server running a business, absolutely. But for a home server that updates a few files about once a month, it’s a perfectly good solution.
  7. You’ve lost me, sorry...
  8. @Chest Rockwell I have a home server with all our photos, phone videos and movies on. That has a RAID setup so if the drive goes bang I’ve got an immediate backup of everything. Plus, the data is backed up in the cloud using LiveDrive which is really good. It just monitors a given location/locations and uploads what gets added/changed. Costs a little bit, but it’s great value for money and is unlimited.
  9. I got Wreckfest for £17 on Steam and it's loads of fun! It's exactly what a modern-day Destruction Derby should be and makes a lovely change from the more serious racers.
  10. “Violet's very excited to have done her first wee whilst sitting on the loo!” Just, fuck off.
  11. Reese-Mogg there looks just like the school bully, seconds after being called out by someone more powerful as he tries to act cool whilst secretly bricking it when he realises he's about to get his comeuppance. What an utter, utter tool.
  12. I honestly thought that was a picture of Sven-Göran Eriksson.
  13. One that always stuck with me was several years ago on a cruise. The ships normally have huge flights of stairs that go right from the very bottom, right to the very top. We were mulling around on deck 7 and a man and his wife walked up from deck 6. As they got to the top of the stairs, they stood standing at the massive, 8ft tall sign that read “DECK 7” and I heard: Man: Is this deck 8? Wife: No, this is deck 7. Man: So where’s deck 8 then? More recently we were in the travel agents and a youngish couple came in. They explained to the agent that they’d “done Ibiza to death” and wanted something different within a certain budget. Agent: How about Marrakesh? Man: That’s in the Bahamas isn’t it? Girlfriend (before the agent could diplomatically correct her boyfriend): No you twat, it’s in India. I’m not going to India!
  14. The SNES-style controllers they do are really good.
  15. The main 8bitdo controllers are Bluetooth and don’t list Xbox/PS4 as being compatible. However, they do make an adapter: https://www.8bitdo.com/wireless-usb-adapter/
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