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  1. Yeah I wouldn’t say he’s shot. He might be rusty though but his inactivity before and after that whole USADA mess might’ve actually preserved him and we might actually be getting a fresher, healthier Barnett as a result now. If he’d fought 2-3 times a year over the last 5 years who knows what damage he’d have taken by now. It’s probably worked out for the best because while I don’t think he’d hang with the very top of the UFC’s heavyweight division now, he probably does well outside the UFC and he’ll also have more freedom to do the other million and one things he does away from the cage without being restricted by being a UFC emplo...sorry, independent contractor. Did anyone catch that Bloodsport thing Barnett was doing last night? Apparently they had a Frank Mir vs Dan Severn pro wrestling match on there.
  2. Was updating the opening post and noticed MMAJunkie now has the BJ Penn vs Clay Guida fight down as the first fight on the card. As in the very first prelim. The curtain jerker. Maybe it’ll be changed but fuck me, if it stays like that what a fall from grace. That fight would’ve headlined a Fight Night years ago, and even been in a prominent position on a PPV. If it stays in that spot then it’s going to be weird as fuck watching Penn vs Guida fight in front of a load of empty seats.
  3. That might actually be an improvement. If she’s more likely to hand Esparza a L, I’m good with it.
  4. Yeah same. When Fedor signed with Bellator it was those kind of fights I hoped we’d get. Fading legends and name from the same era. Rampage, Wanderlei, the Cro Cop rematch, Mir, Chael. Of course, Cro Cop isn’t an option now but that kind of fight. I made no secret at the time that I hated the Meathead booking. The Bader fight had to happen as it came about through them both advancing in the tournament but I was down on that as well because I just knew how it was most likely to end. Fedor vs Barnett would be cool to see though. Even all these years later, a good decade after it was meant to happen in Affliction, it’s a big fight for Bellator. Probably bigger than anything else they could book for either man right now.
  5. I’d be happy for Hermansson to get the fight. He deserves the spotlight after running through Branch. But man, that’d be a massive comedown going from Romero to Hermansson. It’s a huge blow to this card, losing Yoel. Especially as he was kind of the adopted hometown guy on this card with it being in Florida where he lives and the Cuban/ATT connection there. As for Costa, something is going on with him. Pulled out of the Yoel fight on this card for ‘undisclosed reasons’ is all I can find. Never heard any injury talk and then the USADA accusations. Fuck knows but there’s something we’re not being told. He hasn’t fought since July. That’s quite a lay-off for a young undefeated fighter who’s not injured as far as we know.
  6. I wish he’d just fuck off now the annoying twat. Go and flog that shit whiskey full time, keep his cock away from other women and have an appropriate adult take over his social media from now on. And fuck off.
  7. So Costa goes missing for months when they’re trying to set up the Yoel fight, only to suddenly reappear as soon as Yoel is out of commission? Interesting. Nah seriously, Romero vs Costa was supposed to headline this show originally. Costa pulled out. What’s happened? He couldn’t fight on the 27th but now he can?
  8. Barnett was hinting on Helwani’s show that he’ll be on the London card. Maybe they go Barnett vs Meathead in London and Fedor vs Nelson in New York. Or both at MSG. Or whatever.
  9. Helwani tweeted that Chael Sonnen vs Lyoto Machida is in the works for the MSG show in June. Both clearly past their best but I still like that fight.
  10. And Dana’s gave a statement to Kevin Iole; Funny how Dana (and a lot of the MMA media actually) was silent when Conor was relentlessly goading Khabib but now Khabib’s called him a rapist it’s gone too far? Not that Khabib’s an innocent party in all this, but it seems like all the MMA media has been talking about lately is McGregor’s latest bullshit retirement and what he wants and who he might fight next. The likes of Ariel Helwani and co included. While ignoring the elephant in the room that is these reports on this McGregor sexual assault case. Now he’s casually throwing racial shit about on Twitter it seems it’s got to the point where it can’t be ignored what a cunt McGregor is.
  11. What happened to the days when fighters would just threaten to beat each other into a living death or talk about the intricacies of details of manoeuvres that the other guy didn’t know the names of? Simpler times. Long summers. Hovis music. Them were the days.
