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  1. I completely disagree about Sean Oliver, I think he's an excellent host. I haven't seen any signs that he's 'trying to get himself over' but that's the problem with anything like this relating to wrestling - there will always be a pocket of people that claim that the host is trying to get him or herself over. In Oliver's case, it's nonsense and I think you should back that point up with some evidence, presuming you have any.


    He never dominates these interviews. He always takes a back seat, he always lets the wrestlers get their points across without interrupting, he doesn't grandstand questions. I don't really know what more you could ask of him as a host.


    As for the people who send in video questions, sometimes they're pretty funny, sometimes they're not. But usually they get a decent question out there no matter how they're farting around.


    Oliver's range of shoots and programming is far and away, for me, the best of its kind in wrestling, and the range of different shows he now has is impressive. The timeline stuff is a particularly good idea with the Cornette, Ivory and Shane Douglas ones being excellent that I've seen.


    You only actually realise just how good it is when you compare it to the RF Video stuff, which really is the absolute pits.



    I'm guess the funny faces he pulls after questions have something to do with it, it's like if someone says something he knows his audience won't agree with he can pull a funny face and confirm for the viewer that they're are in the right and not the person being interviewed.


    Youshoot's are a mixed bag though, if they cut out the sleaze and the dribblers they would be more well received I think, but I suppose any business model needs to cater to their audience, and they've done just that, I mean why else would you want to interview one half of PG13 a small time regional tag team if not to satisfy THAT crowd.


    The Russo one looks interesting but much like the Dixie Carter one, it's not going to deliver the showing that fans want because much like Dixie herself Russo is too smart to sit there and look foolish and like Dixie was he'll be well versed and able to put his points across well, and this won't be the Nixon/Frost of the wrestling world like so many are hoping it will be.


    It'll probably be a popular sell though for Kayfabe Commentaries, and a decent watch for us so it's a win-win situation for all round.

  2. Untitled-1.jpg


    One for the WCW fans of old, Unfunny stocky moustachio'd WCW announcer didn't need to be on Nitro other week like Gene-o or Larry Z, no he was the Keith Richards of WCW instead just partying away like a maniac week after week, in fact he was such an animal that he actually went to parties a week ahead of schedule in the town Nitro wasn't even hosted in for another week! the only drawback of this seemingly well paid bender he was on was that he would need to ring in once a week for like 60 seconds and talk to the announcers, for some unexplained reasons he would just make terrible puns about Bobby Heenan that usually involved the word Weasel and then the announcers would abruptly end it, even mild mannered Schiavonne who always laughed out of politeness stopped in the end, the funny thing was you never heard any noises in the background and a suspicious person would think that maybe Slurms McKensie, I mean Lee Marshall was telling porky pies about his hedonistic partying lifestyle.

  3. See the problem with Doctor Who fans is there too diverse to agree on anything, one persons top five stories will often differ with another's and each person has their favourite Doctor/companion/monster and setting so therefore you'll always have someone unhappy at the show for some reason.


    As far as Matt Smith goes, he was fantastic yesterday for me and stepped into the role perfectly sure he has similarities too Tennant in some aspect's but then again Colin Baker and William Hartnell had similar personality traits in their version of the character so it's nothing new as such, I think seeing as how Matt Smith is going too be here for at least 3 year's anyways we had better get used too him being The Doctor.


    Though the CGI of The Prisoner Zero's proper form was naff I'll grant you.

  4. MEH...


    Thats about the extent of my response.


    He's been in 2 things with Billie Piper though (Ruby in the Smoke & Secret Diary of a Call Girl)


    Totally uninspired really (And the only reason Russell T Davies is jealous is because he likes casting guy candy)


    Your not far wrong I got his book over Christmas as a gift and while the Doctor Who related stuff is insightful, his obsession with the likes of Russell Tovey and Charlie Hunnam come across as disturbingly fanatical.


