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  1. Catch a predator is some good evil in a good cause times - like a rap version of a darker episode of Dexter ..... good times!
  2. 1. The wife and kids - much love 2. The rise and fall of WCW - Mike Graham caused much hilarity at 2am 3. Not requiring much sleep - therefore being able to be watching DVD's at 2 am and then be up with the youngest at 5.30am 4. running out of work to do so I can leave at 4.30 YAY! 5. not working an average of 70 hours a week anymore - ok the job sucks but at least I'm home weekends now!
  3. 1. Going to GA - not fun 2. Stopping Gambling - Not Fun 3. Admitting that I need to do items 1 and 2 - Not Fun 4. My Job - Not Fun (but pays well) 5. Not sleeping - AAARRRGRGGHHHHH!
  4. 3 records (I'm so old) on the play list today 1. NIN - Ghosts 3 2. Gallows - Grey Britain 3. Saul Williams - Niggy Tardust (If you've not heard it - run, do not walk and get it - it's a NIN record (trent does everything on it) with Williams awesome vocal styles - Pure greatness)
  5. oh let them have their little spotlight because all it does is show up the evil racists they truely are - just make sure it's the bloke off the today programme doing the control of the programme and have him stuff them up!
  6. A Duck! Tremendous!