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  1. Hardy shouldn’t be a top guy, he would fit well in the upper mid card as the guys to best to get to top with Dustin. Hardy has came out on twitter saying he’s seen the reactions. , can see it being tweaked when he next appears.
  2. JR is just raging he didn’t get to hammer the dogs heads in with a hammer before the cops arrived
  3. It felt flat and forced from what I have seen. Time to go to showing best of shows for a few weeks as this now feels inappropriate. When even Russo Is calling out how stupid having the chain of events of havoc biting Cody’s fingers, who then shakes Tony’s hand and then kisses Brandi is, it’s time to take a while off when in a pandemic
  4. Watched part 2 of the Benoit one. For all the grief Jericho has had through his career , the amount he does low key away from wrestling to help folk out with money and helping people get back in contact is superb. Really deserves praise
  5. The aew appearance was in front of a big crowd. It kept Bret looking more big time than the impact zone would have
  6. Hardy is on today’s talk is Jericho. Lots of good chat and nice to know information that the Hoyt stuff was filmed at Darby Allins place
  7. I stayed up and watched it live, and felt they did the best they could. Brodie’s “you are just another out of touch old man who doesn’t believe in me” was brilliant. Hopefully this week gives them time to record more away from the arena, I expected some Darby Allin, more Matt Hardy teasers. Having some crowd noise was better than nothing, but if these keep going on I can’t see me keeping watching shows in full
  8. You can use the cause it’s fake reason for any match. Try a head scissors in the street and see how that shit goes down
  9. Hardy compound would probably need more people to set up, unless they just go gorilla style which I don’t see being Khans thing at all
  10. I must be missing something, the dark order haven’t been “spooky” to me, and are heels. Broken Matt is a baby face character, why do people keep suggesting him? Especially as Khan has described them as a corporation not a cult group, don’t see the link to Matt leading them at all
  11. Yes it would have been better with a build, but given where it is, might be one of few places they can set it up. If they had built to it it would have clouded the PPV build that they got pretty spot on. It needed notice to say it’s happening, hopefully tonight they give something as a good hook to tune in next week and increase the live sales. Willing to reserve my judgment until it happens than write it off now
  12. Edge using the Hager choke, Gulak & Bryan’s use of blood and guts, their writers ain’t watching nxt wednedays 😂
  13. How would they fit him in a show where a guy wrestles with his hands in his pockets, a guy who thinks he’s a dinosaur, a woman who thinks she’s an alien....no idea
  14. Still not sure if the first letter of each line is a red herring or not. Especially as there was also a Luke Harper tease earlier in the week. Either way it’s a good way to build suspense to who it is
  15. Wrestling is so weird as at that you are generally meeting the character and not the person who plays mjf. It’s out of line none the less to act that way to a child. I’m sure an adult can would embrace it as the experience. Wrong move on a kid
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