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  1. Kinda sounds like the shitearses who would get themselves bookings because they had a wrestling ring for companies to hire out, they were always the ones who were most defensive about being called shitearses too….
  2. Nice one, you’re definitely on the right track. Seeing rough calorie figures for your exercise helps too, it’s recommended to try and keep your daily intake deficit to around 1000 calories otherwise it’ll have a negative effect. On the days you exercise you need to ensure you increase your intake to stay in that range. That was hard to get used to, but it means you get a more regular weight loss allowing your body to adjust better as you go. Of course now I’ve spoken about it I’ll slack off and then by Christmas I’ll have put it all back on again…. I gave up the booze at the start of the year, not intending it to be permanent but I’ve not felt the desire to start again so it’s kind of ended up that way.
  3. That’s the right way, go to your limit and then build it up. If you try to do too much before your body is ready then you risk injury and halting all progress. Don’t get hung up on weight loss, if you have a balanced diet and regular exercise it’ll come. I recommend a fitness watch of some sort, not so much for motivation more to track what you’ve done/are doing. Find activities you enjoy, much easier to keep at it. I started at the end of January, small stuff playing active video games using a vr headset. I then started swimming in addition to that in April once the pools started opening up, and I’ve been sensible with my diet. I’ve lost just over 4 stone since then, almost halfway to my ‘target’ weight, and it’s been made a bit easier keeping to things I enjoy. Still have the odd unhealthy days but it’s in moderation and helps keep the morale up.
  4. I feel for you Trippers, this was the same for me except it was NHL 2K and the St. Louis Blues.
  5. There were Leisure Suit Larry games released last year and this year. The series isn’t dead, just shit.
  6. Their 106 channel slot is going to replaced with Sky Showcase which will be more like Sky 2, Sky mix etc were; showing reruns from their other main channels like Atlantic, Arts, etc. they’re also adding a new channel Sky Max which will show all their original new content and some of their US import shows (the stuff Sky One used to show).
  7. Popularised the genre, they absolutely didn’t birth it.
  8. The Jet Set Radio games both have great soundtracks, with Future edging it for me over the original
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