    Either way, I've never heard nor seen of this guy, but I'm not impressed its the most blatant attempt to appeal to that teenage girl fanbase that has been there since David Tennant turned up, they couldn't have been more obvious if they had him turn up naked and dipped in treacle with a sign saying fan girls tuck in.


    Ill still watch as always, but shall continue to moan forever and ever and ever and ever like all enthusiasts do. :thumbsup:

  5. For a process which changes your entire face and body, is turning black really out of the realms of possibility? It's like saying how can a short Doctor regenerate into a tall Doctor.


    Every cell in his body changes, he could change species[Romana did in Destiny of the Daleks when she regenerated in 1979] [and such was mentioned in the 1996 TV movie] he could wind up with no two heads or no head [Eccleston regeneration - Parting of the Ways] he could even be half human [TV Movie 1996] and was offered a black body when forced to regenerate by the Timelords [The War Games 1969] so turning Black isn't beyond anything established previously.


    Either way roll on half five.

  6. Now on to him being black or any race other than white, again its something thats up for debate most people seem to be supportive of Patterson Joseph getting the role but lets look at this from a realistic perspective and say does it make sense that a character who has been white since its conception should now be black? Is it possible for a white Timelord to regenerate into a black timelord? You'd have to say no.


    At the end of the Wargames when Patrick Troughton is being forced too regenerate, he is offered by the Timelords to choose his regeneration form, one of the choices is a black man, So it's clearly possible.


    I just think the only reason they would do it, is to recreate some of the Obama hype/publicity which would be a totally retarded thing to do.

  7. As the title says, it will be on BBC Confidential, BBC One 1735.


    I hope it's John Simm personally, but I'm quite eager to find out who it is.


    I'm begging for Robert Carlyle myself, probably wont happen as he's off to America too film another bloody Stargate spin off albeit not as a full time character so there's still a hope.

  8. Link doesn't work...But as D.D.P would say, "that's not a bad thing that's a good thing" :laugh: Seriously that makes Patterson vs Brisco in the Evening gown match/gropefest seem credible to non wrestling fans.It's sad because that Dan Edge[who's legitimately disabled I believe] looks like he's in pain just getting up from sitting down, that's how bad he is, and the other guy playing a discount Paul E Dangerously[or should that be Poor E Dangerously?] was even worse, I felt pity for them both as they clearly believe that people will pay money to see them, based on there performance here if they were performing outside my window right now I wouldn't even tilt my head left to watch them.
  9. Every worker who has to share a locker room with him from now til the end of time should pull incredibly heartless ribs on him. I'm talking evil shit, like cutting halfway through his crutch so when he comes back and uses it for support it snaps, sending him tumbling to the floor hilariously, or hiding whatever pills he needs to live, and keep doing it for as long as it takes for him to fuck off and never, ever come back. Christ.

    That shit made me choke on my Twix. Heartless but so fucking funny.
    not all that funny really, hes a lovely guy.
    That right there is one of the main reasons I haven't been to a British wrestling show in nearly five years, because its Ok if a guy is a poor worker as long as he/she is nice and friendly with the fans, I don't care if a persons a fucking saint, if he/she doesn't entertain me then he/she is robbing me of my hard earned cash and robbing me of my entertainment and there should be no allowance made for that.
  10. relic.jpg47 - Robbie BrooksideCalled 'Relic' by some, 'an anachronism' by the Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Weekly monolith, 'mutton dressed as lamb' by someone who I forget, and 'great' by others, Robbie Brookside is a no doubt controversial entry into the SHITARSE FIFTY. Called a legend by people who nevertheless cannot point to a match that validates that claim, Brookside is a man in his forties still trying to play the 17 year old firey young babyface. Has a body comparable to a million Johnny Kickpadz figures out there, but nobody seems to notice. Recent shitarsery includes accepting a payday from WWE, which is fair enough, but the payday led to him losing popularity among hardcore All Star fans who saw it as him selling out, and the abysmal six man tag at LDN Legends Showdown, in which powder thrown in his eyes somehow led to his eye 'hanging out of his socket' and during which Lloyd Ryan sat at ringside rolling his eyes and burying the match to ringside fans. Brookside then left LDN halfway through this feud because they wouldn't put him on a poster in Leicester. The ultimate piss break wrestler.

