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  1. :devil:


    that is possibly the worst thing ive ever witnessed!!







    Even random passers-by have noticed Brad Flash at work- here's a report on the "Vauxhall Expo" from a local blog (six paras and two photos in)


    What an athlete Brad Flash looks sitting drinking a pint with a pack of fags on the table. Classy.

    Suplex into a ladder in front of 20 people, sounds about right.

  2. Can anyone confirm whether Surf Graffiti can run the ropes yet? I know he couldn't a year or two ago.


    Hahah a confirmation for whether he can run the ropes or not :p I seen Surf Graffiti once at a UWA show he botched about 10 times in a Royal Rumble :S So I'd say he probably still cant run the ropes.

    How do you botch in a rumble? Not able to get over the top rope?

  3. I remember watching WWF programming as a kid, I'm sure there was once a title change on a non televised show, which was announced as shock breaking news on something like All American Wrestling.


    Can anyone shed some light on this?

    Bret Hart Vs Ric Flair perhaps?

    Bret Hart Vs The Mountie?

  4. The unedited version of Royce & Saku is a loooooong viewing my friend haha. I've only ever sat through the whole fight once. I dunno how the fans in attendance managed to do so. The result of the fight being so bloody long was despite Saku winning he could not go through in the tournament.


    Is it full fights on the best of? If so I'm guessing the reason they'd leave off Couture-Sylvia*Besides the obvious* would be that the fight went 25 minutes?

  5. Just watched the Akiyama intro. That is one of my favourite songs ever. Andrea Bocelli is god-like in my eyes.

    Shame that Sexyama was a cheating CUNT during that fight :) Saku>Sexyama


    Speaking of Best-of's. Think i'll put my Sakuraba best of on tonight. Maybe i'll be able to endure Saku-Royce again!

  6. It's not about punishing on being 'defensive' its punishing for not trying to finish the fight. That's the purpose of fighting, to beat your opponent.

    Several fights i've sat through and just wished the yellow card system was in affect. Nothing hurts a fighter more than having the money taken away.

  7. Although EBB, on the other hand, you don't tend to get any Stall-n-Wall types as they'll pull them off the ropes and make them restart in the centre.

    I think it was Joe Rogan that said he wished UFC had the yellow card system and I'm inclined to agree. 10% reduction to the purse for continual stalling and not trying to finish the fight. Would sure make the lay n pray guys work for the moolah.

  8. I'm sure that was the second time Gomi and Azeredo had fought as well.


    I feel Gomi went apeshit because Azeredo probably hurt him. He was making Gomi look like a bitch with the standup and Gomi luckily landed that 2 punch combo. The thing was Takanori Gomi had brought his STUDENTS along *Who were ranging from age 5-15* to watch so what an example to set by trying to punch your unconscious opponent.

  9. I rewatched Pride's Bushido 7 earlier.


    The main event has Takanori Gomi vs Luiz Azeredo. Azaredo spends the first 2 minutes tagging Gomi with all kinds of shots which ends with Gomi hitting one of the best knockouts i've ever seen. The fact that he wouldn't stop punching + a ring invasion made this stick out in my mind :)

  10. I wish Pac-Man woudl end Mayweather forever. Mayweather's unwilling to be the explosive fighter that he could be and end fights. He'd rather play it safe and outpoint someone these days.

  11. I've been playing need for speed shift for the past few days. So far so good, the cars look pretty superb and being that i've not been a fan of NFS for a few years, this has definately put some much needed life into the franchise. My one gripe would be that the normal difficulty setting doesn't seem to be that high at all in comparison to colin mcrae ect.

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