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  1. I continue to find the shows to be fine to sit through. No show ever made was completely perfect through every single minute of it, and most shows are a half or a quarter what they have to produce. For me they are delivering something I enjoy watching, and don’t feel the need to tear apart. If I did I’d just watch something else
  2. How ascension are told to act as wwe monster style characters, doesn’t mean that’s what that would do as wrestlers with the restrictions taken away
  3. He still gets the odd tweet from people complaining about their water supply
  4. Guess the cutting through the ring gets the Blade part of their act over, but given how easy the ring apron can be moved to get out, makes no logical sense other than in a cage match to appear that way
  5. Mauro getting abuse is treated differently as he struggles to deal with it due to his conditions. Same as at work we have folk we know we can call a cunt, and some you won’t even say hello to as they react in different ways.
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