    Dean Malenko vs Robbie BrooksideThe look on Malenko's face at the end says it all.
  11. Of course this place is full of up themselves arseholes. Thats what the internet is here for in regard to the wrestling community. People who have no talent and are so bitter that they will never make it in the Wrestling business that they need to come here and vent their bile. Well on the subject of talentless people if everyone else can have a say why can't I throw my rancid opinion into the ring:Lister bitches and moans about gimmicks in this place yet his of being 'the most knowledgable man in Britain' is quite simply bollocks. Wow you were in Beyond The Mat and used to write the occasionaly piece in Powerslam - who cares? You weren't the only Brit who made the trip to see Funk's retirement and you weren't the only prick who felt letdown a few months later. You were nothing to that magazine in comparison to Butcher or Chatra that's why you post here to make yourself feel worthwhile. Duz yur plane Engerlish campaign inklude the wurd Cunt? Are you giving refunds for the piece of shit you call a book. I remember hearing years ago possibly from yourself you were scribbling down all ECW results from the Observer and Power Slam and what you have essentially done is get some arsehole publisher with more more money than sense to publish these. You write like you were there for it all and you bloody weren't. You've guessed alot of it and filled in the gaps with lies which you have later apologised for. Yawn it's about as interesting as you.Freaky Jason seems to post whore more than anyone and yet the John Tickle lookalike gets away with it because he bothers to host a shitty internet radio show 3 times a year. Also rumour has if you do a search through Gaydar you will find not 1 but 2 profiles for him. Bet he wishes to keep that delicious secret to himself.Tiger Rick supports 17 football teams at last count and knows about the same amount regarding that sport than he does about wrestling. Honestly man why do you bother? You can't decide if you want to be Mr.Popular or Most Hated. You are a ball hair away from confusing yourself when it comes to the shite you post. You must and I mean must have to read everything you post 3 or 4 times just to remind yourself which controversial point or side you have taken.StingerSplash hates everything and everybody yet has to buy everything pre order with a 50p off coupon. Why can't you post something positive instead of the shite that you ususally do. Why do you even come here when you must notice everyone hates you. When you went into exile [i swear this is the last post I will make-yeah sure you prat] the trees of UKFF looked greener,the air smelt sweeter and life here was that little bit bearable. Now your back its like every other arsehole miserable banal cunt has decided to follow you.Ally Clarke is a total cock and anyone who has read any of the nonsense he posted during the Benoit case will agree with. Mab! needs! to! lay! off! the! punctuation! and! stop! deciding! which! former! children's! presenter! turned! paedo! is! the! greatest! Herbie - Oh Herb did you once help promote a show? You never make mention of it.Also there are so many non entities on this place that have amassed an unbelieveable number of posts yet not one of them posts anything of any note. Ultimo and Haraga I point my fat digit at you!From what I can see there are a few decent helpfull chaps here. The joke about Majik being old was funny like 2 years ago. Good luck to the chap with his shop I say after all any new business can be a pain in the arse to start up [as I found out] let alone a niche one like that. It does look well from what I've seen even if it looks exactly like the one in Dublin!Klown seems to be helping people realise their dream of booking tickets to Mania and giving advice on travel arrangements etc which is nice considering every year there are twats who hold their cards close to their chest then brag and post that they have Row A ticket 1 yet are going by themselves. Wow you must be great fun to be on holiday with.Mo is a brilliant writer when he isn't wittering on about UFC or MMA. Go on Mo give us another slice of Puro gold. Bully Martin into letting you write a retrospective on Kawada's career.The G when not promoting his lair of filth is an interesting chap who always has the Raw review up for me to print off and read on my way to work on a Tuesday morning. He seems to be on the ball with relevant news.Neil is a good moderator and will no doubt have this topic closed and my account banned within seconds. Anyways I'm gonna go back to watching The Mighty Boosh and scribing my next letter to Power Slam. I can't decide which website to target next. Maybe Meltzer's Observer. After all they tend to post the truth in an interesting and insightfull manner. The bastards.

