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  1. So, whats happened to those accused?


    Davies has been blackballed from PROGRESS and seemingly every single promotion he was working for


    Is Bubblegum still doing stuff?


    Whats happening to Elder and the LDn wrestling guy

  2. 12 hours ago, BomberPat said:

    Precisely this. The UK scene is arguably the hottest in the world right now, with young UK talent being given a platform in WWE, ROH and NJPW, with PROGRESS running the biggest UK show in many a year, EVE getting the kind of positive mainstream publicity most promotions anywhere in the world would kill for, and generally more eyes on more promotions, and more workers, than this country's seen in decades.

    The UK scene doesn't need the "help" it would get from a bunch of proven bullshit artists and probable conmen with a track record of failing to deliver on hefty promises. The promotions that are succeeding in the UK at the moment have done so by building up a loyal fanbase, who by and large trust the promotions to produce quality shows. 5 Star have done sod all to garner any sense of loyalty, and less than sod all to earn any trust. Worst case scenario is that it goes tits up, and casual fans and families that, by and large, don't distinguish between the names of promotions and just know "The Wrestling" are burned by it and don't take the risk of buying tickets to the next show in town, which might be a better run, small-time promotion that's not trying to run before they can walk, but would benefit from those tickets. Best case scenario is what? A smattering of UK talent on a show built around imports...it won't be a good thing.

    We're finally past the days where "get back on telly at all costs" are the Holy Grail of British wrestling. We don't need that any more, least of all from the likes of this shower. 


    As for talent getting paid up front - I'm 99% sure they weren't last time, as there were a lot of people left out of pocket by them cancelling their bookings last year. I'm amazed anyone but the most desperate have signed on for this, considering.

    Yeah, I think a LOT of talent complained about not getting paid last time. I assume any Brit doing this will insist on payment up front

  3. Full card


    RPW British Heavyweight Championship match
    Champion, Zack Sabre Jr [Suzuki-gun] Vs Matt Riddle

    RPW British Tag Team Championship match
    Champions, Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) Vs Zack Gibson & Josh Bodom

    RPW British Cruiserweight Championship Scramble match
    Champion, “Flash” Morgan Webster Vs Ryan Smile Vs David Starr Vs Kurtis Chapman Vs El Phantasmo

    ROH World Championship match
    Champion, Cody Rhodes [BULLET CLUB] Vs Jay Lethal

    WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne Vs Eddie Dennis

    Six Man Tag Team match
    #CCK (Chris Brookes & Travis Banks) & Flip Gordon Vs BULLET CLUB (IWGP Junior-Heavyweight Champion, Marty Scurll & ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions, The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson))

    Martin Stone Vs Dave Mastiff

    Open Challenge
    Jinny Vs ?

  4. 13 minutes ago, JNLister said:

    Yep, they said today:

    "At the time of writing, seats are still available in blocks N14, S14 and all the D blocks. The floor is entirely sold out and most of the S and N blocks too. "

    Tough to tell exactly as they have a non-standard floor setup, but it looks like somewhere between three and four thousand sold to me.

    [That's assuming all the lower tier seats were opened up for sale, but I'm not certain about that.]

    they said all tics on the floor were onsale in the presale

  5. 3 minutes ago, PunkStep said:

    I guess it depends which market you compare it to. I presume it's expensive for a Britwres show (then again, it is a massive and potentially historic show at Wembley), but it's certainly not expensive for an event at a major London arena at all. I paid almost triple that to see Impractical Jokers (which was shit, although a much more recognisable brand) and about £50 per ticket to see a bunch of guys dressed up as Marvel superheroes at the o2 (which was pretty awesome).

    How much did WWA charge back in the day? I went to the Wembley Arena show, but can't remember how much I paid. It was probably a similar amount, and that was 15 years ago.

    Depends on the Brit-Wres show. Its roughly the same price as PROGRESS Ally Pally, bit more than something like Rev Pro at York Hall, and a lot less than ROH at York Hall. If your comparing it to Rev Pro at Cockpit, Progress at Ballroom or OTT, its more, but then as you say, its an arena market really

  6. 4 minutes ago, Benno said:

    NXT did 10,079 at the SSE. With Progress ceiling so far being about 2000, they'd do well to get half way there. Anything near 5000 is a big win.

    The obsessive fan culture they have, will only get them so far, and as much as I'm not a fan of their best mates relationship with WWE, I'd think the only way they get near at this point is with that heavy hand of WWE help. 

    I'm just not sure what they can do past them using allum like Jack Gallagher or I suppose a Finn Balor. Progress haven't been very good at building their own stuff in recent history so I can't imagine a home grown big match doing it either. 

    If they get on the Network as long rumoured though, that'll be a big factor. 

    They did get to 2000 without announcing the card though. With a year's notice and the fact it seems to have a similar buzz to old style ROH, they could do 5000-6000.00 I reckon.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Shy Dad said:

    I actually forgot NXT ran there, god I'm getting old. That would have brought the capacity down due to WWE's staging though, would PROGRESS feel the need to fork out for an elaborate staging for just that show?


    EDIT: That being said, having just looked for the attendance for NXT in London, that was reported at just over 10000 too, so now I'm just more confused.

    Ah, the 9000 was from memory

    They had some great lights/video screens last night for ALLY Pally. they may want similar for Wembley

  8. 4 minutes ago, Shy Dad said:

    Looking at the SSE, when the UFC ran an event there in 2013, it pulled in just over 10,000 once they readjusted the layout for a 12,500 seater stadium I believe. With PROGRESS likely to put in the same format for seating etc, would people be expecting them to be taping off areas and go for a smaller attendance, or that they can reach near 10,000 with the pull of having WWE connections, possible names from there appearing, a huge UK social media presence and that they have a year to really drive it home and build the audience even further?

    I suspect they may try for a 9000 capacity, similar to NXT.

  9. 8 minutes ago, mim731 said:

    The fact they've announced it a year in advance is very clever too, gives plenty of time to build the hype for it and get more people on board. Given how clever they've been in marketing and design and building a company that seems relevant and vibrant I could easily see this being a huge success. 

    When do we reckon tickets go on sale?

    Is onsale for the mailing list next Monday

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