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  1. I think after the meeting with Nymeria arya isn't heading north now. She realised being a tamed beast wasn't the wolf anymore, and heading north wasn't for her anymore. She needs to live a different life
  2. You made an assumption it wouldn't change, rather than checking what those seats covered before you ordered. Not sure what you expected them to do ? They shared it before tickets went on sale, if you didn't see it that's not really on them. Lesson learned to check in future, but it's not really on PROGRESS that complaint. I don't go o shows and I seen it
  3. The insistence of going three hours each week will be its downfall, as will burn out fans and content. I'm enjoying what happened when as its a much tighter show and Bar the Klondike Bill stuff isn't falling into the STW formula
  4. Conrad wouldn't be half as bad if he got into Bruce for things that matter. Half the time it's swearing and being abusive in ways I'd not take at work as he forgot what colour undies tatanka wore 25 years ago like its a big deal
  5. Is Dixie not still a consultant of some kind as part of the takeover deal? I know she's a mark for herself getting on tv, but would most of crowd know or care if it turned out angle was laying pipe there?
  6. russo who's wwf run ended in 99 too recent, but stampede in 97 a return to the norm..... Not sure how that works haha
  7. I can't look back at his stuff now and get any enjoyment from it, he killed a kid. And and enough wits about him to set up the house and a scene infringing of him before taking his own life. He still had enough going on in his head to commit suicide than face the jail after a weekend long spree of killing nancy then their boy the next day. This isn't a car accident, or manslaughter, it's murder. Those who try and claim innocence, or try and split the performer and the man, are just not the kinda people I want to engage with. Used the no one still talks about jimmy savilles charity work on twitter last week, to be told its not the same as they haven't met jimmy saville...... Some wrestling fans have their own rules in life
  8. It's a golden age for access to so much content worldwide for relatively little expense. Live shows wise in the UK quality has risen so much, and I have been to 29 shows so far this year, and none have I left thinking I didn't get my monies worth from. have stopped watching wwe as realised its not for me Anymore, so why waste 10 hours a week I can spend more productively? Going to live shows has woken up my love of wrestling more than anything has before. On the downside, I think we live in the dark ages for people who stay interested in wrestling just to be negative about everything going. Plus some crowd particpations activities suck, like the ten count thing, and 1,2...sweeeeet shite as well. And fans who take wwe belts to Indy shows. They can fuck off as well
  9. .
  10. The save with Bruce sites likely just a front end that sends your info to Conrad's company.just helps them track the traffic from their advertising on the show
  11. Was A response to thunderplex, if you are going to put garbage wrestlers in as bei mentally Ill as they knowingly go into matches expecting pain, same must be same of any sport where you take punishment.
  12. Can be As trained as you want, you are still going into a sport with the intent to harm and likelihood to be hurt. Be it a punch or sheet of glass it's still risk against pain reward
  13. You putting boxers , or UFC fighters in this "mentally Ill" category? Some people just enjoy a scrap and pushing their pain threshold.
  14. I had seen it spoiled that it was a draw, but what a match. Crowd into it All, little things like omega fading out and stumbling just added to everything that followed