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  1. Pat Sharp will be spinning in his go kart at seeing how he’s been ripped off here
  2. Aren’t the tag teams from 2014 still the same ones still kicking about now?
  3. If in the realms of doing something different, Cody’s “division” is the emotional story told division, then I’m happy to see that in AEW. For all the shouts for an alternative, WWE is still by far the biggest and most watched version of wrestling. Aew still needs a part of that style, and stuff like the NWA titles meaning to Cody, now the Dustin match, these are things that will draw attention.
  4. Xpac talks about it on his podcast this week, and how much he hated the 123 Kid name, he just wanted to be The Kid. But now none of us look back at how shit a name it was, cause he delivered in ring and that’s what makes a name acceptable is your performance
  5. Fans talk about competition and beating other companies cause wwe haven’t shut up about ratings wars and putting wcw out of business for 18 years now. Two of the top wrestling podcasts have that completion between wwe and wcw as their main topic most weeks in STWW and 83 weeks. Its now Pavlovian in every fans nature to immediately think you can only have a winner and a loser in wrestling companies, when there is plenty room for both, and all the other companies going, to have success at varying levels
  6. Why do you read meltzer then if you don’t enjoy his views?
  7. Weird thing is aew heads have went out there way this weekend to avoid acting like wwe competition. Don’t let the opinions of the internets worst cunts drag you down on those actually involved in it making out it is competition
  8. Mate, I love your enthusiasm, but how can you describe the ROH parts as awesome? This guys have terrible looks, and looked out of place as fuck compared to the new japan matches and talent.
  9. Louch

    NJPW World

    It’s just unbelievable that in a night where bret hart was legit attacked, they didn’t pull the cass and enzo angle to be on a tv taping as well. Just ate into everyone’s attention ahead of zsj with the biggest win of his life against tannahashi. Just unforgivable
  10. Think new japan world has its usually pre show videos from 1030, just started
  11. If it keeps the perverts away from seeking out that Izzie for a hug she’s advertising on twitter, then his dick touching might be the nonseiest thing this weekend
  12. They do have a non wrestling guy in, he’s aT start of the video. He’s a sports guy who done the press conference in Vegas for them. Hopefully JR is there to dip in and out, produce announcers, host sit down pre records etc. More emphasis on his senior adviser role than anything on screen
  13. JR In talent relations, interviewing for hype videos etc yeah. As commentator, bah gawd I hope not.
  14. Still Game had its final episode last night. Last few series since they came back have Been a bit lacking, but went out on a lovely ending that I haven’t seen any grief on social media about. Quite glad really, for all its given to Scottish pop culture it deserved to go out on a high
  15. ICW related series “rogue to Wrestler” debuted on the new bbc Scotland channel Tuesday night. And was actually quite decent. Premise is that they have taken 8 people with a bit of a rough background and are putting them through a month of training to go then earn 6 months proper training. Told some good back stories, some training and challenges and eliminated a few contestants in the hour. I’ll be honest expected it to be cringy as fuck, but was a good hours watch. It’s on iplayer if anyone fancies a look
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