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  1. Your most "Against The Grain" thought on wrestling?

    I disagree, you could look at half the rosters pic from 2014 and now and struggle guessing which was which. Sammi Zayn getting his biggest push just now and was all indifferent about even trying to build his relationship with Vince on talk is Jericho. Any wrestler who made it to top level who’s book you read, or interview you hear made that leap to being on friendly terms with Vince made it through persistence. I don’t get the impression anyone’s trying to do that from what I see and hear now
  2. Your most "Against The Grain" thought on wrestling?

    My biggest against the grain thought from convos with other fans seems to be that I blame the wrestlers more than creative these days. If you want to be a top guy, go fucking make it yours, be more creative in your character, own more. Don’t be the same wrestler move for move and look exactly the same and expect them to suddenly find an idea for you. Make a relationship with Vince, don’t hide from him.
  3. Your most "Against The Grain" thought on wrestling?

    Very true. It’s went the opposite way everyone expected since the biggest names have started to be swept up.
  4. Raw is 25!

    MVP was this week announced on indie shows over here next month, so doubt he’s going back. He got into football through one of his guards in prison I believe
  5. Raw is 25!

    Brother love is gonna be on the show, if not be worrying about Brand splits history too much
  6. NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    Hint for finding English commentary as not always clear, if it says “game” it’s Japanese, if it’s described in text as “match” it’s english
  7. The 2017 UKFF50 - Results!

    Glad to see the Scottish women being so high up, as quality of main event talent being so low on this list has me worried the likes of viper and klr would suffer and they haven’t.
  8. Gravy for blood probably being one of them
  9. Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    He’s probably the only guy in the world who will be thinking of his father in law during sex
  10. Ringkampf where more a faction who wrestled in tags occasionally as a mix, not a full time tag team to me Didnt cessaro get signed roughly same time as hero? It was just hero got cut first time
  11. Got me thinking, When was the last time they only signed up half a full time tag team? Can’t think of any off top of my head they have only seen value in one of them
  12. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I’m sure whichever he did, he asked first
  13. The 2017 UKFF50 - Results!

    Sammi probably doesn’t get the exposure she deserves in Scotland. Recent discovery woman’s champ and hopefully gives her exposure she deserves. Her slide to outside/ German suplex is that simple yet innovative, everyone will be ripping that off by year end
  14. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Maybe his heart was never that set on city, and it was typical Guilem Baligue tongue up Peps arse nonsense he spouts and gets believed cause he has as fancy accent