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  1. Fingers crossed that some of Fish Eyes' cards are shown on ITV.
  2. I'll use any excuse to stan for Nemkov πŸ˜‰ For some reason I had it in my head that it was OSP that gave Reyes a lot of issues, when in fact Reyes dominated him. But aye, most media members scored the Oezdemir vs Reyes fight to Oezemir.
  3. Jiri's win over Nemkov in Rizin was not that impressive. Nemkov got the better of the action for the most part. However, Nemkov had terrible cardio at that stage of his career and the extended opening round exacerbated the problem. He retired on his stool through exhaustion after the 10 minute round came to a close. Nemkov lost his next fight to Albrektsson for the same reason. Since then, Nemkov has made great strides while fighting in Bellator and would probably have few issues beating Prochazka or Alkrektsson if he fought them today. I believe that Bader, Nemkov and Davis are the only light-heavies outside the UFC who are top 10 material. The likes of Alkrektsson, and perhaps even Prochazka, are not in the same league. That said, I like Prochazka and hope he beats Oezdemir. Will he? Probably not. Oezdemir is no mug and I hear he has improved quite a bit since losing to DC.
  4. By the end of round 4, I wasn't sure if Blaydes was going to last the distance. I thought that Volkov was going to stop him in the final frame. However, as Blaydes grinded out the decision, both fighters remain in the same positions they were in before the fight. Blaydes maintains his status as a top contender (albeit one that is unlikely to receive a title shot in the near future), and Volkov remains a gatekeeper.
  5. Some of the most famous contestants were not main characters on the show itself. For example, given his current "fame", you would have thought that Schuab would have been a major part of TUF 10, but he wasn't. I can't remember anything that the dopey fucker actually did on the show itself. Kimbo, McSweeney, Nelson, Meathead, and the chubby lad that Rampage bullied were all more memorable.
  6. The UFC had to bring additional trainers to coach Shamrock's team during TUF 3. That is how poor Shamrock's training methods were. I don't think they ever revealed this on air though.
  7. A handful of UFC fighters are tweeting about how much they disliked working with Joe Silva- https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/6/14/21290735/ufc-veterans-share-stories-about-hobbit-dirt-bag-former-matchmaker-joe-silva Eddie Alvarez's shared these Tweets:
  8. Apparently this will happen in the next few months.
  9. Forgot about this until the other day. Apparently when they returned from adverts, Eubank had been removed from the studio:
  10. These are the notable fights they need to reschedule in the coming months: Moose vs Lima (MW title) Nemkov vs Bader (LHW title) Pitbull vs Carvalho (FW title/Featherweight GP) Gallagher vs Ellenor Fabian Edwards vs Van Steenis Benson vs Chandler McKee vs Caldwell (Featherweight GP) Sanchez vs Weichel (Featherweight GP) They also need to reschedule fights for Tokov, Daley, and others. Larkin has expressed a desire to stay active as well. We could get some cracking shows out of that lot.
  11. Myles Jury has signed a contract to fight Georgi Karakhanyan on July 17th. Coker has said they will run either in a "Southern state" or at CBS Studio Center in LA.
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