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  1. I’ve always been neither here nor there on Aaron Chalmers. Never disliked him but was never particularly a fan either. But he’s been giving Paddy Pimblett shit on Twitter today and it seems to have got Paddy a bit worked up so now he’s won me around.
  2. Yeah, I’m that sick. Even if they just meet in the middle at 150 or something. It’s the modern day Frye vs Takayama. It’ll be a bit of a travesty if it never happens. It’s once in a blue moon you get an absolute lunatic like a Zombie or Gaethje come along in a division. When you get two of the bastards and they’re close enough in weight to make it happen, you need to make it happen.
  3. At 145 there’s not many fights that would get my nipples harder than Zombie vs Zabit right now. And since you mention him there, Zombie vs Gaethje at 155 or somewhere in between would be a level of insanity I’m not sure any of us could handle.
  4. Yeah he’s just fucked himself more by doing this. I still don’t buy that McGregor wrecked him when they sparred because if they were sitting on footage of McGregor smashing Paulie (more than the 14 seconds or whatever they did put out) they’d have released it by now. But this thing last night will just further convince people that McGregor must’ve spanked him if a Russian midget who can’t reach his own cock beat him. He’s almost a victim of his own mouth here. He talked so much that he was never going to deliver on his promises/threats. Now he looks even more of a berk. A world champion boxer who gets paid to analyse fights by both Showtime in the States and Sky over here...and he’s losing to a little T-Rex armed munchkin with a 13-15-1-1 MMA record.
  5. Blake Grice. Not one of the more well known refs but he’s worked some big fights and main events. I know he reffed the Holloway vs Poirier fight in April anyway. Yeah I had zero problems with that stoppage. If there’s been fuss over that then I don’t really get why. Watching it just now, it didn’t even enter my head that it was a late stoppage until I read the comments here and on Twitter and stuff. Moicano got fucking cracked and dropped with the initial punch but was conscious and kept moving, then KZ took his back and he was trying to escape, ate some shots, then ate some more and that’s when the ref intervened. I’d say the ref stopped it at just the right time. If he’d jumped in sooner while Moicano was actively trying to improve position then I think that would’ve been premature and harsh. But he didn’t wait until Moicano got put out cold either like some refs would. As soon as it was clear Moicano wasn’t improving his position anymore or intelligently defending himself, Grice stopped it. Absolutely nothing wrong with the stoppage. It was great to see the Zombie back to winning ways. He’s had such a stop/start career and it’s been really frustrating at times as a fan of his, but there’s never a dull moment with him is there? When Zombie is fighting, you can bet there’ll be some craziness. Enjoyed this card a lot actually. Jairzinho Rozenstruik with the 9 second KO on Allen Crowder was good stuff. Andre Ewell vs Anderson Dos Santos was an unexpected corker. Ige vs Aguilar was another wild scrap. Deron Winn got through his debut in a bit of a war with Eric Spicely. It’s a shame really because this could’ve been a tremendous ground battle but they decided to just swing dopey haymakers all night. Still fun to watch but it was clearly neither man’s strength. They got the FOTN bonus though so fuck my opinion. Ashley Yoder has either levelled up her grappling or Kondo is getting worse. Matt Wiman probably should’ve stayed wherever he’s been the last couple of years. It’s harsh to say but he’s a yesterday fighter who’s not going to hang with the younger breed of today.
  6. No way. Genuinely, only this week my 12 year old nephew was watching some UFC Top Knockouts highlight thing on YouTube and was pissing himself at the Keith Hackney vs Emanuel Yarbrough madness from UFC 3. So I fired up my Fight Pass and showed him some Tank Abbott fights, John Hess vs Andy Anderson from UFC 5 and one of the other ones we watched was Pat Smith vs Rudyard Moncayo from UFC 6, purely for this... I knew he was a bastard and a dodgy character outside the cage but had no idea about the sexual assault charges against a 14 year old. Fucking hell. Not going to bother with a RIP for this cunt after reading that, obviously.
  7. Didn’t think of that actually. Manhoef’s swansong mightn’t even be a MMA fight. He might want to finish up by going back to his roots with a Kickboxing match or something. Do GLORY have any shows in Holland coming up in 2019?
