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  1. Well I did in my first post you replied to. It’s a decent watch, regardless of how many others are watching it live. Enjoy the number crunching, I’ll enjoy the show
  2. To me it’s a relic of a bygone Monday night wars era. Hardly anyone’s watching live tv, it’s a business metric measured in a highly flawed way that I don’t understand the obsession over. Each to their own, rather discuss the content than how many others watched what I did
  3. Is there any other show on tv that they are discussed the way they are in wrestling, when they have the same power over everything broadcast? I can’t think of, nor have seen any, Except when things are cancelled, not week on week
  4. Sorry rick, I don’t know what point that ratings are so Poorly recorded that they are pretty worthless in accuracy that you are making with this?
  5. The way ratings are measured is soo small and out of date in how it’s done it really surprises me how much it’s broken down in general chats about whether a show was a good watch or not. Especially when most of here know there’s many watching through non live tv means. To me AEW is a six outta ten most weeks and a decent early morning watch. There’s not much really exciting me at the moment, but nothing offending me either.
  6. The only anonymous thing I have seen about Trent was that he was being approached all night by some younger looking girls, and the person who spotted it slept with him instead. It read very strange at the time unless there is something I have missed? Sure someone replied to it saying they where one of The girls and they were stealing his drinks, he wasn’t buying them. Correct me if I’m wrong anyone
  7. Only seen the YouTube, which they could have edited post show, but was clear they looked at them then ignored them being there
  8. Think the sex god name and hit me up mobile need parked for a while if not forever when he’s back after that comment.
  9. anyone else when watching on itv get loads of bleeps during the opening tag match? Couldn’t make out what it was covering them saying
  10. Keeping key witnesses of a fraud is pretty common in financial services. Protects the person from any negative bias impact on them seeking employment in the future
  11. They have done the same with the tag titles. QT and Dustin getting a shot next week. If a title match is set, shouldn’t be any others before it for me
  12. When he was on shows very few months, stood out, when he was on nitro weekly either phoned it in or was overexposed. Probably had few great moments than a lot on tv just now, but that they have so many bang average and dull moments from us seeing them hundreds of times probably hides a lotta the really good and makes us look back more fondly than we should at a solid mid level guy
  13. If someone said on here that Devon Malcolm said something somewhere I’d go check the source than just trust a poster on here saying it’s true.
  14. Well they did as they said they didn’t know that about him and took it from posts here
  15. Well they did as they said they didn’t know that about him and took it from posts here
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