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  1. As SBA says, the die hard Twitter super fans don’t make up as much of the audience at the majority of shows as they think. And many of the noisiest don’t go to as many shows as their online persona may suggest. Add in the attraction of seeing a show in your local town hall with no real travel and I can see the lower level indies doing great business when full building allow
  2. I don’t think Indy wrestling is. Your average family show that make up 90% of what happens in the uk aren’t on Twitter and go to shows based on posters around town and habit of having been before. Speaking out as barely made it onto Facebook never mind to a point where most shows will be affected. It’s quite sad really and shows how little wrestling really matters or is cared about in the real world
  3. With equity, I can’t remember if I shared this in the thread, but when dating a prominent opera singer, she told me of auditions where she was asked to fake an orgasm using a pack of cards and some other really lewd stuff that had nothing to do with the role she was going for. From that, I don’t see equity being a great bringer of change to any industry when it comes to the sex side of what’s been going on
  4. If you are gonna stop booking him based on the actual evidence, which so far is two people saying that someone used his name to get someone unbooked for an unrelated company, then I’d love to see people’s reaction if they lost a job themselves based on something similar. Everyone has a right to not watch a show with him on it, that’s free to do. Until there is something more concrete that was is alleged has taken place then I don’t think it’s fair to expect Rev Pro to stop using him. I say that as someone who’s never watched a Rev Pro show, from the outside they just look to be a promotio
  5. Who are the incredible female talent Andrew? Who should they be going for that aren’t signed up elsewhere?
  6. I don’t think it’s as awful as made out. There’s about a tenth of the female talent in the world compared to the men at a top level at a guess? Most of the top are still with wwe. Unless there is someone amazing out there I signed it’s a wait it out for a newcomer or one of the big 5 in wwe to become free
  7. Based on size and what he could do, should have been big show. Instead they used him like every other guy most shows and no one cares he’s a giant for at least the last 15 years of his run.
  8. Louch

    NJPW World

    I am watching delayed for the English comms, but that’s on me and I don’t expect everyone else who is watching real time to change where they post to accommodate me
  9. Archer out with Covid, Moxley in a title match instead tonight
  10. Stan Lane vs Stephen Louch (I have been in a rumble) bar that I’m struggling off the top of my head
  11. I keep saying it, but the dark order parts of BTE have me laughing for days after it remembering parts of it. Works so well as that all play their part in it. Kinda stuff that wouldn’t fit on dynamite, but rounds their characters up in a way for people to get behind them. Hopefully of there is a second hour long show it can have more of a character mix and leave the wrestling to the two hours, kinda like Sunday night heat was skit heavy compared to Raw
  12. Can see it being more Shida challenges Rosa for the nwa title and loses to set up a third match between them
  13. Getting an extra hour Tuesday next week, wonder if it’s a trial of when they start to run another night
  14. It was the name of the Spotify playlist he shared ages ago
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