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  1. I love bored people at work setting up accounts on a Friday to stir the pot
  2. really hope aew don’t try and chase wwe. Anyone who has tried that had failed. I much prefer the coke don’t talk about pepsi Approach. Just do your shit and let others worry about themselves
  3. Sting has been great in everything. He’s never overshadowed Darby at any point, and gives loads by association. Just two baby faces who enjoy each other’s quiet company
  4. WWE used to give sky hours of new content each week that every channel needs, even at the price they paid it must have had its use that way
  5. Punk could have a field day against Cody tearing into him. Not sure even with TNT tolerating blood and everyone saying shit that they would allow an on screen murder
  6. Agreed, MJF got the push right away when he should have been in ring leading and growing the way Darby, Jungle Boy etc have been. I mentioned the stat about how few matches he’s had in aew and it really shows. He just isn’t in ring where he should be. Can’t live on promos forever when you are a smaller guy
  7. I don’t mind 2.0 etc getting slapped around by them, FTR are meant to be a top top team, so thought they would be protected a little better as with face tag champs, they will need heel opponents to go up against
  8. Just finishing off the show, if people are tuning into that there wasn’t much filler at all across that show. omega/Danielson going on first screamed a draw to me, it was hard hitting but I wasn’t expecting a winner from it. punk was left in the hard spot after it, took him a while but he eventually got the crowd back up. And he’s right, we want angry Punk not this is amazing to be here mjf Pillman was what it was. Ask me next week and I won’t remember it happened Cody, just fuck off and take the whole act and entourage with you. The shot of Black lying back laughing after he won on the ramp was brilliant sting and Darby winning gets the crowd happy, but as much as I don’t care much for FTR, always dislike established tag teams losing to singles guys Woman’s match was what it was as well, thought we might have seen Rosa appear at the end to set up them facing off, but no production wise, if you have a crowd that big light them up and let us see them through the show. Very little effort to show the upper tiers to show how packed the place was
  9. The Largest MSG attendance was 29k on 26th November 1994
  10. This is massive for Omega tonight. First time in 3 years he’s been able to go in ring with a proper top 5 in the world level performer. He must be buzzing at what they can do
  11. Probably just have people being guarded on them, which will lose some of the “entertainment” aspects of the shows
  12. Last week where Tony ripped into Kingston when Eddie tried to get one over him was a great moment
  13. Listened to Mark Henry on Jericho’s podcast last night, second one I have listened to him talk about what his AEW role would be. He made some really good points on some in ring things, but his real strengths at this stage all feel to be behind the scenes/ outreach/ corporate relationship building than the commentary role. Even sit downs, hell he would be a very different and hard to intimidate authority figure to use than the mentions of Tony Khan when a match is made ideally to me Rampage would just be Excalibur and Tazz, as 40 mins of tv doesn’t need 4 voices to fill with views on an already condensed show
  14. Cornettes opinion and his podcast aren’t the same thing. His show is for the “modern wrestling isn’t wrestling” audience. If his audience in his comments is being more pro Aew, he will go in that direction to a degree
  15. No need to rush all the outfits at once, if several games can have them across different versions
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