  8. I haven’t even watched anything of the post-fight fallout, interviews etc yet. But Paulie acting surprised when it was scored for Artem made me laugh. If Paulie would’ve got that decision it would’ve been way harsh. Aside from a solid second round with the jab work and a close third, he didn’t do much at all. I had it the same as the judges. 48-47 Lobov. Paulie’s game just isn’t suited to this, IMO. His style needs time to take effect in a fight and the 5 quick 2 minute rounds don’t really allow for that. On top of that his age, inactivity, lack of power and brittle hands can’t have helped. Bare Knuckle is all about the damage and I thought it was clear that Artem was doing more damage for more of the fight. Not just the cuts, because Artem was bleeding too, but I thought he was landing the heavier and cleaner shots for the bulk of the fight. Was a bit surprised Paulie was all buddy buddy with Artem after the fight ended, and even touched gloves a few times during the fight. People can say ‘hyping a fight’ but the shit he was saying the last few months went beyond that.
  9. Enjoyed this show but yeah, all that channel switching shit was bollocks. One show and it’s spread across Sky Sports, Channel 5 and the Bellator app. The US broadcast sounded even more confusing. I even installed the Bellator app just to see the Fabian Edwards fight only for the stream to end before it happened. A show airing across 3 platforms and they couldn’t show a fight featuring an undefeated UK prospect, in the UK? Regardless, what I saw I liked. Echoing everything said about Lovato Jr, he was ace. Top grappler but as mentioned he’s got his own different way of doing things and it’s both effective and fascinating to watch. He’s like the BJJ version of Funky Ben. I thought he’d shot his load already with how he looked in the 3rd and 4th. It was a pretty easy fight to score and I think most would’ve had it 2-2 going into the 5th, but Lovato dug deep and absolutely dominated that round. If any round would’ve been scored a 10-8, for me it was that one. Mousasi got zero done and spent the entire round just surviving. Manhoef getting the win is always nice to see. That knockdown punch in the second sounded vile. How Kent got up from that I don’t know. I hope Manhoef does stick to that ‘one more in Holland’ thing and then retires. As nice as it is to see him still winning, he’s suffered some fucking terrible knockouts over the years. I’ve been calling for it for years but Manhoef vs Wanderlei? Can we have that in Holland as Manhoef’s farewell? Now Manhoef is at 205 it seems more realistic than ever and surely he deserves to go out on a big name. Daley vs Silva was fun. Daley needed a fight like that coming off that MVP fight. Not just the win, he needed an entertaining scrap. He battered Silva here but Silva was trying until the end. It’s the most game I’ve seen Silva in years. McGregor did the same early in his career so of course Gallagher is going to follow suit. The little ripoff case.
  10. Starrcade 90’s also got a fun Hansen vs Luger match and lots of Steiners. But...Black Scorpion.
  11. For anyone that didn’t see it, definitely give the Benn fight a watch.
  12. Finally picking up where I left off with WCW 1993. Clash Of The Champions 23 June 16th 1993 Norfolk, Virginia Coming off a bit of a weird Slamboree, we’re back on TBS with another COTC. This looks like fun at only 5 matches. I’ve seen the main event but don’t recall the rest. Ric Flair finally returns to a WCW ring for the first time since 1991. And Jesse The Body is back after missing Slamboree. Good times. Ron Simmons vs Dick Slater This was meant to be Simmons challenging Paul Orndorff for the TV Title but Mr Wonderful is out injured. That’s shit. He accompanies Slater to the ring anyway, limping all the way as the crowd mock him and hold up ‘Paula’ signs. What a set of bastards in Norfolk. Or “Nor-fork” as Jesse calls it. Anyway, standard stuff here. Typical Worldwide style competitive squash match. And Ron gets the win with the powerslam in less than 5 minutes. Michael Buffer is here! Big time. Lord Steven Regal vs Marcus Alexander Bagwell Finally some Regal! Been waiting for this. He actually came into WCW in January as just plain old Steve Regal. A no nonsense technical babyface. Somewhere along the line though, between January and June, he became ‘Lord’ Steven. A pompous, snobby heel. It suited him much better and it’s where things started to really take off for him as he actually had some character now and showed he could do more than just wrestle. He comes out with his manager, Bill Dundee as Sir William, and is wearing a big blue robe. Capetta also informs us that “the Tower of