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  1. The shows have missed a strong heel figure for audience to be wound up by. Reds as good on the mic at that as anyone in wrestling at getting that pure dont like me response. Joe coffey has been big on winning by out wrestling. Now he has the out of Red interfering for cheap wins or dq loses. For Grado , he's unlikely to be there every show going by the last year, so red can act like heyman to cover for him.
  2. The Grado and joe Coffey turns will hopefully bring some spice back to the shows. Seeing really polarized views on barramania, from those that loved it to those who didn't. Great restraint in the whiplash return not giving much away. Im Back to being excited about the Shugs weekender again
  3. Weirdest thing these days is that fans want to find heels likable. The more unlikeable the better
  4. Manchester TVs
  5. For all Fin kept me informed through the years, his inability to be fair on the guys he personally didn't like made the mag a chore in its final years
  6. The video for this with jeff jarrett introducing grado to hulk is on hulks fb
  7. Icw have been introducing a lot more new faces via the tour shows, so look to be planning ahead. Are WOS not just no other tv wrestling in uk/ WWE? Haven't seen anything that stops their indie bookings, of it is then a big risk for the workers to take for two days work, which makes that sound unrealistic to me .
  8. I put down miz winning in work predictions pool. Then cena cheers nikki up with the proposal
  9. Second episode of e&c show was much better than first, should give it another try. Dot think anyone's saying Conrad shouldn't challenge Bruce, it's the things he picks to challenge on, his petulant behavior whenever Meltzer gets ripped, and as the shows go on his ever growing Ego. It is great to hear Bruce share the inside stories, and embelesh on them. Makes a lotta sense of a lot of decisions through the years. I wonder how long the show can go though before its on low level discussion points, and it's 3 hours on the career of TL Hopper. Conrad needs to get back to accepting show isn't about him On a UK scene view, Pastor William Eaver is on TNJ this week, talking about why he had a bit of a gap in his career. I don't want to give too much away,must its a worthy listen
  10. THAT WOS WRESTLING, sounds like a shit chant they heard more than a good name. For all they say its a wrestling company, it's still a tv show only for now and should be judged as such
  11. Really good Tuesday night Jaw podcast with Pastor this week. Wasnt the back story I expected at all from his character, but sounds like he has sorted his life out and is doing well for himself
  12. Coffey brothers not there.have both Been tweeting about it so hope still involved
  13. If that happened, then it has legit happened. Unplanned but it happened
  14. Aye but the f takings went past midnight. Can't see that happening here
  15. The two three hour shows Thursday and Friday don't look enough to film ten episodes, especially given how stage managed the first taping was. I have provisionally booked a hotel for the Thursday Friday