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  1. Love corn... 

    The bbq one is my favourite.. I can easily eat a whole bag! 


    Edit : What's the best way to put images in this forum? 

  2. 46 minutes ago, Silky Kisser said:



    Going with a UKFF favourite tonight. A shit load of Aunt Bessie's chips and Yorkshire puddings. All to be drowned in Bisto best. 


    I love how they have to put that you have to remove the lid before cooking.... 

  3. 1 hour ago, The King Of Swing said:

    I enjoyed the BETA well enough but the days of me paying full price for COD are long over.

    Mine was a Christmas gift.. Win win! 

    My original Ps4 which I've had for 4/5 years is starting to not play discs. It only happens every now or again or with 2 discs. 


    Sony quoted me 150 quid to "repair or replace" 


    Anyone know where else I could get it fixed? It's miles out of its warranty so not that bothered if So y don't fix it. 

  4. 12 hours ago, Twatters said:

    The Exorcist TV show gets really good with season 2.

    As I run my own horror blog I should probably get more involved in this thread!  I started my Christmas horror watching yesterday with Silent Night which is pretty good, mainly because of the death scenes.  Anyone got any favourite Christmas horror movies.  I'll be checking out Anna and the Apocalypse this week.

    Krampus is great. Great to know The Exorcist is on amazon prime! 

  5. My girlfriend is a big horror fan but she's only really seen the mainstream stuff. So I've been gently introducing her to some of the more obscure stuff. We started of pretty tame with the universal monsters. We've been though 70s and 80s slashers and now I'm showing here the extreme stuff. She really enjoyed Anthropohagous..  Even that baby scene... 

    But I finally broke her with Cannibal Holocaust.. 


    Last night I watched 

    Contamination.. A Italian scifi horror film of a alien cyclops creature that uses human agents to place eggs all over Earth. The eggs release a gelatinous goo that causes people to explode when they come into physical contact with the substance its badly dubbed but a lot of fun. Bought it in the Arrow Video sale for a fiver. 

    It was on the Video Nastie list in the 80s.. For its exploding body's in slow motion.. Its pretty tame compared to today's standards. 

    Worth a watch though! 

  7. I love a good slasher... The Burning being my absolute favourite.. Classic hammer horror.. Or anything from the 80s.. It must stem from my time after school I would spend looking at all the horror VHS cases in my local video store. I'm in a quest to see at the video nasties from that time. Most... Are shockingly bad.. ūüėÖ

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