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  1. He now believes in himself. You didn’t have Neo cut an angry promo in matrix when it clicked for him . He just kicked ass and won
  2. I don’t think he needs to be angry. That’s a lazy trope. AHe’s failed because of himself. Anger would be better coming from Omegas side that he’s thought he was rid of him. Have him be nasty, mocking and attacking those around hangman. Even Have footage of the dark order being attacked by all the heels on the cruise that Omega paid off, and Hangman can’t save them. Go home just have omega losing it, he can’t fluster this version of Hangman and handsome Adam then just says calmly, I’m beating you Saturday.
  3. Likely Hangman will have a match, be attacked, then who attacked does a promo on the rampage they tape that night and is run off to send everyone home happy.
  4. What has you so anti it’s going to be them on the show? Aew don’t have a track record for false advertising
  5. Everyone in the last taping advert appeared. Ethan page saying he will be there as well. Guess we might see the messing about with wrestlers on the lower card many expected from Danielson
  6. We keeping this thread free of the leaked card on Tony’s pad?
  7. The last one everyone was slating for the card before it happened. This one’s not gonna have the surprises, but it will more than likely have their goodwill moment ending that’s lacked in some Main event finishes
  8. Best things about this is it’s a Saturday night. Sadly the only one of the year that will be Saturday according to Tony K In an interview last week
  9. One of the Medics who helped the Newcastle fan who fell ill was Dr tom Prichard. Everything is wrestling
  10. I have had dental insurance for a few years, have a look and see if your work offers it as likely to be discounted. Usually only have to submit a form saying what done and how much, never been asked if pre existing. For something that big may be worth a chat with dentist to see what they’d say if asked or if ever asked.
  11. Yeah shouting wouldn’t have gotten that emotional message across. He spoke and the crowd was hooked into everything. His biggest enemy was himself and he’s conquered that.
  12. Body of granite and a neck made of sand was an amazing line from Miro
  13. Cause aew ain’t a hobby. It’s a business .
  14. G1 is on just now and the new Japan thread moves about once a fortnight. It’s days of being a big thing have passed. I’m sure coachTonyK would get a bigger thrill over seeing him face the stars he’s making Now.
  15. If he wanted a hobby he’d be running shows in armoires with old ecw guys he grew up on . This isn’t treated like a hobby in the slightest by him, it’s a proper business venture. It runs off its own tv revenue now, he’s not getting pocket money to pay the wrestlers via PayPal the Monday after shows.
  16. Everyone who’s signed with aew has talked up going to New Japan. It’s a nice thing to say, but if you wanna be gullible enough to think main event talent are gonna go at the expense of AEW tv show and ratings you are welcome to invest in my magic bean business anytime you want. we have seen with their tournaments they don’t add in all top talent to limit how often they lose. Sending him to trade wins with chase owens and tama Tonga really make sense to you? @unfitfinlayif happily he fucks off to Japan now as He’s not for me as a talent. But makes no difference to how a business is likely to work that’s main revenue is how many people watch it’s product. Handicapping that to be pals with new Japan ain’t adding anything to their bottom line
  17. To anyone who has social media and has no idea who new Japan are, but why’s he away there and not here? ”the wrestling olympics”!? New japans been stone cold and getting colder for 18 months. AEW has surpassed it in all ways and has many fresh matches for Danielson. you can wish it all you want, but aew are a business with their own interests first to grow and aren’t gonna loan away stars for that long in the sumner period where tv ratings are challenging enough
  18. It makes aew look lesser than if one of their top guys isn’t on tv for two months as he’s more interested in wrestling elsewhere. Omega never missed a dynamite to do tna, moxley doesn’t miss dynamite to do GCW.
  19. Hangman wasn’t away on another wrestling show for two months. They aren’t comparable at all. Khan has been happy to do favours on guys days off, but why would he send new Japan a headliner while they send him opening match multi man wrestlers? Suzuki hasn’t been seen as good enough for the G1 for a Few years now. His business is to get the most people watching dynamite and rampage as he can. Weakening his show for that long to do a favour ain’t happening .
  20. He’s a fan yes, but he’s a business man and this is his business. And as fans will be going to watch him on new Japan, it’s not really gonna bring him back Fresh for tv. And will only take massive chunks out of his bump card Wrestling that style 3 nights in a row as well as the travel. High risk for little reward for aew
  21. Garcia would be good for the super juniors.
  22. I think all the G1 chat is to keep fans happy but unlikely. To be there in time he’s missing dynamite and rampage tapings for weeks, and why would aew let a top talent miss 2 months of tv to boost a competitor? Can see him doing the Dome type shows, Mox G1 worked with aew not on tv yet.
  23. Lio Rush is adding nothing to Dante, don’t get this story Punk seeing through FTR disguise felt as libbed, the others seemed to stall for approval to join in mox look is very old school UFC heavyweight. Looks like he would He would fuck you up. Spoiler for end of the show, but was a nice set up for the semi finals as you seen Orange react to Mox violence in the past match cole and the bucks just work for this mid show multiman. Coles not being seen as an immediate headliner, so can’t have the complaints when he plays the comedy side that seemed to anger many when it was Omega in that role. Bucks don’t need the titles, this is an easy way to have lots of matches with mixtures of people and spread the loses back and forth. jungle Boy running out looking like he runs a stall in early 90s Eastenders will make him friends on here. cody & arn latest adventure felt like it existed in a different world, no wait, it felt like it belonged in the Universe. Why would he just stand and let himself be slapped in the street? What’s with the background music and smoke machine in the training? Very out of place after a few decent efforts. Next week has to be him turning on Arn MJF wrestles more infrequently than Sting who’s in his 60s. No wonder he ran 2 womens interviews backstage that led to them fighting. Where’s the quality control went over repetition? Hogan & Ford was elevation quality. Miro is amazing, I just dunno where he fits. He’d have been a decent first 6 week tv feud for a new champion Hangman. Wonder if he will be the challenger for the Revolution PPV. Hangman promo goes against everything we have been conditioned about a top babyface. Talks of his weaknesses & failures, yet comes out of it bigger and more beloved. Can’t think of any headliner who wasn’t a bit of a dick to other people, there’s nothing unlikeable about this handsome cowboy. I don’t mind a random finish in a match, but that heel hook felt like a weird one as it’s such a set up move in wrestling to finish the main. eliminator tournament sets up a few fun matches in first round, semis more serious and a final we can bet on being full on.
  24. He’s been working as “Spider-Man” on shows like this earlier in the summer. Shows sold on posters across town and villages aren’t gonna care what’s said online. It’s a different world the audience at those shows to who’s at ones with an online presence
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