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  1. The story was quashed the next day, and since then it’s been mentioned several times in various ways that the biggest unexpected eat up of time was the wrestlers exiting post match as the ramp had no side space. So it was one way in and one way out. No way Okadas coming over for a 14 min match wherever it is, as the ace, he gets time for his match. To think he’d go 12 mins over and be that disrespectful to others is something I just can’t believe.
  2. Still can’t believe people think that Okada match went twelve mins over itself, you never seen an Okada match and they length they go before? Guy might just want a challenge of his own, and he gets to keep working with his real life best mate in Aldis
  3. Louch

    NJPW World

    Finished night 2, LIJ are shite pals that no one was out to celebrate with Naito. But Kenta ruining it was perfect for his character as new japan wrestlers and fans seem to hate him. Will make the first defence super heated
  4. Bret hated that the Harts has been made out to be racists , he wanted no part of any of it
  5. Louch

    NJPW World

    Glad it’s not just me seeing it funny on night two later G1, think we are getting a few of the early rounds internationally?
  6. Seeing Ospreay and Eddie Dennis talking about a backyarder called SRF they have taken their finishers from. Anyone have anything on what that’s about?
  7. Louch

    NJPW World

    Everytime okada goes to take the legs piece off his entrance gear now the crowd goes “oooooh” before it. Missed a trick today as camera ignored he was in trunks and not his usual bikers.
  8. I’ll take the Milky Bar Kid, any era
  9. The poppy mascot the rock rikishi, doing it for the rock if he doesn’t appear
  10. Most surprising thing was their contracts letting them work for ROH as well. Can’t see why they’d bother having that added
  11. Interesting timing this room service video coming out. Wouldn’t be shocked to see them appear at this years Dash
  12. Sabotages other cars around him if they try and take his spot
  13. Omega is doing his tour shows act, which worked in Japan after he had gotten over with his more serious act. I’m a massive omega fan, but 3 months in there’s nothing in AEW giving me the impression he can be the main man. He shouldn’t be fucking about week by week in tag matches
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