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  1. Louch

    NJPW World

    Ibushi vs naito with naito going over, omega challenges Ibushi to main event the other night of dome two nighter
  2. From watching a couple of highlights on YouTube, it just looked like any wwe tv show. Maybe an age thing, but growing up ppvs felt like something special. For those watching regular, does anything about the Sunday shows feel any different these days?
  3. Louch

    NJPW World

    Robbie eagles/elp tension due to elp cheating not going down well with eagles Naitos wanting two belts and starting to respect the IC title. ospreay and Shingo wanting to prove themselves against the heavyweights theres more going on that I thought when seeing the challenge above. Guess the story side comes out more watching the backstage post match as little talking done in ring
  4. That Rock tweets made a lotta people happy . Lovely of him
  5. Louch

    NJPW World

    I now can’t make royal quest, have a lower bowl ticket for sale,block 111 row 5. was 60 new , but will to take a reasonable offer of anyone’s interested, just fire me a DM
  6. The scene up here is small and intimate. I have interviewed him, been on nights out in his company in Carlisle after Target shows, and spoke very briefly to him this morning. I can’t take this in properly. I wasn’t a friend, but know many who where who will miss him greatly
  7. New japan 4th January show at Tokyo dome
  8. Louch

    NJPW World

    I don’t mind Fale in tournaments, it’s a good comedown match that helps the rest of the card stand out
  9. I don’t think you can just sell a title, did you has the help of an evil twin to get this in your possession? Will I have to fight to win it back if Jack in Toronto says the sale isn’t legal?
  10. Last season rangers played Aberdeen and Kilmarnock 7 times each after drawing them in both cups. I’m dreading seeing them minimum 4 times this season. Would love a twice a season league
  11. Having omega just be deemed the guy and win all the time could bring the cena/reigns reaction once more of the wwe crowd start attending more shows. Having him lose to top guys, show him struggling , then a build back up to a win a year in could tell his story in a less wwe hand picked top guy way
  12. Saves travel costs and probably get a tax break employing locals
  13. Louch

    NJPW World

    I spent years when the shield coming in wondering why such a big deal had been made about Ambrose, all this chat on his personality and I never really seen it. A few weeks as Jon Mosley again, and it’s dripping off him in everything he’s doing. Just the charisma and improv on things like this , brilliant https://youtu.be/NL1-mg00s1c
  14. I get the roster are desperate for this to be a success, but it’s hard to see people as stars when to help with sales they are quite tweeting about how you can get a hotel in Newport for 50 quid a night.
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