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  1. Helwani has tweeted that talks stalled for Usman vs Covington (on Covington's side), and then Usman vs Jorge (Usman's side). The UFC then entertained booking Masvidal vs Edwards, but talks didn't go far as they reached a breakthrough in talks for a Diaz vs Masvidal showdown. The impression I get is that Usman will not fight on the MSG bill. In fact, it's probable that both he and Covington will be in the doghouse for a few months before the UFC re-opens talks with them. The UFC apparently threatened to strip Usman of the belt after they couldn't agree terms for a fight with Masvidal.
  2. Just a reminder than Kongo is 44.
  3. Thank fuck for that. Fair play to the UFC on this occasion, they have delivered the fight that most fans want to see.
  4. Mousasi would beat these two dweebs with ease....................... In all seriousness, this is one hell of a fight and will indeed decide who is the best middleweight on the planet. I literally have no idea how the two fighters' styles will gel with one another. But I can't wait to find out. Nevertheless, despite his inactivity, I think Whittaker starts as favourite. He's the more proven fighter at this time. The only blemish on his record at Middleweight is that most thought he lost the rematch to Romero - and even that was more of a catchweight fight as Romero didn't make weight. I imagine the UFC, and most who follow the sport, will be rooting for a Stylebender victory. Adesanya is potentially a superstar in the making.
  5. Aye, you are probably right. He's the betting underdog tomorrow against Sanchez - https://www.oddschecker.com/ufc-mma
  6. No, I agree that some of the hate he gets on social media is related to his religion. And yes, a large number of MMA fans do have odd moral standards. Jordan Breen has talked about that in the past - and he's as close to the MMA community as anyone. Still, I'm not sure if the hate Khabib gets on social media is chiefly related to religion. I suspect a lot of the hate he gets is from McGregor fans, merely because he's the Irishman's chief rival. Of course, it does not have to be one or the other. When you have McGregor calling Khabib's wife a "towel", or whatever he called her, it doesn't exactly set a good example does it?
  7. I wouldn't say he carries himself with distinction. - He confronted and slapped Lobov in a hotel before UFC 223. Lobov received threatening phone calls afterwards and had to move hotels. - There was also the aforementioned incident with the homeless guy. That was a real scummy thing to do. - He was chiefly responsible for the post-fight brawl at UFC 229. The incident blew over quicker than some expected, but for a few days it appeared that it might leave a black mark on the sport. A similar incident caused the Strikeforce promotion all sorts of issues. Mayhem and the Diaz bros get lambasted for it to this day. I get that the last incident can be somewhat pardoned by McGregor's comments before the fight. But still. Khabib later admitted that he went after Danis because he was guilty by association, not because he had actually done anything seriously wrong. It was a similar case with Lobov. Lobov had made a fairly harmless comment to a journo that it was hypocritical of Khabib to call McGregor a chicken when he had pulled out of so many fights - hardly grounds for harassment. The homeless incident was seemingly completely unprovoked. I used to be a fan of his. But the rivalry with McGregor outed both as massive bellends. Khabib is probably the lesser dickhead of the two, but he's still a dickhead.
  8. I have mixed feelings about the Usman vs Covington fight. On one hand, it's a very interesting match-up, as both have established themselves as top welterweights. Covington's dominant performance over Lawler has also made many think that he can beat Usman. Nevertheless, I would still want both gagged until fight-night. Covington is essentially a mixture of Jim Davidson and Tito Ortiz. He's a mumbling bad-taste merchant. Usman, while not an unpleasant character, is also a terrible trash-talker. Their interaction after Covington beat Lawler was one of the most tedious things I have ever seen in MMA. I do wonder who or what is holding the fight up though. Covington asking for too much money perhaps?
  9. Sadly, I cannot find any betting lines for it. I assume that McKee, Pitbull and Claxton would be the three betting favourites.
  10. I've also grown to dislike Khabib. He'd probably be universally despised by now if McGregor, Covington, etc were not around to make him seem decent in comparison. Not many people speak positively about his camp. However, he does have a certain aura about him that makes his fights must-see.
  11. Based on little more than a hunch, I am sensing an upset this weekend. I have this feeling that Khabib will start strong, but then fade in the championship rounds. Poirier could then rally and score a come from behind win. Poirier can still turn up the volume when he wants to. This video from Jack Slack breaks down Poirier's win over Holloway:
  12. A lot of the Chinese seem to think that MMA is predetermined. Ramsey Dewey, a MMA coach based in China, talked about it on his Youtube channel. Apparently, he kept getting asked whether Zhang's win was legitimate.