Blackpool” is Regal’s home. It’s a match that’s here pretty much just for the purposes of spotlighting Regal, as you’d expect. And it does its job. Bagwell mightn’t have been the ideal choice of opponent to showcase Regal’s style. Some of this looks a bit off but it’s decent enough for what it is. Regal’s a sadistic fucker in there as well. On top of all the pretty, technical stuff he’s also got a nasty streak. He gives Bagwell’s knee a bit of a doing over and uses the ropes to his advantage a few times... I love little things like that. Regal was different to anyone else about in the US at the time. While this is going on, Jesse talks about UK vs US in sports and basically says American Football is for big poofs because of all the padding. He says Rugby is a “real man’s game”. Bagwell makes a bit of a comeback but it’s short-lived and Regal pins him after a roll-up holding the tights which they made a right arse of. Up there with the Owen vs Austin schoolboy at SummerSlam 97 for how crap it looked. Oh well, Regal wins. Apparently we were meant to get a Johnny B Badd vs Maxx Payne match now. Centred around Payne stealing Johnny’s ‘Badd Blaster’ confetti gun thingybob. Seriously. Anyway, this happens... And thankfully we’re spared. The match is off because Badd got shot in the face. With confetti. Yes, WCW. We then get Z-Man out confronting Maxx and saying “You almost blew his head off!” Christ 😂 They brawl a bit and a load of refs break it up. Stop the Payne. Please. Barry Windham (c) vs 2 Cold Scorpio - NWA World Heavyweight Title OK forget all that, this should get things back on track. I think I did see this years ago as well actually. I remember enjoying it. We get the Michael Buffer intros with both men in the ring. I like it. Makes it feel like a big deal. Windham gets more cheers than 2 Cold during the intros, despite being the dastardly heel. Don’t know if that’s because the Norfolk crowd are a bit racist or just because Windham is the fucking don. After a bunch of lacklustre NWA Title matches on WCW shows in late 92 and early 93, Windham broke the curse with his quality defence against Arn Anderson at Slamboree. Hopefully he continues that trend here. They get off to a nice start with Scorpio’s speed appearing to give Big Baz some grief. Windham seems flustered early on. He turns the tide with some heelish tactics and the crowd cheer him more. He properly takes control with a beautiful float-over vertical suplex and a big DDT. Love watching Windham, everything he does looks so smooth. Scorpio actually lands a springboard Lou Thesz press! Don’t recall ever seeing that before. Maybe I haven’t seen this match. Scorpio finally makes a big comeback after reversing Windham’s superplex and hitting a big splash. He’s got Windham reeling big time now. This gets a close near fall, as does a big missile dropkick. But then on 2 Cold’s next move, Windham catches him mid-dive with a punch and follows up with the leaping DDT for the win. That was a hell of a match. If you haven’t watched it, watch it. At this point, Windham has well shaken off the NWA title match curse. He’s killed it 2 shows on the trot now. Sting, British Bulldog & Dustin Rhodes vs Big Van Vader, Sid Vicious & Ravishing Rick Rude - 6 Man Tag Definitely never seen this before. Didn’t even know it happened but what a star studded match. And look at this for a squad; Bulldog once again with the pearls of wisdom. ”Well you know, Eric Bischoff. Big Van Vader...is a big man. Sid Vicious is a big man. Rick Rude’s a big man. But right now, you’re looking at the triple threat. The British Bulldog, the Stinger and Dustin Rhodes. We mean business tonight. Come on, step in the squared circle, let’s settle it once and for all.” The Vader, Sid and Rude dream team might be the most badass of all time. And the sight of Sid holding his hands up for Rude to box them has made my morning. This is as fun as you’d expect. 15 minutes that just flies by. It’s actually a cool preview of the upcoming Beach Blast show where we’ll see Sting/Bulldog vs Vader/Sid plus Rude vs Rhodes in singles. But yeah, it’s action packed this. Right from the off. It’s cool seeing Dustin kind of get pushed into the mix with the main eventers here and he really goes for it. Shit like this makes me want to see a Dustin vs Vader singles match. Not sure if that happens on a PPV or Clash in this period but if it does then I’m all over it. He batters Vader and the crowd are buying it. They could’ve easily elevated Dustin into that world title picture at this time. You’d at least think he should’ve got a crack at Barry Windham’s NWA belt given their history. Anyway, the heels take over and put a beatdown on him as Rude clearly shouts ”YOU AIN’T SHIT, RHODES!” The ref loses control and all hell breaks loose with the 6 men all brawling around the ring. In the chaos, Vader waffles Rhodes with a briefcase and the ref turns around just in time to see Rude making the cover. 