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  1. 2 minutes ago, Vamp said:

    New "I'm not sure you're taking this seriously" work discussion is regarding self isolating. 

    Essentially if you self isolate and then get a negative test result it *can* count against you in a sickness review. It *might not* and HR are taking a "pragmatic" approach. But they haven't defined what that means. 

    We had something similar at work too (public sector) & they ended up saying it would get recorded as sickness but wouldn’t count towards our sickness records in relation to warnings.

  2. I’m over a week into self isolation now & we’re fairly certain my mum did have Coronavirus.  Thankfully she only had mild symptoms but had to monitor her oxygen levels for a few days when she was breathless.  I’m not sure if I’ve had it though, I’ve had a couple of odd days & hour spells where I don’t feel right but no fever or major cough although my mum didn’t either.

    During the government update on Friday last week they announced my job role was eligible for testing but my manager checked & was told that they weren't expecting the guidance on how to get a test arranged until next week by which time my 14 days isolation would have ended so I wasn’t likely to actually get tested.  

  3. I’m scared, pissed off & need to vent - apologies in advance for the ramble.

    I live with my mum (moved back in last year to help her with the household after my stepdad left), we’re both key workers so were still going to work. My office has been really good with social distancing & I’ve been obsessively washing my hands thoroughly, staying home when I’m not at work & doing anything I can to try & avoid catching Covid.  

    At mums work they’ve been awful with making changes to accommodate social distancing, she’s complained to managers & made suggestions to improve things but nothing much has changed so she’s told me a few times she’s going to go off with stress until it improves but never went through with it.  Her work have had at least 6 people who have gone off with symptoms, some tested & confirmed cases, some hospitalised but the company has kept the cases quiet so people only find out weeks later.  Mum has still gone out a few times for non essential shopping (garden & DIY stuff) & hasn’t changed her hand washing standards - obviously she does wash her hands but not for 20 seconds, every time she comes home etc.

    Mum started with symptoms of a cold yesterday & was sent home from work this morning to self isolate so I’m now off for 14 days too.  She hasn’t actually isolated from me though - she’s still downstairs, pottering about, touching things & coughing so now I’m at home waiting to inevitably get sick.  Mum’s spent the last few hours messaging colleagues & telling me all the horror stories from the ones there who have it - weeks of being seriously ill, hospital trips, people who don’t have any risk factors suffering really badly with it.  I’m overweight so am pretty fucked when I get it & honestly, I’m petrified.

    Sorry for the rant, I’m so pissed off that she carried on going to work & didn't do anything to protect herself from getting sick which has now put us both at risk.

    I’m sorry to hear your news @Hannibal Scorch 

  4. Could they actually get away with just cancelling?  I assumed they’d have to do it with an empty stadium because of sponsorship, partners etc. but I don’t know what their options would be.  I can’t imagine they’ve ever been in this type of situation before with potentially having to cancel Mania?

  5. 46 minutes ago, Thunderplex said:

    Indecently, middle of last week, I put a notice on my desk stating that due to the current issues with various viruses, I would not be participating with handshakes at the moment (especially not with relatives at home time, waits for cheap pop, doesn’t happen, carry on), and no offence intended.  Was told to remove it this morning as it was “promoting panic”.

    I was planning to ask my manager if we could put up similar signs in my office but I have a feeling it won’t go down well

  6. Presale day was a nightmare, I had constant error messages for about 2 hours whenever I tried to buy anything.  I eventually got section 122 for Mania, I’ve got the end seat so hoping to dodge any obstacles - I was in the same section last year & had a clear view.  Tickets are definitely way more expensive than last year, the seat I had last year was over double the price this year so I’m further back this time to get to the sensible prices.

    I finally managed to get the combo tickets a week after they went on sale when ticketmaster finally let international sales through, I’m in the top section but directly opposite the ring above the hard camera block.  They did the combos last year & it makes it so much easier.

  7. For anyone who’s planning or booked already - where about are you staying?  I’m struggling with hotels as the downtown ones are ridiculously expensive & everything else is out of town & doesn’t look great. Sonny has helped me out with a couple on Airbnb but I haven’t booked anything yet & because I’d be going on my own, I think I’d rather a hotel.

  8. 2 minutes ago, The Dart said:

    I was at ‘the Garden’ tonight.  Don’t know how it was on TV, obviously, but live that was a bloody good show.

    Me too!  Live it was really good & the crowd was one of the better ones I’ve been in.  It was so loud during the opening with AJ & Austin that I couldn’t hear what they were actually saying.  WWE at MSG was a bucket list item & it didn’t disappoint 

  9. 7 hours ago, Ralphy said:

    Had my job center appt earlier and it set me off big time, started to shake and then proceeded to start crying my eyes out as soon as i left the job center. I knew going back on the dole and all that would set me off, but not as badly as i am experiencing. I am at the doctors Friday and i think i need a note, im in not fit state to work currently. The expectation from the job ctr is 35 hours a week of job applications and looking, seems a bit much but i guess i will try to adhere to that, there are only so many realistically i can apply for. I may have to go on ESA if i get a note from the doctor Friday, anyone got experience with that?

    Is it universal credit that you’re claiming at the moment?  If you get a fit note from the doctor you won’t actually change benefit, you stay on Universal Credit but if you have a fit note they will turn off the work related side of things so you won’t be expected to look for work.  Depending on how long the fit note is for, you might not need to have regular appointments either (I’m guessing you’re meant to be on weekly at the moment as that’s the standard fit new UC customers).  ESA doesn’t really exist for new claims at the moment except for some uncommon scenarios.  

    I hope that’s of some help - if you have any questions about UC, I might be able to help.  

  10. 15 minutes ago, Bohan said:

    Ignore the emails.  The only option that has ever been offered to overseas customers for Mania tickets is to collect at will call. If in any real doubt give them a call.

    Cool, thanks - I was was certain about being able to get them at will call until today but that email made me doubt myself

  11. I’ve just had an event reminder email from ticketmaster saying my tickets were sent by mail.  There’s still no sign of my mania ticket, the others came in the post weeks ago but was relying on will call from the mania ticket.  When I log into my ticketmaster account, there’s a message about what ID I need to take to collect tickets from will call.

    Has anyone else received a similar email? 

  12. 10 minutes ago, Bohan said:

    Yeah it's a valid point this and I had the same worry.  Yesterday I paid for my hotel stay in advance and stuck it in the credit card just incase the pound suddenly plummeted in the days leading up to the trip.

    The current exchange rate is 1.31 to the pound which is the strongest exchange rate since Mania 32 if you are in the position to change your pounds up now then I would just go right ahead and get it done with.  Of course you are running the risk, because for all we know we could suddenly see growth in the pound over the coming weeks - all up in the air really!

    I’m aiming to do the same this week & get the hotel paid for.  I’ve been keeping an eye on the exchange rate for a while to see when to do it and noticed yesterday that Expedia still have their sale on so there’s some potential options to just book a new hotel & pay it off straight away.

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