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  1. If he hadn’t made noises about not working again, there’d be loads of clubs after him just because he’s known to have managed some football teams before. Steve Bruce, Mark Hughes, Neil Warnock, Sam Allardyce and Steve Coppell must’ve managed every team in England between them by now. In no other line of work could you be so publicly shit at your job, have your firing reported far and wide, yet find competitors lining up to pay you millions to be equally shit for them.
  2. Me and my wife bloody loved Squid Game, everything about it was superb and I didn't groan at the twist at the end which is good sign. 067 was indeed awesome and you couldn't help but root for her. She seemed to be the most likeable one in there, despite being cold and largely solitary. The only thing that bothers me about such things (and it's a personal thing), is I spend countless epsidoes wondering what the bloke behind the mask looks like and being desperate for him to show his face, only to be disappointed when he does as the mystique has suddenly gone (see also Kane, Kendo Nagasakki, Mr America etc..). As brilliant as all the games were, I now find myself far more interested in the back story and the inner workings of it all. In fact, I hope series 2 doesn't have any games at all, as I think that could soon jump the shark a bit. The initial shock was soon bettered by the characters themselves, and that's far more entertaining telly. But yes, it was excellent from start to finish and I can't wait for a series 2.
  3. I feel I must add that almost everything I own is in one of a thousand boxes ahead a house move in a few days, so the UKFF has certainly seen the worst of what I still own. The more I think about it, the more that pie disappointed me. Even at £1.49 I feel shortchanged.
  4. You live and learn. Luckily, I'm still able to live and I've learned never to bother again.
  5. Taken about 30 mins ago. You wouldn’t be able to crack an egg in it, sadly. It was incredibly bland. IMG_2383.MP4
  6. I think Mr America fooled more people.
  7. I’m well into Metroid Dread now and absolutely loving it. You can take your super-duper graphics and ray tracing, when a 2D game runs and plays this well, there’s little like it.
  8. The Great Khali squeezing Charles Robinson’s head.
  9. I’ve said it before, but Ghostbusters 2.
  10. “Ninety quid?!” I thought. But then I noticed it’s for 2…
  11. That’s just Heinz beans then.
  12. How Heinz haven’t been properly called out for making really shit beans amazes me. The sauce is like water and the little beans swim around in its shitty thinness like a thousand tiny Duncan Goodhews. They taste terrible, too. Branston all the way, although a tin of Lidl beans and sausages for 40p is a fine supper. Also, beans on the hob in a pan for a nice thick sauce, or don’t even bother.
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