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  1. On 6/27/2021 at 6:11 PM, Michael_3165 said:

    Has Vince had plastic surgery at some point? His face looks like a candle melting. It looks fucking bizarre. 

    Pretty sure that goes without saying. 

    He looks like charlie sheens been put in the microwave or something

  2. 19 hours ago, air_raid said:

    Douglas is the archetype of the wrestler who peaked under Heyman due to a combination of having his flaws concealed (some of the time) and positives magnified, and being perceived as a star in that environment because he was pushed and presented as one. The only thing that makes him different to Taz or Raven is his ego and his mouth.

    I would rank Taz and Raven way anove him, FWIW

  3. Kazarian looks like a weird miniature old version of 2003 randy orton somehow.

    Fuck yeah prooer songs for entrance themes is great. "Where is my mind" is an ATG,i love the pixies. Get someome out to a weezer track next and ill be ecstatic.


    Watching dynamite now. Thay inner circle.promo was quality. Jericho would be better off with the seriousness and less of the "jerk off friend" shit

  4. 2 hours ago, DavidB6937 said:

    It's still a well earned recognition for a lot of them after lengthy careers in front of their peers. I think it's fair for a lot of them to feel emotional about it. Its about as legitimate as you're going to get in a sports entertainment world.

    Yeah people should give them credit - its about the highest recognition in the industry you can get outside of winning the/a world title. And all that is at this point is vince giving you the nod anyway


    Edit: and the black woman, no way they hoped no one would notice. They are just thick as pig shit. 


    I hope

  5. 8 hours ago, The King Of Swing said:

    Biggest take away for me from Dynamite this week was The Pinnacle getting beaten down, virtually buried in a promo by Jericho and finally being run off partly by an obviously knackered Mike Tyson. 

    Not a good look for Corbyn. 

    Nah mike tyson sold more opvs in a night for an exhibition thsn aew would in a year. Hes one if the most recognised athletes in the world. It was a bit lame but i bet it gets more YT views than anything else on the show.

    And jericho always looks like shit but he looked baked af with his promo.

    My main gripe with AEW is too many guys. They need to realise who has potential and focus on them, not ram it all in every week.

  6. 3 hours ago, Merzbow said:

    Is this guy "one of us"? A British TNA fan with a huge lob-on for big Poppa Pump?

    His style's a tad grating at times but he's covered a fair few great (and utter shite) periods of TNA that I'd forgotten.


    Cheers for that, enjoyed it and also jarretts reign of terror is on now. Unreal how his first reigns went down as a face, but to be honest he was the only guy they had who would definitely stick around so i understood it.

    Monty Brown really seemed like he could be a star in TNA at one point, biggest missed oppurtunity from the earlier days

    As terrible as TNA could be, I always thought it was a fun watch as I was always a bit if a WCW fan as a kid.

    Havent watched much recently but like the fact Shamrock is around. Would love kenny to get a wee run in AEW or something berore he retires.

  7. 2 hours ago, Jackpot said:

    Kenny's title reign has got so long still left to run that by the time it's ready for Page to dethrone him, he'll probably be well done with the Dark Order anyway. 

    Although, if Page is still pissing about with them in six-to-twelve months time and Kenny is still pissing about with Anderson & Gallows on TNA, could a blood and guts match take place between Page's Dark Order and Kenny's newly renamed Bullet Club with The Bucks joining him, Gallows and Anderson? And knowing AEW, it'll be just in time for Cody to return from paternity leave to be the deciding factor in the match.

    Dont tempt fate

  8. 4 minutes ago, Nick James said:

    How many Managers are there now in AEW? 

    Tully / Spears

    Guerrero / Rose

    Anderson / Cody

    Taz / Cage

    Jake / Archer

    Rebel / Baker (Personal Assistant)

    Am I missing any? There seems to be Managers all over the place at the moment. 

    Haven't followed much but I Actually like this. The world needs more valets and managers

  9. 6 minutes ago, JakeRobertsParoleOfficer said:

    The Slice fight was odd. Had him in a rear naked choke but you can blatantly see he doesn't lock it in and then takes a shot and it ls over. 

    That 3rd Gracie fight was very strange! 

    The bout lasts seconds, they go to clinch and Gracie blatantly kicks him in the nuts. Shamrock obviously grabs his bits in pain and then Gracie dives on him to finish him off. Should have been a DQ! 

    Always surprised he never did go back to Wwe, however I imagine since he's was still gassed to the hilt or wasn't an option. 






    Yep the Gracie fight was very unfortunate for him and I am 99% sure he took a dive with Slice. His MMA career was basically a complete failure post WWF.

    Is he still with Impact now? Despite it being a pretty rough past 20 years from him, he still has name recognition and he does look in decent nick for his age.

    Sad to hear a guy who is a UFC HOFer didnt even have running water.

  10. 2 hours ago, RancidPunx said:

    Just finished his book. The one from just a few months ago.


    My god, talk about someone that just constantly made bad decisions and seemed like their own worst enemy . 

    Harsh to read that before Impact he was living in a trailer with no running water . 

    Mental, really. He was headlining for Bellator against Kimbo Slice not too long ago and must have got semi decent coin for it. Was winning and looked like a fix to me as well. Then he was KOd by Royce, but took a low blow just before it.

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