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  1. Was on Gfedwrestling when it was at its peak of Efed "success", some of the advice actually did help me with my writing during my GCSEs and A Level too, so some mercy. My favourite one was a former Gfed that became a stand alone website WrestlingMidwest, everyone had a South Park creator avatar, the writing was fantastic, the guy that ran it worked 4 or 5 jobber characters but wrote different styles and really fun for all of them. I do miss it, but when I've looked around in recent years, all the ones I've found online have been garbage. Closest I've come is writing a diary on the TE
  2. @gmoney those shitty Chicago shows are fantastic. Well Fire and PD, I can give or take Med. It will be interesting to see what happens over here with the network and how long it stays as a stand alone product. I'd guess if they're joining Peacock a lot of the technical issues side and such is no longer in their hands?
  3. Yeah as a Lib Dem myself, and despite a few parts I wasn't overly on board with, we tried to stray away from the right wing and Conservative side of that last general election. We're Lib Dem, at this stage we're just happy to show up.
  4. Week 21 fixtures Premier League Aston Villa 1-0 Newcastle United (20:00) FA Challenge Cup Fourth Round proper Cheltenham Town 0-3 Manchester City (17:30) Brentford 0-1 Leicester City (Sunday 14:30) Fulham 0-2 Burnley (Sunday 14:30) Manchester United 0-1 Liverpool (Sunday 17:00) National League South Braintree Town p-p Bath City w/Fog Dude St Albans City p-p Maidstone United Scottish League Cup semi-finals (at Hampden Park) Hibernian 2-1 St Johnstone (17:30) Livingston 1-0 St Mirren (Sunday 16:0
  5. I'll happily do yours mate, they can have me the other 6 nights that week.
  6. My usual quiz night on Zoom/Facebook is thinking of having a Royal Rumble quiz before the show but there's may be later on. I'd absolutely be up for doing your one though, always willing to do something like this.
  7. Ox has more value than Keita, purely for registration purposes as bad a reason as that is. Keita will eventually become a good player and I'll eat my words but he's one of the most disappointingly boring players I've seen in a long time. Just nothing to his game that screams "pick me".
  8. Has anyone made their own pasta before? I'm looking at doing Lasagne from scratch next week and really wanna try home made pasta sheets (working from home is making me need to do anything) and just wondered how people have done making Pasta? Ideally I want to free roll, but I'm not against buying a pasta machine if needs be.
  9. As mentioned Babish with a script making ridiculous stuff and then showing how to make an awesome alternative that people can do is a big hit for me. But yeah, Sorted Food. I put as much for them getting me back into cooking as I do this place. It got me and a few friends doing some cooking stuff together too as we stole the Big Night In and Battle Elements as well just so we all cooked a little more. The price of their cookbooks are extortionate though. First We Feasts The Burger Show is pretty good as well. It doesn't always teach much new, but it's good for getting ideas on where
  10. The landing was sloppy but everything before it was mental. I tried to slow mo a replay just to work out the rotations and it was still confusing as anything. The thing is, I can't see the end being executed much better, purely with the way it's meant to be landed there's always gonna be an issue that trying to land cleaner with that much pace and positioning will eventually have her crack her head back on the canvas. If she tries to land like a coffin drop there's too much that could go wrong very quickly, if they try and position it as some form of Phoenix Spiral Tap at least if she's s
  11. Its like he's cosplaying as 2021 Miro, but doing a better job of it.
  12. I'm liking how they seem to continuously push that Cody's own ego and lack of focus keeps nearly or does cost him. Bragging he'd win in a minute and then nearly losing through sheer stupidity that hearing music can distract him long enough. You get the idea that eventually Arn is gonna turn on him as well, I'm not sure who he'd manage though, purely through just growing board of giving Cody advice and him still making stupid errors despite being a 'veteran'. Maybe Miro? Would be good to see Arn in his corner telling him that he used to be a killer until he started doing all this dumb stuf
  13. Mannies has sadly been closed for years. Social Club is still going though, haven't been in there personally for years but it's still definitely going.
  14. You know good taste. It is however a bit pricy, you can find a couple of other Hereford pubs that have the same kind of "not overly packed with morons but still got good beer" vibe, but Barrels is a great starting point to make your way towards them.
  15. If the league's stop classing a West Midlands side as North we may get to see you sooner rather than later, all going well with the finances for both sides. I do still maintain you're right about that game and that season. You absolutely had us running at one stage. Also, it'd be lovely if we did end up in the same league for me to get you a pint at one of our many fine pub establishments.
  16. Slough Town Bifkin? Never knew you were a fan of one of our earlier rivals.
  17. Hereford have only played less games than Darlington in the league and we have 5 games in hand. Add in trophy games getting postponed too and the prospect of more games getting called off and we could end up having to play literally as Butch said every 3-4 days as a part time wafer thin squad to even get the season done. I'd have rather they just scrapped the season from the get go, it was clear at the time society wasn't getting back to basics, no crowds at non league feels even more like a kick in the park than the bigger leagues that can afford to pay their players to shield and stay in bub
  18. Well this was lucky Week 20 fixtures Premier League Sheffield United 0-2 Tottenham Hotspur (Sunday 14:00) Liverpool 1-0 Manchester United (Sunday 16:30) Spanish Cup Round of 32 Leganés 0-3 Sevilla (19:00) Peña Deportiva 0-2 Valladolid (19:00) Navalcarnero 0-2 Eibar (Sunday) Sporting Gijón 1-2 Real Betis (Sunday) Alcorcón 0-1 Valencia (Sunday 17:00) Tenerife 1-0 Villarreal (Sunday 17:00) Eredivisie Ajax 1-0 Feyenoord (Sunday 15:45) Série B Vitória 1-0 Chapecoense w/@ultimo the gr
  19. Only way Moose could work is him wanting to prove himself as the face of Impact going in line with how he's been the real world champion for a while to stand up to Kenny trying to come in and steal his spotlight. It does mean I'd expect Sabin to take the fall after Moose gets rid of Swann in frustration at him but interesting to see how they spin it.
  20. I've never minded Chuck but losing Trent and having to be the understudy to Cassidy is gonna be a long 2021 for him until they're all reunited. I enjoyed the show, mostly. Matt Hardy has a habit now of making me swear rather loudly and fast forward things because he's just dreadful. Jim Duggan's RAW run in the 00s had more upside. PAC and Kingston was everything I wanted it to be and PAC still trying to batter him straight after the bell is just a good use of his character, how's he's a miserable bastard and how much he dislikes Kingston (they've got to put more backstory to it thoug
  21. I love MSK but they're absolutely gonna be lost in the shuffle. What made them fun in Impact was the fact they were dumb, frat boy stoners who lived in a treehouse and got to just piss about in segments, it added to their team work as they were just Rascalz, they hung around together, they had each others back. There's no way WWE is gonna let them have that level of autonomy and they're just gonna be stuck in a vaccum of teams with very little different about them. Even their opening match just felt like a standard 205 Live main event. I'm not saying they would have had more ch
  22. It does make me want to do a Brain of the UKFF 2 again. Never got a chance to defend that title.
  23. I've took to again doing like online zoom quizzes while in the house as I've been in a sense home alone for months now as I usually keep myself to myself when at either parents too. Had two wins and a third this week by myself and won £120 from it. It's nice to just have some regular zoom faces I chat too, get mocked about for liking wrestling and talk random nonsense too. Its like being in the pub with my mates.
  24. Its refreshing to see just how many good people there is in this place.
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