  12. Conor McGregor is a fucking embarrassment. I don’t know how anyone can still like and be a fan of him at this point.
  13. I’d have been pitching a tent at that fight announcement a few years ago but Erick Silva just doesn’t seem with it these days. He’s looked off for ages. He had those great fights with Jon Fitch and Matt Brown then his form fell off a cliff and never really came back. It’ll still probably be good, just not quite what it could’ve been.
  14. Only just got around to this. Yeah, Gaethje vs Barboza was short and violent but delivered what we all expected. About as good a fight lasting 2:30 that you’ll see. Felt a bit bad for Barboza because he seems a top man but his baby daughter was born just hours after the fight so he ended the night a winner anyway. Gaethje rolls on. He’ll never be ‘the man’, especially in a division as loaded as 155. But sod it, I’d watch the shit out of him against Khabib. I’d have no doubt Khabib most likely smokes him but Gaethje is the type who is going to make it fun regardless. He either wins a crazy fight or loses a crazy fight. He doesn’t know any other way. I wouldn’t fancy his chances but I’d give him a better shot than McGregor because 1) he’s more of a one shot power hitter than McGregor. 2) he does have that wrestling background to maybe have a little bit of a chance of stuffing a shot or two. 3) he’s not a frontrunner like McGregor. He won’t fold mentally when it gets rough or sheepishly plead ‘it’s only business’. He’ll keep trying until it’s over. Doesn’t matter in the end because it’s surely going to be Khabib vs the Holloway/Poirier winner. So Gaethje vs the Cowboy/Iaquinta winner would do nicely. Hermansson vs Branch was quicker than I expected. This UFC stint just hasn’t panned out for Branch, has it? Weird run really. He managed to stop Thiago Santos but aside from that it just hasn’t gone his way. Hermansson looked good here though. Like David said, he’s gone under the radar due to card positioning and stuff but he’s a solid, awkward fighter and could potentially be a banana skin for a lot of the more recognisable names of the division on a good day. The Emmett vs Johnson KO was nasty. Johnson wasn’t looking bad those first 2 rounds, I also had him up 2-0, but that punch just wiped him right the fuck out. Mad to think Johnson was a fringe contender not too long ago, mixing with the likes of Khabib and knocking Poirier out cold. He’s never been quite the same since the war with Gaethje for me. Emmett is a weird one. He’s got this rep as this massive puncher but before the Lamas KO he was never particularly a knockout artist. The Lamas KO and now this Johnson one show he’s clearly a hitter now though. It’s something he seems to have developed later in his career. I guess he always had the power in there but maybe his timing or technique has improved and that’s why he’s started putting fuckers to bed. Thought that was probably Michelle Waterson’s best performance in the UFC so far. She looked more dominant against Paige VanZant but this was a really strong all-around display from her over 3 rounds. Going forwards, attacking on the back foot, her accuracy, timing, speed, grappling. Everything seemed to click. Kowalkiewicz is struggling now. She sadly seemed to peak with that win over Rose Namajunas a couple of years back, had her moments against Joanna but has stumbled every time she’s been in with a real quality fighter since then. Not sure who gets the next crack at the title at 115. After Rose vs Andrade plays out you’ve got Waterson and the winner of Suarez vs Ansaroff as the obvious choices. I actually think Waterson might get the nod. Suarez is still climbing and establishing herself and Waterson is more of a name than Ansaroff. Paul Craig pulling off the comeback submission in the last minute of the last round again was mad. Scottish Big Nog shit. He did look crap prior to that though. The weak takedown attempts plus his striking looked woeful. Really bad. I like him though. Loved Anik and DC trying to act like they understood a word he was saying in the post-fight too. Prelims weren’t much good really. Although Marina Rodríguez absolutely battered Jessica Aguilar and looked good doing it. I hope Ross Pearson stops soon.
  15. Probably all twats fishing for a like or retweet off McGregor. They should just tweet that they’ve bought a bottle of that Proper 12. He retweets that shite constantly.
  16. Yeah anyone acting like McGregor left Alvarez a shell of himself is talking absolute bollocks. They obviously either missed or ignored Alvarez going to war with Justin Gaethje, taking his ‘O’ and stopping him a whole year after the McGregor loss.
