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  1. Seen Paul wight mentioned twice in the last few pages as under-utilised, they said he was coming in as commentator, and he’s done that and is doing a fine job both in the chair and in backstage interviews on elevation. I’d expect more complaining if he was on dynamite
  2. I don’t think They do 2 dynamites a night, it’s one Wednesday with fans and the second Thursday without is it not? It’s dark that’s done post show
  3. The biggest sports in the world are all team games. Suddenly no one wants real sports feel.....
  4. Darby a doing these on a fortnightly basis, not 4 nights a week all year. He’s getting the chance to rest up so can take risks
  5. I am really enjoying these sit downs they are having Paul Wight run on Elevation. He seems to come into them really prepared and respectful of who he is chatting to, and his talking people up is much more reinforcing than I expected them to be. Even on commentary he’s throwing in things about the wrestlers losing that they don’t really need or deserve, but now knowing that the guy who wears the amateur headgear does so as he needs a hearing aid, just gives you a little reason to care.
  6. Sting throws in towel for Darby, Miro then faces Sting in something cinematic where darby returns and saves sting. Then darby beats Miro who then moves onto a heavyweight title challenge
  7. I have hardly noticed JR lately, things move so quick what he says rarely registers.
  8. When people leave wwe, casuals ask them if they have retired. When someone leaves another company and goes to wwe, no one asks them if they are retired. In terms of worldwide popularity and visibility, everyone on wwe tv is a bigger star than aew just now.
  9. Philips is doing 205 live and still maintains his management role for on air talents.
  10. They were live Wednesday and taped Thursday. If he wasn’t in amongst the crowd he’s at very little risk from that, which I think he would avoid risk in doing so given how far pregnant Renee is
  11. Doink but in the Bourne Again gimmick would Have probably been good say 2003-2005 when smackdown had tatanka and hacksaw kicking about. Have him bitter that the attitude era pushed him out and sent him down this mixed up madman path
  12. Everyone would want to be first out. Gets a massive pop and an early night. Sorted
  13. Still nothing on shaq vanishing. You’d think someone would be bothered
  14. Louch

    NJPW World

    Because most of his matches will be in tags and he will need partners.
  15. It’s exactly what I expect to happen. That the good brothers and omega powdered and was no contact makes next week look a set up
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