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  1. Kenta To cost Mox and gets their match over and done with would work. Can then have some of the aew guys cost mox That match to set up his next aew feud. Repetitive I know, but works for purposes of taking the story in and out of two companies
  2. I have a weekly convo with a mate after each show about us just wanting Hangman to be happy. This emotionally broken man that everyone bar him can see how great he is doesn’t fit the template of what top good guys are meant to be. They are typically aspirational figures, or superhero esq. that moment where he clicks and believes and has friends again should be in front of masses of people. It would have mass tears across the crowd. I wanna see cocky Omega doing the triple H face when cactus Jack was facing him at the rumble, I want fear that the guy they tried to make weak is ready to destroy
  3. That match being at Darbys compound, being shot is his style would have appealed Much more to me
  4. -1s mannerisms to show from behind the mask are superb.
  5. good week to do an Average show as most people will have news channels on. They seem wise to not wasting things on nights like that
  6. When the next Casino Royale is to become his new Dad. Honestly tho, the whole way they have given small parts of shows for a boy who’s dads been gone less than a month , and given the truly exploitive stories we heard last year, happy fucking birthday -1
  7. Given the outfits of kenny and co last night, I’m surprised how little new Japan chat I have seen online today
  8. I’m not a deep diver into the business side of wrestling, but I remember across 2001 powerslam talking up the ppv rates so don’t think it was a financial failure his move. People still paid to watch him it’s so weird to say now given how slowly the top 2/3rds of wwe moves so slowly to be replaced, but baby face Austin was already out of place by the time he returned. Much like Chyna in the other thread, so much had been done in such a short period of time that we had seen it all. In ring and character wise the wwf had moved on, with match quality across the card increasing and the punch/
  9. MVP’s VIP Lounge had a casting Couch
  10. They have sent guys from uk across already, so don’t see anything stopping Devlin going if they wanted to. Probably happy to leave the stink of his allegations on a show no one is watching that have it coming up on normal NXT discussions online
  11. I hope so or his dentist needs reported
  12. This is the place for him to have the semi competitive matches with mid carders he seems to crave. Have him show weakness the Wednesday after an impact or aaa show. Have some close near falls. Will only add to the drama of when he faces someone legitimate and more believable that they could beat him
  13. Khan could be giving Omega enough rope to kill himself. Wrestles a harder schedule, gets complacent as gets his own way, then wham challenger takes the title off him and back for aew
  14. Couldn’t sleep last night so watched the first hour live. Feeling at the time is there aren’t enough good guys about. Talent wise feels most on heels side. Miro wrestles like a cartoon. Stupid faces and disjointed moves. Really feels like he benefited from Vinces filter the more I see of him. Just feels so forced, have him turn and just be a relaxed ass kicker. hangman/dark order segment felt very BTE in how it was shot, at the end the joke of hangman being stood there and hearing it was made to look like a bad camera cut as you had Alex stood looking weird further back in
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