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  1. Pretty much any of the nights of the g1 this year. Singles matches on a very top level every night
  2. Wyatt winning the belt means he has to lose it. I’d not have him in title picture at all. Be the once a month live terror. Show some restraint wwe for once
  3. 1. Ratings for shows to never ever be made public ever again so the discussions about them die 2. Wrestling chat to get banned from twitter 3. Wwe to be split up under anti competition laws, to be less of the juggarnaut it is now just squashing anything new and different
  4. When you get a tna guy on a family show, the kids go nuts for them still. So it’s still watched now, aew being on itv will give them a massive ground level Following to the non sky subscribers across the uk.
  5. Louch

    NJPW World

    If a ref isn’t trained to bump, he shouldn’t be reffing. It comes with the job, and Sha has done what the experienced hand would be expected to do when there is a miscue In a match. The actual battering after that was unacceptable
  6. Louch

    NJPW World

    you can’t fire someone when they are booked show to show. you also don’t scoop slam someone to batter then, injuries from all accounts on the night come from Bodom so don’t think the blames on sha here , Bodom only seems to do revpro as his attitude is said to be awful, so that’s where I see any blame landing
  7. Louch

    NJPW World

    I have a sixty quid ticket for Saturday I’ll sell for a reasonable offer if anyone’s looking to go last min. Plenty post time left to get it to you
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