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  1. I'd always suggest The Mighty Ducks 2 as a joke, but still as an excellent movie moving on from an alright first. I have absolutely no idea why but on average I'll watch this once a week while I'm bored. The first film is okay but adding in the extra characters and giving the franchise the Bash Brothers seemed to bring it up a notch.
  2. But does that mean MJF losing clean again or taking a shady DQ loss because Wardlow gets caught interfering? Personally I'd keep him and Darby out of it and let them continue their mad rampage at each other.
  3. 2022 Men's World Cup – European qualification Azerbaijan 1-0 Ireland Finland 1-0 Ukraine Georgia 1-2 Greece Scotland 1-0 Israel Andorra 0-5 England Moldova 0-3 Denmark Switzerland 1-1 Northern Ireland CONMEBOL big qualifying group Colombia 1-2 Brazil CONCACAF octagonal qualifying group Jamaica 1-2 Canada African qualifying Group C Cape Verde 3-1 Liberia
  4. For a guy named Jolly, you'd be surprised how rare this occasion is!
  5. The Steveson thing doesn't bug me so much. Angle had his first WWE match 8 months after he started training (of course a few matches in development too) but who's to say they haven't already started training him? He's the biggest name in amateur wrestling right now, the WWE are setting up a training site near his university to train him while he does his NCAA stuff and it'll garner some further press in the US.
  6. Seeing Yungblud tonight in Bristol. I realise he divides a lot of opinion and isn't seen as rock by some but I unashamedly bloody love him. The whole dress sense, style of music, personality of I just don't care what anyone thinks is really something I think helps me be me too. It's the first time in about three years tonight I'm stepping out with eyeliner, eye shadow, not caring what comments get thrown my way which helps me be me again so power to it. Its always quite remarkable to me how much impact music can have on someone.
  7. Premier League Burnley 3 v 0 Norwich City Leeds United 0 v 1 Watford Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 v 1 Newcastle United Brighton & Hove Albion 2 v 1 Arsenal (17:30) Liverpool 2 v 0 Manchester City (Sunday 16:30) Serie A Torino 1 v 0 Juventus (17:00) Bologna 0 v 1 Lazio (Sunday 11:30) Fiorentina 0 v 1 Napoli (Sunday 17:00) Atalanta 0 v 2 Milan (Sunday 19:45) Liga I Sepsi w/@Stinky Dad 1 v 3 Rapid Bucharest (17:30)
  8. I want to dislike Arsenal but that bloody beautiful Tomiyasu (based off a love from Football Manager) wants him and anyone associated with him do well.
  9. Either she nearly costs or does cost Britt the title through interference or loses a match that puts Rosa in as Britt's next challenger? Britt berates her, Hayter turns and takes out Rebel and Britt and then loses a match against Britt but it keeps adding more threats to a heel champion. Someone like Britt seems to work best when three or four people are in the mix and she's made to always have to make sure she's one step ahead.
  10. I can live without Cole shouting "The Demon" every four seconds when Balor is on screen. Genuinely all I remember from Friday.
  11. Week 8 fixtures Premier League Everton 2 v 1 Norwich City Leeds United 1 v 2 West Ham United Leicester City 1 v 0 Burnley Watford 1 v 0 Newcastle United Brentford 0 v 3 Liverpool (17:30) Southampton 2 v 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers (Sunday 14:00) Arsenal 1 v 2 Tottenham Hotspur (Sunday 16:30) Segunda División Sporting Gijón 1 v 2 Málaga (Sunday) Real Oviedo 0 v 0 Girona (Sunday 17:15) Lugo 0 v 2 Real Zaragoza (Sunday 19:30)
  12. Shy Dad

    Gig Etiquette

    I think for me it's just the pure horror stories I've heard this year from some mates going. Obviously it's been the first one in two years and a first festival for a lot of people but between Reading and Leeds and hearing stories of acid attacks, someone with a machete that got past security, various assaults, security selling drugs to teenagers and the likes it just sounded like utter bedlam this year. Which is a shame as Reading used to be a really fun weekend. The line up was good this year for me as well but I knew I'd have hated being in that environment for a weekend.
  13. Shy Dad

    Gig Etiquette

    I went to see Hot Milk in Cwlb Ifor a few days ago and being in the smallest, most cramped room ever, everyone just seemed so just happy to be there. The mosh pits went as expected without any incident, the few that did crowd surf due to their being so little space in the room got there without being dropped, kicking me in the head or security being pissed off. Even at the end people who hadn't met before were just hugging, high fiving and singing along together and it was just great. I'd say there was maybe 250 max in the room but it was just a great gig. I'm particularly short (lucky to push 5' 7'') but I've never had a problem with taller people standing in the way at gigs. They paid their ticket price, they want to enjoy it and if I want a better view then it should be on me to use my small nature to squeeze into a free gap, not ask someone to move away so I can see better. A few of the bands and artists mentioned though definitely I've experienced poor audiences. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds was an absolute disaster of bucket hat teenagers and grown up drunk people arguing with each other any time he tried to play anything that wasn't Oasis and their was just a stupid amount of pushing and shoving as people tried to start a mosh pit to one of his less tempo songs. The less said about Reading Festival and the spawn it breeds the better as well.
  14. Week 7 fixtures Premier League Burnley 1 v 0 Arsenal Norwich City 2 v 1 Watford Aston Villa 1 v 1 Everton (17:30) Brighton & Hove Albion 1 v 1 Leicester City (Sunday 14:00) West Ham United 2 v 0 Manchester United w/@ultimo the great (Sunday 14:00) Tottenham Hotspur 1 v 3 Chelsea (Sunday 16:30) Scottish Premiership Dundee United 1 v 0 Dundee (Sunday 12:00) Ligue Un Nice 0 v 1 Monaco (Sunday 12:00) Paris St Germain 2 v 1 Olympique Lyonnais (Sunday 19:45) Eredivisie PSV 0 v 1 Feyenoord (Sunday 13:30)
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