    Honestly i dunno if its trolling or flame baiting or whatever internet colloquialism you wanna call it or who it offends or upsets or whatever but that was the funniest post i have read in aeons, I dont care if the thin skinned mods or whoever ban me whatever reason but I found that post to be highly amusing, in fact post of the year worthy. :laugh:
  12. Well, this doesn't surprise me at all.I'm sure, though, that all the 1PW fans were perfectly pleased with it eh? I mean, we're 1PW fans, so we must not be offended by stuff like this, right? Hell, we probably sat there laughing all the way through and after the show commended Smothers on this hilarious segment. In fact, we all turned away from the awesome Nigel McGuinness/Darren Burridge match in order to go and ask Tracy to make more homophobic comments towards Tighe and Simmons.Well for anyone assuming that, you're wrong, and this seems to be gearing towards being another veiled attempt to condemn 1PW for whatever reason can be found. Call me paranoid all you like, but that's my honest opinion of this post. I don't see a single part of that post where you even begin to mention that Smothers and Hamrick themselves could be held responsible for it, rather than the promotion. Myself and my friends were offended by the segment too and we made a point of it on the 1PW forum. Smothers' words weren't funny - they were just typical of a 'redneck' character. Now, that doesn't make it acceptable and that's why we complained, but I fail to see how this was the promotion's fault, in much the same way that James Wallace swearing like a wounded pirate wasn't the promotion's fault either. At any rate, I also don't see any other promotions who have booked Smothers kicking him off their cards, so I guess not everyone was offended.

    Hey to be honest, i have never heard of 1PW until i did a quick search on this forum, all i know is how wrestling fans can be at times, and most of them were probably more concerned with the quality of the matches than the content of a promo.Hell if they offended guys who weren't good workers or if Smothers and Hammrick were better it would probably be considered more acceptable.
  13. i actually find people that get offended by wrestling laughable.

    Two faces, in their forties, led the audience, including children, into a chant of faggot.Being offended by this is laughable?
    Kind of yeah, wrestling hasn't exactly been P.C for nearly ten years now.Granted i don't have a clue who 1PW aim there product towards and judging by some of the threads on them i doubt they do either, but its usually "Smarks" that go to shows and there the ones that probably left the building most entertained by the comments.And if families and casual fans went along then they should know what sort of a crass product wrestling has become these days and expect it.
  14. Now, the last time I remember something being done so homophobic in wrestling (and by homophobic, I mean directly homophobic, rather than the Billy and Chuck fiasco) was Balls Mahoney referring to a match as a 'homosexual dance party', and I remember Powerslam condemning it somewhat at the time as well.Most smart fans have such high opinions of themselves they probably thought they were part of the show somehow therefore it was acceptable.I can honestly say I have never actually been offended by anything in wrestling, not Katie Vick, Big Show's dad getting cancer, May Young giving birth, homosexuality, racism, exploding limo's nothing, I dunno if I'm just desensitized or amoral or what but i actually find people that get offended by wrestling laughable.

  15. Hannity and Colmes are going to broadcast an interview with Benoit just after WMXX which "we should see".Well Warrior isnt on thank god, but Bill Demott and Debra are, and they're ripping into shreds and Debra is blasting every single negative thing thats happened starting with the number of deaths in the last ten or so years.Breaking : Benoits doctor has been raided YET again.

    I seen that tyhing with Demott and Debra and thought that Debra should have let Demott talk at times. She actually said to Demott "Do you know what it is like to have a FIVE HUNDRED pound man beat on your back?" 1. Demott is/was a wrestler so yes I think he would know what that felt like. 2. Since when has Steve Austin been 500 pounds?
    Its funny because shes a hick. :laugh:
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