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  1. Fun fact: I live in the town where Hi-De-Hi was filmed. It was a real holiday camp that shut down years ago and has since been flattened and turned into houses. After is closed, it was a common place for kids my age to get into via gaps in the hedge. The Webb Twins are (I think) my 4th cousins and we had our wedding reception in the hotel the crew always stayed in. They had loads of photos on the wall, but it was closed and flattened last year.
  2. In an odd way, you could argue the Wii U was a good thing for Nintendo. Yes it failed, but at that price point it was as good as a semi-portable console could have been for the time. It was clearly a precursor for the Switch which has been a huge success, and if they hadn’t had gambled with the Wii U and gone with something a bit safer, they may have been stuck with a mediocre console with a medium-sized user base that was never going to compete with Sony or Microsoft. As only 12 million people had a Wii U, it made the argument to launch something new earlier than they otherwise would’ve a bit easier to make. I’m not saying it saved Nintendo, but being able to learn a lesson, improve the tech and release something truly innovative in a relatively short amount of time certainly helped turn them around.
  3. I was and will forever be bemused that Benítez was looking at Kenwyn Jones in 2010. But considering our strikeforce consisted of David Ngog and Milan Jovanović maybe that was unfair on Jones.
  4. Why is Smash Bros so widely lauded? I got it for Christmas on Switch and have only just got around to giving it a go. I know I must be missing something, but after an hour or so playing I hate it and have no idea what I’m doing other than mashing buttons.
  5. I've always found the free WiFi at Universal to be more than adequate.
  6. Javid’s never losing that title. Ever.
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    The milk thing. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/7efc4d7e-2aad-4c0a-92a0-3103905f6d61
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    Maybe when you booked?
  9. The Sugarcubes - Hit https://youtu.be/Z5fAWpv_axs
  10. Acorah’s Twitter account still appears to be retweeting RIP tweets 😁
  11. Derek Acorah has died after a brief illness. I used to love Most Haunted in its heyday, and always found him good value. I guess he’ll now find out whether or not he was genuine.
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