123. Chalk another one up for the bad guys. Hollywood Blondes (c) vs Ric Flair & Arn Anderson - WCW & NWA World Tag Team Titles 2/3 Falls match Main event time. Haven’t seen this in a good decade at least. The seeds for this were planted on Slick Ric’s ‘A Flair For The Gold’ segment in May, when Austin and Pillman were guests. Things escalated quickly from there with the Blondes needling and poking fun at the Horsemen constantly over the next few weeks. Most notably their fantastic ‘A Flair For The Old’ bit on Saturday Night. Their favourite putdowns centred around Flair being old and Anderson being a bit of a fatty. ”The last time I saw a body like that, it had an apple stuffed in its mouth and it was roasting over an open flame.” - Austin to Arn Anderson 😆 This is ace. I love the story of the old school Horsemen facing off with the new cocky young team. And when it’s four of the best ever in the ring even better. Flair is in his element here, back in his role as the big dog down South, and the crowd is loving every second of it. Arn is great as he always was. And the Blondes stepped up to the plate and looked right at home main eventing against two legends. After a strong start from the Horsemen, the Blondes isolate and work over Arn for a stretch. But Austin gets too cocky and it backfires. Love that. This allows him to make the hot tag to Flair, but not before Pillman clips his knee out from under him. Flair comes in and cleans house. He pins Pillman with a flying forearm to take the first fall and the Horsemen are now 1-0 up. Fall #2 kicks off with Flair and Pillman chopping the absolute fucking shite out of each other. The Blondes eventually wear down Flair though and Austin hits him with a lovely superplex for a 2 count. Arn’s been on the apron nursing the knee but gets the tag. SPINEBUSTER on Austin but Pillman makes the save and takes Arn’s leg out again. Double A is fucked. The Horsemen mount another comeback as Flair tags back in. He slaps the figure four on Austin but Barry Windham runs out and puts a stop to that. The Blondes get disqualified. So the Horsemen win 2-0 but the Blondes still retain the gold because it was a DQ. Screwy finish to an otherwise brilliant match. Windham continues to beat up Flair post-match until Paul Roma makes the save. Tremendous. Every bit as good as you’d think it would be given who’s involved. It’s just a shame they never continued with a series of matches after this. This was a one time thing. After this, Flair got plugged into the natural rivalry with Windham over the NWA strap and Paul Roma teamed with Arn to continue the thing with the Blondes. Windham cuts an intense promo on Flair at the end of the show, playing off their past and how Flair left WCW in 1991. ”Ric Flair’s never wanted any of me. He doesn’t want any of me now and he never will. Ric Flair, I’m the world’s heavyweight champion. You walked away from it and I took it. Something you don’t deserve and it belongs to me. You’ve got no guts and you certainly will never be world champion again. I’m the one that took it away and you...” With that Flair jumped on him and they brawl as the show goes off the air.
  13. Yeah, Winn’s had about 3 opponent switches. Spicely could be a trickier debut actually.
  14. Apologies if this was already posted but tomorrow’s Bellator; 10pm - Channel 5 Gegard Mousasi vs Rafael Lovato Jr Melvin Manhoef vs Kent Kauppinen Aaron Chalmers vs Fred Freeman 9pm - Sky Sports Arena Paul Daley vs Erick Silva James Gallagher vs Jeremiah Labiano Fucking Manhoef is on this card and no-one told me?
  15. That’s another thing, isn’t the ring a circle in this bare knuckle fed? Can’t be arsed to check back but I’m sure the Lobov vs Knight fight was in a circle shaped ring. If it’s the same here then that could be another thing that throws Paulie off. He’s been so cocky throughout this whole buildup that a win here is a foregone conclusion but there’s a few factors here that could fuck him up. For all Artem’s shortcomings he’s younger, he is tough and durable and he has decent power. On top of that, the shape of the ring could mean Paulie really struggles to manoeuvre his way around like he’s always been used to in the old square boxing ring. Yeah he’s been spouting it in some form for a while, Jim. He’s just upped it since this fight was signed. Even by boxing/MMA standards I find the whole ‘boxing deaths’ thing a weird and really low angle to take to promote a fight.