  13. That's a decent signing for Bellator. Cyborg was one of Strikeforce's biggest stars. All three of the biggest names in WMMA's short history, namely Rousey, Carano and Cyborg, established their names under the Strikeforce banner. It was thus Coker and Showtime that really put WMMA on the map. Although admittedly, the UFC did promote Rousey when her career was at its absolute peak. I intend to follow the FW GP very closely. My only criticism of it, if you can even call it a criticism, is that I have no one to support in it. I'm picking McKee to win the whole thing, but I can't say I am rooting for him. As it stands, I am pretty neutral to all the fighters. Meh, I might jump on the Pitbull bandwagon.
  14. Coker must be praying that Bader wins this weekend. He's spent the past two weeks hyping Bader up to anyone who would listen. I also can't imagine that Bellator want a 44 year old Kongo as their heavyweight champion. I've warmed to Bader in recent years, so I hope he gets the job done as well. Elsewhere, Sergei Kharitonov vs Linton Vassell will headline Bellator's November event in Israel.
  15. Today I learned that Gomi is a complete pisshead:
  16. I think Khabib is the best head to head lightweight in UFC/MMA history. He just needs to bolster his resume a bit more to establish himself as the outright greatest. His best two wins to date are McGregor and RDA, two excellent fighters, but he still isn't close to cleaning out the division. Poirier would be a great scalp for him. If he can then beat Ferguson and one other top lightweight, I think he could then retire as the best MMA lightweight in history and in the top 3 of all-time.
  17. First countdown video for the FW Grand Prix:
  18. I think Campbell did himself justice. I only gave him the opening round, but that doesn't tell the full story. There were 3-4 other rounds where he was very competitive with Loma, and he even briefly stunned him in the 7th. Usyk video-bombing Bob Arum's post-fight interview was the funniest thing I have seen in ages. I had Fury/Povetkin a bit closer than the judges. I had Povetkin winning by 2 rounds. I look forward to Big Mick's reaction to the scorecards. Oh, and Adam Smith much have said "respect" about 124 times last night.
  19. I re-watched this classic duel this morning. The first time I have watched it since mid-2007. The fight marked the beginning of the best run of Diaz's career and the beginning of the end of Gomi's prime. Thus, the fight quite fittingly showcased the main reason why Gomi declined - his tendency to overestimate his power punching, and also exemplified one of the main reason why Diaz was later able to put together a strong run under the Strikeforce banner - his ability to punch in both volume and with precision. It's a real roller coaster and I am happy to report that it has stood the test of time. Sadly, I didn't watch the fight in real time. I used to get my Pride DVDs delivered to me on a 4-day delay. However, my supplier went out of business a month before the fight took place and I didn't have any other way of watching it. I had a right sulk when it registered that I had missed out on one of the greatest MMA shows of the 2000s (and the last great Pride show). I eventually saw the show a few months later, once I had sorted out a new supplier. Sod's law.
  20. I think Penn will eventually get sent down. Either he'll seriously assault someone or get done for something drug-related.
  21. Condit has had one foot out of the door for a while. In recent years he made mention of the damage his body has suffered over his career, the possibility that his time in the sport has past, and has even prepared for a career after MMA (he opened a coffee shop in 2017). I'm not sure why he's coming back really. Perhaps he misses it all, perhaps he needs a bit more cash, perhaps he wants to end his career on a high. Who knows? Nevertheless, if I had to see him fight again once more, I wouldn't mind seeing him rematch Nick Diaz. But I suspect he will lose to Gall, and subsequently call it a day for good.
  22. Apparently, all the old man did was decline a shot of his whiskey.
  23. Oh dear. New footage shows that Penn later got knocked to the ground. Although it appears that he did invite the punch that knocked him down - https://www.tmz.com/2019/08/28/bj-penn-bar-fight-hawaii-video/
  24. Don't get me wrong, I also used to find Penn quite likeable and was a big admirer of his ability. But his ego was off the scale and it eventually hurt his career. Had he realised that he couldn't just rely on his ability to beat bigger and better-trained fighters, then he would have had much more success. In a weird way, his victory over Hughes in 2004 was bad for him. It made him think he could just coast and still have success. Fedor was almost as egotistical. He just hid it a lot better until his later years.
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