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  1. An Extraordinary Gentleman

    Here's the trailer. As of this time 69 of the 100 available tickets have been sold. A total sell out looks likely so early purchase is encouraged. Get them now via Skiddle.
  2. An Extraordinary Gentleman

    He is a WWE superstar... A learned scholar of the fighting arts... A Mancunian born and bred... Above all else however he is and always will be known as a gentleman. He is the Extraordinary Gentleman Jack Gallagher and this is his story.Figure Four Films and Paragon Pictures are proud to present "An Extraordinary Gentleman", a documentary by Adam Gill. An unprecedented look into the life and story of WWE's Cruiserweight Classic and 205 Live breakout star, this will prove to be essential viewing for wrestling fans.Hear how Jack's journey into the squared circle bagan and hear from his colleagues, friends and even his rivals about the times and tales they've shared. Get to know the gentleman behind the suit and umbrella as well as his foray into MMA and his ascension to the ranks of the world's largest sports entertainment promotion. Adam Gill and his crew followed Mr Gallagher for several months in what would turn out to be the most eventful time of his life to date. Featuring action from FutureShock, PROGRESS and WWE it turned out to be quite the rollercoaster. A rollercoaster that's just getting started. Tickets include a post screening Q&A with Jack and Adam as well as a meet and greet with the WWE superstar. There will also be collections in aid of Forever Manchester, the local charity that Mr Gallagher is proud to serve as ambassador for. Don't miss a chance to be part of this exclusive world premiere and experience. Tickets will be limited so don't miss out. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to the documentary makers to help secure broadcasting rights for music and footage as well as to recover filming and editing costs. Tickets are available via the FutureShock website or the Facebook event page.
  3. The FutureShock Wrestling Thread

    Here's the full card for Uproar 96 on Sunday 1st October. Tickets available now and shifting fast from the FutureShock website.
  4. This deserved more.