  16. That’s the thing as well though, he’s giving it the ‘I’m gonna put Lobov in a bodybag’ bit as if he was a killer in his career. He wasn’t exactly fucking people up even in his prime. That wasn’t ever what he was about. Who did he ever batter who was really any good? He could well beat Artem because Artem isn’t much good. But he’s not smashing anyone up. That’s another reason a lot of his talk hasn’t done it for me. His fearsome destroyer schtick doesn’t tally with anything I ever saw of his bob and weave, jab and hold career. I get that he’s trying to sell it but it just not working for me, brother. My morbid curiosity means I’ll still watch it but fuck am I paying a bean for the privilege.
  17. I want Artem to spark him. And I was fully on the Paulie side of things when this all started. Whether he’s just playing the bad guy or not, he’s coming across as a proper dickhead and the spitting and the talk about putting Artem in a coma and going on about the number of deaths in boxing compared to MMA as if it’s something to brag about has turned me right off. He clearly thinks he’s coming off as some badass but it’s been embarrassing. He’s been droning on that all MMA fans are dumb and all boxing fans are educated. Or something. Which is laughable. There’s a high percentage of knuckle dragging willys who follow both. He’s clearly still sore over the trolling he got/gets from the McGregor bumlickers so he’s lashing out and generalising that that’s representative of all MMA fans. He’s going to look a right berk if he gets battered here. After all the talking he’s done he’s put a lot of pressure on himself that probably wouldn’t have been there otherwise. So yeah, I’m not even a fan of Artem but I’d love to see him twat Paulie tomorrow night. It’d be hilarious to see Paulie have to face the media after all the shite he’s talked. As for what I think will happen, fuck knows. You’ve got one guy who’s washed up and retired from his sport vs a guy who was never that good to begin with and has about a 50/50 win-loss ratio. Who knows? Who the fuck knows? One thing I can see happening is trouble. There’s bad blood and there’s been a lot done and said. If Conor McGregor is going to be there as rumoured then I think it’s pretty much a lock that it’s going to kick off and get ugly at some point.
  18. I thought it meant you just sign up to the channel and it’s included in the sub on there? So you could subscribe and get the month for a tenner, with this show obviously included. Is that wrong? I’m not signing up either way but that’s how I read it.
  19. He’s good, nobody can deny that. And I wouldn’t count him out of going on to have a successful career in MMA. But if he was anything close to being this future face of MMA, world beater that everyone was hyping him up as then he wouldn’t be just getting caught by these guys. It’s true that they weren’t giving him easy fights but that’s kind of the point. If he was as amazing as he was being cracked up to be then he’d have come through. If you’re that good, you’ll find a way to get the W. Look at Cain Velasquez. I know it’s not exactly the same and he did at least have some easy-ish matchups right at the start of his career but within his first 9 fights he’d beaten Cheick Kongo, Ben Rothwell, Big Nog and Brock Lesnar. Pico’s had 7 fights and lost (and been finished in) 3 of them, 2 in the first minute or so. It sounds harsh but I just don’t think he’s as good as he was advertised to be. Pico’s fun to watch but ultimately he’s going to have to get past this ‘wrestler but loves to bang’ thing or he’ll probably end up just being an upgraded version of Jorge Gurgel. At 22 there’s time to make the adjustments but at the end of the day if any other rookie had been stopped in 3 of their first 7 fights there wouldn’t be all this trying to explain it away. Maybe he’s simply just decent but not that great. Saw this from Jimmy Smith on Twitter as well. Nail on the head for me;
  20. This is no good to me but if anyone’s got Premier Sports this is on there.
  21. What’s happened here then?
  22. Kevin Sullivan murdered the Benoits. Honest.
  23. The DC vs Stipe card is more stacked at the moment with Diaz vs Pettis and Romero vs Costa on the undercard. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they go with Khabib vs Poirier on PPV depending on what time that show happens. Abu Dhabi shows are usually in line with UK time aren’t they? I remember watching Big Nog get sparked by Roy Nelson live at like 7pm or something. If it’s on in the evening here, they might get more buys so maybe they go with that. Or they might just be greedy shits and try charging for both. Remember, this is a channel that charged PPV for both Fury vs Wilder and Frampton vs Warrington within weeks of each other. They don’t seem fussed about asking you to fork out twice in the same month on top of the ever increasing subscription.
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