  17. He does look a bit like he’s made up of PS1 graphics, doesn’t he?
  18. Just remembered, how irritating is Mitch Chilson, ONE’s colour commentator/post-fight interviewer? It’s not so much his commentating I had an issue with, although I wasn’t particularly a fan of that either. It’s his screaming in the post-fight interviews that can fuck right off. It got to the point I had to mute him every time. He makes Bruce Buffer’s bellowing sound tolerable. ”YOUUUUU’RE WWWIIINNNEEERRR...AUUUUNG...LLLAAA...NNNN...SAAAAAAAAANG!” While cheesily grinning in the guy’s face. And he did it for every single post-fight interview. Do fuck off, Mitch.
  19. Post-fight stuff. Kash Ali; David Price;
  20. Fowler vs Fitzpatrick was a hell of a fight. Definitely agree it’s the FOTY so far. Proper close fight, both had their moments and their adversity to fight through and in the end that knockdown is what swung it for me. Smith vs Eggington was the one way traffic I expected. I was a bit surprised when this fight was made, to be honest. Eggington gets bashed up by Mwakinyo then one win later he’s in there with Liam Smith? I like Eggington but he just doesn’t have it against that kind of opposition. He seems a good guy and he’s exciting to watch so you want him to do well but blocking punches with your face is not the best recipe for success in boxing, and certainly not for a healthy life after it. And Price vs Ali was an odd fight with Kash Ali going all Andrew Golota. Bit him 4 times! What the fuck? Should be banned for that shit but I guess Tyson wasn’t for gnawing on Holyfield’s ear so that’s boxing for you. Saying that, Kash Ali is obviously nowhere near the attraction Tyson was so it wouldn’t shock me if he got a much harsher punishment. No place for that in the ring regardless. Ugly scenes as Ali was leaving the ring as well; Not a good night for the Brummies.
  21. This was a lot of fun. Really enjoyed it. Shinya Aoki cut through Folayang like butter in the main. He looked like the Aoki I remember the forums raving about around 10 years ago. Got the quick submission, won the title, shouty promo and sent the Japanese fans home happy. Thought Xiong Jing Nan vs Angela Lee was excellent. One of my favourite fights so far this year. Thought Lee was looking really good early on, Xiong was always in it and landing her stuff but Lee was a step ahead for me. The championship rounds is where it really picked up though. How Xiong survived that submission onslaught in the 4th, I don’t know. Christ. Then not only survives, she comes back in the 5th and batters Lee with a fucking barrage of strikes to the body that just took Lee’s soul. Xiong just wasn’t going to be denied here. Absolutely refused to lose. You could tell in the pre-fight video when she was talking about her family and stuff that she was going to be a hard nut to crack mentally. Never saw a full fight of Xiong before this but I’m a fan now on the strength of this fight alone. Same with Lee actually. She’ll be back. She’s only 22 and was going up in weight for this and looked good up until the last round. Great fight. Nsang vs Hasegawa 2 wasn’t quite the slobberknocker their first fight was but it was still exciting. That finish from Nsang was vicious. Just sat Hasegawa down quick. Belingon vs Fernandes 3 was the only letdown on the main card for me. And it wasn’t because it was a bad fight. It was actually looking like it was shaping up to be a potential show stealer but the ending was shit. You never want to see a fight end on a DQ, especially a trilogy decider. They’ll have to go again now. Mighty Mouse vs Wakamatsu was a fun fight. Wakamatsu was more competitive than I expected and actually looked like he had DJ reeling slightly at points, a little bit anyway. But DJ was just too good. That guillotine was nasty. Alvarez vs Nastyukhin was the shocker of the show. Alvarez getting done in a round was not the outcome anyone expected. He must’ve been a massive favourite coming in as well. I wish I’d put a few quid on Nastyukhin now. Not sure if it was a case of Alvarez being a bit shopworn or everyone just overlooking Nastyukhin or what. A disaster of a debut for Alvarez either way. Only caught the end of Yodsanklai vs Souwer but it looked like a hell of a scrap. I’ll have to track it down. So yeah. Quality that was. Nothing bad on it.
  22. Thanks a lot @Ross18 for that! Perfect. Alvarez fight is just about to start now for anyone interested, now’s a good time to dip in.
  23. Just seen this and now I don’t know whether to wind my ass or scratch my watch.
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